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Subject: Weekly Game Group takes on RoboRally for first time rss

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Joel Carlson
United States
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It's no secret that I've been on a massive game-buying bender these past few weeks. While getting ready for my Monday night game group, I decided to swing by the local store and pick up something new. (You know, because the umpteen billion games I've procured so far won't cut it )

Ah-ha! RoboRally; perfect. I wanted something that could have a flexible number of players, as well as a 'fun' theme to the whole affair. My group has a pretty big range of people that shows up (4-8) so I wanted to accomodate everyone if possible.

Turned out we had four people last night, so away we go.

Session Date: 10/23/2006
Players: 4 (Twonky, Spinbot, Twitchy, X-90 tank dude)
Rules: Regular old Robo Rally

So I busted out the game, got things setup, and explained the rules to all players. My fiance began turning green at this point, as she is legitimately direction impaired, lol.

We selected Dizzy Dash as our first course. I figured the lack of pits would be nice for our first game, and going in circles couldn't be that bad.... could it?

Spinbot (Jaime) got first player, and away she went. Go figure, most of us headed straight up the board. A few oddball turns, and we were good to go.

Second turn saw all hell break loose. My (X-90) best laid plans went completely FUBAR as I began to realize just how devilish getting off of one of those stinking gears can be. Everyone got a good laugh as my tank proceeded to spin in place, anxiously grinding it's treads. Twitchy and Twonky seemed to be having an easier time of things, gradually making their way up the middle towards flag one. Spinbot was making good on her reputation, turning in completely the wrong direction and heading back to start,

Our first casualty errupted on turn 3, as Twitchy pushed me into the deadly barrage of laser fire that sits between two walls in the middle of the board. My tank's armor whittled away as my (now useless) instructions proceeded to bang me into the walls and then turn me in place. Needless to say, the conflagaration of fire rendered me dead as fried chicken, and I rebooted in short order.

Spinbot managed to head onto the lower left conveyor belt in turn 4, and began to suffer the same issues I had in departing

Twitchy and Twonky were in a heated battle for first, blasting the hell out of eachother while heading for flag 2. Twitchy's newly aquired Gyro stabilizer helped him get there first, but the damage was extensive.

Turn 6 saw The Tank make some headway towards flag 1, while poor Spinbot headed off in the wrong direction again. Twitchy headed towards the upper right conveyor, possibly with delusions of upgrading himself along the way. Twonky secured flag two with no problems.

The remainder of the game played out quietly, and Twonky made a (very) speedy capture of flag 3 for the win.

The group played a second game on the Checkmate board, which was a lot of fun as well.

All in all, I think this game is awesome. Everyone in my group had a great time (Even poor Jaime as she wandered away), and it was a blast to play. We got through two full games in under two hours, and that was while eating dinner to boot. Everyone was laughing at eachother's plight and really enjoying the general feeling of chaos.

The game was not hard to pick up at all, and I would not hesitate to show this game to new players, as long as some others there had already played it. We will assuredly be playing this again soon. I can't wait!

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