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(NOTE: These are sketches of ideas that I am compiling and elaborating on as I go...please feel free to fill in blanks as we go)

With the release of the new expansion for Elder Sign many players have expressed a concern over abandoning their base game and Unseen Forces expansion. The game can still be enjoyed playing the two different modes separately but can also be used together.

Rather than combining the decks and having to figure out how to make everything work where the bits don’t fit one possible solution is a multi-phase game that starts off in Museum Mode and then progresses to Street Mode.

To play in this manner you would create Trigger Event Scenarios.

Example #1 – The Vanished Necronomicon

The Investigators are searching for the Necronomicon in the Museum after it was hidden by a cultist who had infiltrated the staff. They must find the tome before time runs out.

This begins in Museum Mode with the players solving adventures trying to draw the Necronomicon card from its deck before time runs out (this is determined in advance based on number of Investigators in play).

As soon as the card is found the Investigators exit the Museum to the Streets of Arkham card and play then proceeds in normal Street Mode.

One of the advantages to this is that the Investigators have a chance to gather some items before entering the far more difficult Street Mode.

Example #2 – Trapped!

All hell is breaking loose in Arkham but the Investigators are trapped inside the Museum. Neither a window nor door will open. They have to find a Gate in the lower levels of the Museum to go battle an Old One who is crossing over.

This is similar to the above example in that you are searching for the trigger that will take the Investigators into the Streets of Arkham. Locate the Find a Gate card and then move the Investigators to the Streets of Arkham card or you can have an Other World card drawn that the Investigators must complete before moving onto the Streets card.

Example #3 – Never bring a Knife to a Gun fight

The game starts off once again inside the Museum but the item they have chosen to use against an Old One is the wrong one and they have to find a way back into the Museum.

This example has the Investigators starting inside the Museum or outside in Street Mode when they realize they have grabbed the wrong statue in their haste to track down the Old One.

Example #4 – Breakout!

Someone has broken the seal on several items in the Museum that were holding monsters and the Museum is over ran with creatures that the Investigators must battle before tracking down the Old One.

This example allows for face up or down play and after the cards are placed on the table the green dice are rolled and for every Peril/Terror a monster is spawned (woth a base of at least 3) and placed on a card. All monsters must be dispatched before the Investigators can go about their Street Mode duties.

As these examples show there are multiple ways to have the two modes interact without the confusion of combining two completely different game modes.

Let your imagination guide you in building your scenarios and post them here so that others can share in your adventures.

Other Options:

Set Collection – Gather 3 or more items to cause a Trigger Event (These can be card based, Elder Sign Tokens, Clue Tokens, etc).

Different Investigators for different Modes – players control one Investigator inside the Museum and another on the Streets of Arkham (This would be a side by side game set-up).

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