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Joe R
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I got my starter set as a gift the weekend after Thanksgiving, but I knew what my first build would be before the plastic wrap came off the box. This forum had already provided me with a wealth of information and inspiration months before I popped the templates and took Balagos for a spin on the kitchen counter. A thread about tactics directed me to read Will Sanchez's Armchair Admiral series. "Wow check out all of this great detailed stuff!" I immediately read all of the posts twice. I found myself checking daily to see if new cards had been added to the Legion Builder, cards I might not hold for months (or ever in the case of the OP versions!) Throwing together new builds after reading the weekly meta report became something really fun to look forward to.

Eventually, I signed up for a Wizkids account because I had a question about the rules. Was it weird to ask detailed questions about a game I had never played and might never play? Whoa, nice, they answered! Navigate back to the event search like I do every few days but still no Attack Wing in the area. I added every store within 50 miles to my favorites list and signed up for emails anyway. Cool Stuff keeps selling out of expansions. Someone has to be buying this stuff to play with, right? **Gmail phone sounds** "Heroclix, pass. Heroclix, pass. Heroclix, pass. Heroclix, pass. Man they run a lot of Heroclix around here!" Finally, it happens the first week of 2015: "Cool Stuff Games has created a new event! D&D Attack Wing: Free Tournament!"

Finally. A month later and almost three months after getting the game, I might actually get to set some dials and throw some dice around! After checking the 120 point builds thread for the millionth time I decided to keep it super simple. Some dragons, some ballistas, a little defense and some mouth lasers. Arriving at the store a few minutes early I was thrilled to see more than zero people sitting around a large rectangular table set aside for Attack Wing. Yes, there were lots of Heroclix players there as well, but I was 100% going to fly some dragons. I shook hands with a nice fellow and introduced myself while a friendly lady was looking over a binder of cards picking out the last parts of her build. The nice fellow's name is Will and when I look over at his Gripmat bag I see his last name is Sanchez. Wait, what the heck? No way. Yes indeed. Small world!

I lost my first game quickly and without too much trouble. Will used his higher level dragons to put on a positioning clinic against me. I also made a really large error not opening my attack arc up enough with my ballista. And then another error when I could have pinned down his grounded dragon but forgot he had landed and thought he would have a flyover option. I think Will might have forgotten this as well so I missed a chance to fire on Umberlis and ended up pivoting the wrong way for the loss. But it was a great lesson learned and a very fun game. Will is a great opponent and was gracious enough to give me a few pointers afterwards.

We scrapped the third match of our mini Swiss tournament (Will could not be caught) in order to play a 240 point 2v2 team megabattle. It was here I finally got to play against a battle crying giant and some ballistas! My strategy to blitz the group with Balagos and his fire while Esh sat back for an angled mouth laser worked out great. But many blanks were rolled and I managed to not kill anything after many armor piercing attacks. A precise and dwarvenly accurate Calamity was all that was needed to take care of my guys from there. I happily packed up my things and went home. Losing mattered not even a little bit, I got to play, and it was awesome.

Action shot of Balagos getting friendly with the 3BG in outer space:

This game is really fun. I still have hope the game can catch on because seriously it is just really great. Sadly we only had four people turn out so my local Cool Stuff will not be running any OP events. Even the interest in Star Trek seems to be waning. People don't know what they are missing out on! So while it is bittersweet, it would appear this may have been the first, last and only time I get to play D&D Attack Wing. I am not selling my stuff. The troops might have to go in a box but the dragons are way too cool to not show off in my office and/or nerd room.

Thanks to Cool Stuff and the nice people I got to meet and play with and thanks if you read this far!

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Peter Cooper
United Kingdom
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Mage Wars: Beastmaster's Pet
There are some games that are just so much fun to play, even if you lose more than you win. I think this is one of them.
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