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Subject: Zippidy Zoo: a nice roll & move rss

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Zippidy Zoo

8 puzzle like board pieces
4 pawns
16 baby animal chips
1 spinner

The components are made from a sturdy cardboard with bright cute illustrations. The pawns are a folded cardboard picture in a plastic base. I don’t care for these kind of pawns because once they are bent or folded, they are nearly impossible to stand up straight again.

Players race to be the first one to land on all four of their baby animals thereby “bringing them home”.

Set Up:
The puzzle like board pieces are put together. The board can be laid out in many different patterns. Each player places their pawn in the animal’s home. Players then place the four baby animal chips of their neighbor on any empty space on the board.

Game Play:
Players take turns spinning the spinner and moving their pawn. The game board has lots of spaces with special powers. These allow you to get farther on the board or to slow the progress of your opponent.

Typically players spin and then count out various paths to find the best move. The choices in this game come in the form of choosing which path to take. Do you hinder your opponent? Should you take the shortcut or should you try to spin again?

When you land on one of your animals, it is placed back in your home base. The first player to capture all four animals wins.

Zippidy Zoo is a cute little spin & move. It has some unique traits that set it above the typical game in this genre.

First of all, the game board is made of either large puzzle like sections. They can be put together many different ways. This keeps the routes around the board interesting and fresh.

Also, there are many special spaces on the board. These include:

-Tickets: allow you to go again
-Manholes: allow you to move to any other manhole
-Buses: allow you to go to the other bus of the same color
-Boats: let you sail to the other end of the stream
-Bridges: take you over the hedges
-Zookeeper: allow you to send any player back to start
-Baby animals: you may release one of the baby animals from their start and place it anywhere on the board.

There are so many special spaces that players will almost always have several choices where to land. This gives an element of strategy. You must decide whether to land on the zookeeper to stop your opponent or to take the bus which would advance yours.

Note to parents, another bonus of this game is that you can also control the length of the game by avoiding the zookeeper space without looking like you’re letting your child win.

The spinner is numbered 1 to 6. A suggestion I’d make is to replace the spinner with a regular ol’ 6 sided die. This avoids disputes such as: “is it on the line?” and “you didn’t spin it hard enough!”

This game is one of the more enjoyable roll & moves I’ve played. It plays quickly. The theme is cute with colorful pictures. The modular board keeps things fresh. There are some decisions.

It’s a very nice children’s game.

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