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Subject: Four players with a 1 point ICS and Distant Suns rss

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Allen Reeves
United States
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Four players, Mark (Red), Tommy (Yellow), Jason (Green), and myself (Purple).

The ICS was worth a single point.
All of the public objectives were revealed at the start of the game.
A person could only qualify for a single public objective per turn.
Distant Suns.

The objectives were:

6 Trade Good (1 pt)
10 Resources (1 pt)
10 Influence (1 pt)
Three tech advances of the same kind (1 pt)
Control a planet with each of the tech discounts (1 pt)
Occupy Metacol Rex for a complete turn (1 pt)
20 Resources (2 pt)
20 Influence (2 pt)
Have more influence than both of your neighbors (no idea)

We selected our races and quickly setup the universe. All four of us had offensive style races so it was clear that either there was going to be a lot of fighting or none at all.

My secret objective was to control 6 planets with a tech discount. I figured that I should be able to get 3 or 4 without too many problems but there would be no way to get 6 without going to serious war with one of my neighbors, probably Jason.

Mark was in the poor end of the universe and had a serious lack of planets. He decided to go for a technology strategy.

Jason was new to the game and seemed to take a while to find his footing. He was dealt a serious setback when he attempted to take two neutral planets in the hex next to his home system and was met with two radioactive planets killing four of his ground forces.

Tommy was going for his secret objective which turned out to be having 3 (or maybe it was 4) planets with the same tech speciality.

I went for Metacol Rex in an effort to have the greatest pull in the elections and to deny other players the public objective for Rex in addition to any of the secret objectives that involve Rex.

During the first half of the game there was no direct conflict. There was a tentative agreement between Tommy and myself that he'd stay on his side of the universe and I'd stay on mine.

The first law to be approved caused tech discounts to apply to tech advances of any color. With technology so cheap there was now a race to get War Suns.

After my initial expanion to Rex I built a space dock which was demolished with an Action Card at the start of the next turn.

Somewhere around the half way mark I moved my carrier off of Tommy's border to head back to my home system. Tommy played "Flank Speed" to swoop in a small strike force to grab a single planet with a tech discount. We discussed the situation and I agreed to let him exist until the end of the turn and that he'd vacate next turn. We both kept our end of the agreement. At the end of the turn Tommy scored his secret objective putting him in a solid lead.

A turn or two later Jason moved a large portion of his fleet including 4 dreadnaughts into the "no man's land" between our planets. I asked him what his plans were, but I couldn't get an acceptable answer. So I took a shot at him with the PDS in the neighboring system and destroyed one of the escorts.

Since Jason didn't have any fighters, I played "Flank Speed" and combined two fleets to attack his strike fleet. With a carrier full of fighters to take as cannon fodder and a "Direct Hit" card , I was able to demolish his fleet.

The next turn Jason took what was left of his fleet and attacked. I demolished it as well, but I was weakened by the exchange. A quick total put my losses at around 12 build points and his somewhere around 30.

To up the ante Mark had researched the War Sun technology and the next turn slapped down the first War Sun of the game. He claimed it was a defensive move. We made it clear that we were only going to believe that for as long as it was parked in his home system.

Next turn Tommy researched War Suns. I was a turn away from getting the technology myself.

Tommy and Mark started making a move on Rex. I took the two ships that were on Rex and ran knowing full well that I was too busy with Jason to try and stage a defense especially with a War Sun headed my way.

At the end of the second to last turn I was at 9 points, Mark was at 7 and Tommy was at 8. I made the mistake of saying whomever got the Speaker token would win. I only needed to claim the 10 resource objective to get a point. Mark had a massive stack of trade goods and would be able to qualify for either the 20 resources or influence objective and would have the ICS for a total of 10 points.

The last turn started with Mark taking the ICS. Tommy passed over the Initiative for Diplomacy. I took Initiative. Jason took Warfare. Because of my statement from last turn, I had a bulls-eye painted on me. Being in the lead didn't help either.

As soon as the turn began an Action Card was played that exhausted half my planets. Tommy used Diplomacy to force a truce with Mark and make sure that he wouldn't lose Rex to Mark's War Suns.

I still had the 10 resources I needed. Then the three sided invasion, Operation: Empty Beer Can, began. Most of the outlying systems were captured to no effect since I had already exhausted them as a result of the Action Card. When the last unexhausted planet was captured I played an Action Card allowing me to refresh one of my own planets.

At the end of the turn I scored the final point for 10. Mark would have also been able to score 10 points that turn. I'm not sure if Tommy would have made it to 10 or not.
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