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Tiago Ali de Oliveira Bueno
São Paulo
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It was a fine afternoon here, just perfect to save the world against the evil forces of an Ancient One. My wife preferred to watch TV and take Ice Cream, so only I and my brother were in to fight the great…. herrr, only a minute, Cthulhu, no, we already beaten him this week, lets take another one. Yog-Sothoth. Good, an Outer God, that would a nice rescue of the world.

My brother started with the Doctor and I with the Magician Drake. We both start well armed. I with two offensives spells and also the Find Gate spell, my brother also with Schvrelling and the .45 automatic gun.

We started after the Clue tokens and we both managed at least 5 of then quickly and first my brother them I gone to Another Dimension. At the same round, we managed to close and seal to gates, and that requirement of Yog-Sothoth to need two successes to close a gate did not seen to hard at this time. The clue tokens at the board were few now, and monsters at large. With the cultists having Magical Immunity, it was a hard time to me to take then out. At least my brother gathered more Clue tokens and went to close a gate. When he came back from that Other World I went had my Clue tokens as well and gone. But when I came back, finally the curse of the Ancient One fell upon us. I lost 4 turns trying to close the gate, most of the tries I got one success and even spent a extra clue token I had to close it.

At the same time, Mythos cards were always opening gates and putting clues in positions that already have gates. This increased the terror level with an astonishing speed, left us without a clue (literally) but kept the already high Doom level stable. My brother went to take a clue at the Unnamable and got caught by the Rats in the Walls. So bad that it was Yog-Sothoth the Ancient One. Goodbye doctor.

As his new character, he took the professor, and an Elder Sign. Good, I already have fours Clue tokens, it seemed a good chance to end the game. My brother gone through a Gate, and in his next Upkeep, I remember a friend that came to see us playing talking “You can reduce your speed, in Another World, you usually needs much more Sneak than Speed.” My brother followed his instructions almost to our doom. My brother got an encounter were you should pass a Speed test or be lost in Time and Space (= devoured if Yog-Sothoth is the Ancient One). He failed, even spending all of his Clue tokens. This encounter also closed that gate, and the next Mythos card reopened it, bringing the Doom Track to the edge of awakening the Ancient One.

My brother next character was the Dilettante, and we saw a lot more turns of increasing Terror Level and no Clues, at the verge of the awakening. I won 4 Clue tokens at an encounter and went to seal one more gate, witch I done very fast thanks to a bit of luck and the Find Gate spell.

One more gate to seal, one more Doom token to awaken the ancient. A hard win or lose situation. With all shops closed, now that we had, our money was useless. The Terror Level soon went to 10, and taking a Clue token at the Science Building I encountered a Student with a weird machine that could close all gates in Arkham, as we have 5 gates trophies, this would ensure our victory, but I failed to close one gate. In the Mythos phase, I was very afraid of a Gate reopening in locations that I just closed it, but we had no problem with this, the Mythos Card added two Doom Tokens to the Doom Track.
We had no chance against Yog-Sothoth and his Magical Immunity. The Gate and the Key pulled the Earth into the endless darkness where neither time nor space existed. Well, we failed to save the world, time to have some Pizza.
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