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Subject: Hospital 911: Scenario 1 rss

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Adam Gastonguay
United States
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Act Three! Everybody Dies!
Patient zero

I got lucky and rolled up a Rep 5 Citizen. I was in a hurry, so I forgot to give myself attributes, but I had Pep of 3 and Sav of 4. That would come in handy.

"Harry, are you okay? I know having two of us in this room that is CLEARLY made for only one person is rough, but clawing at the door like a mental patient isn't going to make anything better."
When he turned to face me, I knew something wasn't right. Luckily I didn't watch the news, so my first instinct wasn't to say "Ebola!" Instead, I thought Rabies and 28 Days Later and how I need to watch that again and why am I thinking that when it's staring me in the face? I backed up until my back hit the wall. "Um, Harry? Do you need to lay down?" I looked at the bed. It was the only object in the room. As I thought about this, I wondered what I was doing at such a lousy hospital. You would think they'd put a CHAIR in here, for crying out loud. Instead Harry just stared at me,animal hunger in his eyes. I knew I had to get out of the room, but he was right in front of the door.

And I wasn't going to risk him activating first. I had the initiative, and I was going to use it.

"I think you should lay down, Harry." Pushing with all my might, I grabbed the bed and wheeled it straight for the door, pushing Harry out into the hallway, bending the hinges backwards. Successful challenge test! I crept out into the hallway as Harry was slowly getting back up. Blood smeared the floor and wall, but I think more was coming from whatever internal hemorrhaging was happening before I caused bedlam (ba-dum-CHING), so I wasn't too worried, now just to get to the elevator. In the hallway stood two patients, who seemed awfully surprised to see a guy come flying out of a doorway and me stumbling behind. PEF resolved as two terrified Patients.

"Beg your Pardon." I said as I sprinted for the end of the hallway. The pair, leaning on their IV poles like wizards telling me I shall not pass, simply stared in shock. Harry stood up and began shambling after me. "Hate to do this but," with both hands together in a sign of peace, I hammer punched the weaker looking of the two across the jaw, sending him sprawling to the floor, "not all that much." I hopped over his limp body and repeatedly hit the elevator button. When I glanced back, I saw the poor wizard was not moving. Maybe I'll pull him into the elevator when the damn thing finally opens.

"You KILLED him!" I turn to the woman, the other who had been blocking my path. She was staring down at her brethren in the coven with the same shocked expression as if she kept that mask beside the door every morning. Woops, he passed 0d6 on his Recover from Knock Down Test. I didn't mean to. I swear! I began sputtering apologies when I noticed that Harry was walking into the frame. He, too, seemed awfully interested in the non-moving member of our round-table discussion about how much of an ass I was. I knew this wasn't going to end well, and all I could think was how awesome it would be to hear some MUZAK about now! Three activations now.

I turned away when Harry began eating the man. At least this finally got the woman to move. She ran as fast as her IV cord let her, and I think she dove into a nearby room. I can't quite remember because I was futility hitting the elevator button as if the whole thing was run by a pump and I was slowly raising it with each push. Finally I was able to stumble into the empty elevator and have it close behind me, the last image I saw during my stay at this hospital being my roommate Harry eating the only evidence I had that my gym teacher was wrong about my fighting skills.

The tension as I waited for the elevator was palpable. I actually lucked out accidentally killing that guy! I felt awful doing it, but since it took 4 turns for the elevator to show up, it was the only thing that kept me alive. I rolled a 4 for The Feast, so next turn he would have been all over me, and a 1 on 1 fight with a zombie is far too risky. Great fun!
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