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Subject: Rules for Shield Quadrants (and a few other related changes) rss

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Andrew Nowak
United States
De Pere
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Here's a very rough write-up of the rules we use for shield quadrants and a few related items. I've tried to implement a set of rules that do not significantly affect the relative importance of hull value vs. shield value vs. maneuverability. I've also tried to rebalance torpedoes in a true-to-lore way (more effective against hull than shields) and allow for the occasional failure of shields to stop ALL incoming weapons fire (as happens often in the lore).

Feedback and discussion are welcome and appreciated.


Shields are now in quadrants for starships. A ship with a shield value of X starts with X shields in each of four quadrants (90 degrees, fore, aft, port and starboard). Target shield quadrant hit is determined by a base center to base center line. When in doubt the attacker chooses between the two before firing.

Borg ships with a 360 degree primary firing arc instead have an omnidirectional shield with a starting value of twice the printed shield value. These shields regenerate one point each turn. Borg Regeneration actions now repair one hull AND one shield.

Skills/effects that require disabling of X shields now require the disabling of 4*X shields from the quadrants of the player’s choosing. For transporter functions only the facing shield quadrant must be disabled. Repair shield effects now repair one shield in each quadrant.

Turrets and Fighters have omnidirectional shields at their printed value.

Nor class space stations have 3 trisectors (with pegs indicating the centers-of-arc for each trisector – habitat ring phaser spikes indicate boundaries) of primary shields at printed shield value each and a central secondary shield of printed shield value that takes damage if the facing primary trisector of shields is down.

All ships (not space stations) gain the action “Divert Shields.” This action allows for a total of up to X shields (X=printed shield value) to be transferred from any quadrants to any quadrants, not exceeding X in any quadrant. Secondary shields may not be transferred to or from.

Ships now have armor against one regular hit to the hull on every attack. This hull in no way defeats critical hits.
2 Critical Hits that would normally be applied to a shield are now mandatorily applied as a single Critical Hit that blows through the shields and hits the hull (face-up damage card with effects). Ships with active and facing primary and secondary shields take one damage to the secondary shield in this case. 3 Critical Hits in this fashion blow through both active primary and secondary shields as a single Critical Hit on the hull.

If any Photonic, Photon, or Quantum Torpedoes (or firing variants on these torpedoes, e.g. Secondary Photon Launcher or my custom Quantum Torpedo Array) do damage to a hull after all modifiers and armor are applied, an Elite Attack Die is rolled and added to the damage done. This die cannot be rerolled by any effect.

Thank you for reading. Try these variant rules out and tell me how you like them!
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Trueflight Silverwing
United States
New York
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we messed with the idea of shield facings when the game first came out and the problem that we ran into back then was that it greatly reduces the effectiveness of cloaking and makes ships with high shield numbers extremely overpowered.
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Street Glider
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I love the idea of having quadrant shields. To resolve some of the issues that come up with these rules making high shield ships being too powerful I am think of making a custom upgrade card:

Quadrant Shielding
This upgrade does not use ships upgrade slot.
This upgrade cannot be affected by any effect.
<Rules placed here>

Cost: Ship Shields x2 (this cost cannot be modified)

Done! Easy insertion without unbalancing the game...obviously for causal gameplay
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