Ethan Ferris
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After some silly adventures with ships and doges in the library media basement earlier in the night, our brave heroes Helena and Ethan were forced upstairs into the library proper, where they had to play the card game Loot while remaining relatively silent. Needless to say, they didn't succeed. In case you aren't familiar with these stunning pinnacles of board game playing and culture, take a glance.

The game seems pretty simple to begin with, so it looks like a nice break on the learning curve from the last game our intrepid heroes played. Let the pirate tomfoolery begin!

Given that this is a two player game, the piracy starts pretty fast, and our scurvy dogs are quickly at each other's throats over a card that is ultimately of little consequence. Unfortunately, the sea witch known as Helena took the first ship.

After a fair amount of peaceful card drawing and the loss of a few more minor ships to the sea witch (I assure you it was all a part of my strategy), the first appearance by a pirate captain marks the beginning of open warfare.

After a fair deal more of card drawing and building up forces, another engagement occurs, though only a minor one. The noble captain Ethan lost another ship, but his confidence swells alongside his hand of powerful cards. (He also experiments with creative picture angles.)

The mighty captain's first victory is a great one! Loot abound!

The sea witch continues to use honor-less tactics. Smack-talking intensifies greatly at this point.

But the mighty sea captain Ethan comes back with a vengeance! Four victories in a row hurls him back into the competition!

With the deck utterly depleted, and not another pirate captain to be found for our brave and heroic protagonist Ethan, its looking like stormy waters ahead. All out war with the sea witch starts now. No more holding back for either side.

A rather interesting war this is...

The sea witch counts slowly...

But alas, her stalling does her no good. The great sea captain Ethan triumphs by one point, with a score of 51 to 50! The epic war of the seas is finally over.

On a less silly note, the game was just pure simple fun. Not much complexity to speak of, but enough subtle strategy to keep you thinking, though it didn't work as well in two player. I would definitely recommend playing with more than just a measly two competitors. But simplicity certainly is a wonderful thing when it comes to this game. The only flaw I found with it is that despite advertising itself as capable of being played with two people, it really doesn't seem to work as intended in that environment. Despite that though, fun was had to a great degree.

And now, for the input of the sea witch: "You won by sheer dumb luck."

Crap, she figured out my strategy.
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Kyle Mann
United States
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Curse your sudden but inevitable action denial!
With just two players, we always play with 2 actions a turn instead of just 1. Nice writeup of this great game, really enjoyed it!
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