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Dan Scott
Port Perry
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--INTERNAL SYSTEM ANNOUNCEMENT: Tag and Destroy Seminar Notes

From :
Sent : October 22, 2006 1:00:23 AM
To : OGT Sysop; OGT CoSys Team
Subject : Tag and Destroy Seminar Notes


Firstly, we wish to thank all of you to coming to our emergency seminar. Administration has deemed that those employees who found yesterday’s Saturday seminar attendance unnecessary will be subject to employment termination and cerebral scrubbing, as per previous contractual agreement.

As promised in the seminar, these notes are being sent to compliment yesterday’s training seminar. They are meant to provide some details as well as operational procedure for Tagging and Destroying a NetRunner threat. We are sure that this manual will help you should you ever find yourself dealing with such a threat – let’s not make yesterday’s 9 hour meeting a waste!


Background: Company acquisition of Davetech Inc (Oct 20, 2006), due to excessive security threats and misspending. Datalogs indicate that the successful runner was likely to have been an employee of another wing of OGT, Danttech. Deep archive search provided detailed information on successful NetRunner tagging and destroying operations. Administration is sharing this information, under contractual non-disclosure agreements as approved to by employee union nets, for dealing harshly with data threats.

Key Points:

1) Law is strict as to when we can trace and when we can tag.

a. Bylaw states that we cannot openly attack any citizen or would-be runner without proof of suspicious activity. As a result, we must typically rely on ICE to inflict damage to security threats. (SCs)

2) Tag the runner whenever you can.

a. In a recent datalog, there is proof of a successful implementation of Chance Observations. Its low rez cost makes it ideal for applying a Tag.

b. Know the difference between a trace: tag and a trace: subroutine!
i. Tags = an ability to directly damage the property and person of a runner for minimal operational cost.
ii. Subroutine = usually a sub-action, directly influencing software. Typically does not contain the ability to ‘tag’ a runner.

c. Always provide an ability to trace to tag!
i. Do not be so quick to place good tagging operations into the archive. If the runner is not paying attention to his money or base link, then you could be passing up one of only a few opportunities to place tags.

d. If you have a Node or Agenda that provides tracing ability in your HQ, install it as soon as is feasible.
i. The ability to trace, in itself, is not often an option. If the Sysop has the means to make it a common occurrence, then the runner will be forced to consider his resource allocation at all times from our transmission threats.

3) Execute with aggression and resolve!

a. If you have a runner tagged, do no wait, and implement your countermeasures immediately.
i. Do not underestimate the runner. He knows that being tagged is bad news and will do anything he can to remove it. You may not have a large window of opportunity.

b. Remember that tags are permanent until the runner has cleared himself.
i. If your first course of action is to successfully implement a tag, use your other actions to continue damaging the runner as much as possible.

c. When at all possible, if the runner is tagged, implement brain damage.
i. This is a permanent effect and is very likely to reduce security threats.

d. If the runner’s armour is thick, attack his resources!
i. Many Sysops overlook this and fail to recognize what importance a resources are to a runner.

Case: Oct 19th, 2006

A previous case from Danttech records showcase ex-employee (Mr.X) successfully implementing a Tag and Destroy (TND) program with a would-be runner.

Dataforts were being attacked from a myriad of sentry killers, and potent ICE was in short supply. The runner had already acquired a healthy sum of Agendas from our dataforts and time was going to run out.

Mr. X, noting that the runner was attacking R&D several times in a row, ran operations ‘Audit of Call Records’, to successfully implement a Trace set at 5 and apply a tag. Recent bank transactions from the runner indicated a limited supply of funds, and we found little resistance on our audits. The runner showed little concern to his well being by waving off any rights to defend himself. In truth, his base link alone would have cost him his bank – nevermind the ability to match our strongest trace of 5.

Mr. X then implemented his TND program by also running‘Network Credit Voucher’ operations, by doubling up the number of Tags against the Runner. This operation, of course, cost administration nothing to implement but instead, provided a surplus budget.
Note: analysis suggests that this secondary tagging may have been best played, instead, as an opportunity to do direct damage to the runner’s resources. It is unknown at this time what resources were available to the runner and to provide thorough operational standardization.

Having tagged our runner, we watched in heavy anticipation to what would happen next. The runner, with little to no budget, decided to take his time spending his money to remove one tag, but foolishly he decided to leave the second one.

As Mr. X had no further operations with which to act upon, he spent a short time in attacking the runner’s resources. The following time was spent in R&D, and as luck would have it, they provided him with operation: Urban Renewal. To those of you who may not have encountered this operation, know that its expense is worth its outcome. The card immediately does 5 meat damage to the runner. In this case, Mr. X spent every last resource available to implement the operation. Danttech’s connection with external strike force teams and local military together launched a block-wide clearing operation centered on the runner’s last known whereabouts.

Although some city quarantining was required, as was public evacuation within a 3 block radius, Danttech led a successful city restructuring program by annihilating the runner, his residence, his resources, and providing an excellent location for a new parking lot. Subsequent profits from this payout are earning us 2k bit revenues per month. Unfortunately, some civilians were killed in the process, yet when local military is dealing with Netrunners, such civilian loss is deemed ‘expected’.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss this again, feel free to call the assistants to the managers for pre-screening.

Thank you, and good luck out there against those runners!


OGT Administration
OneGate Tech
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Francois Petitclerc
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Excellent. If you're ever in Montreal, give me a shout. It's only one of my favorite games ever. Got lots of cards if you're short. Cheers.
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