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I've been experimenting with changing several things to make this game a little more fun has anyone ever tried to do simultaneous orders being written down then revealing orders in order of initiative. This would add some fog of war plus make tactical operations less obvious.

Biggest obstacle I see is the time to write down all commands plus how to resolve order of actions in a balanced way. My initial thought is higher initiave modified roll gets to pick as always but each player takes turn revealing and actualizing their moves either piece for piece or perhaps a certain number of Points get moved (starting army divided by 'X') then next side plays that many. This system would have benefit of letting smaller force have better command of his forces since there are points to command.
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T. Dauphin
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Never tried it, but this is where our group was going next. We were doing the strategic-tactical thing, and playing out our battles on the tabletop with minis. This required some better rules for aircraft, and we added rules for interceptions and interdictions. And these work better with single, simultaneous turns.
But things changed in some of our lives and we never got to it.

I don't see the written rules as much of an obstacle. Though I find I do have a lot of patience for this sort of thing. But the up side is that you no longer have to wait for eons while 3 or 4 other people take their turns. With it all simultaneous, you'd have to sit through a few battles here and there, but down time would be significantly reduced.

I'm not sure I'd go for a turn order, though. To me the advantage of this system is that it would all happen at once. You would run into a few issues sorting out who makes it into what zone. I would consider, for example, that armies moving into each other's zones would meet at the border, and battle it out there, with the winner proceeding with his move. I would add retreats as a possibility with this approach, and that would need a few specific rules--or maybe co-existence in zones where a decision can't be reached (army A meets army B at the border and loses, while army C is occupying his starting zone).

I wish we'd got to playing this variant.

D'oh! Just noticed the forum we're under after submitting. You were talking about minis, not the board game.
OK, so I still like the idea, and there are minis-based games that do this. Some just alternate back and forth between players, moving a single unit at a time.
We did do this. We added an initiative roll and gave leaders a bonus based on their rank (sort of). The leader bonus applied to units adjacent (or within 2 inches). Units then moved based on their initiative value--always with the option to delay their moves until later, at the player's option.
This worked really well.

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Eryk B
Lower Silesia
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Secret orders always got messy for me so we instead went with secret objectives and interrupting fire.
Secret Objectives list:
(each player picks one objective card at the start of the game)

Hans Kloss - escaping the front
At any point of the game pick 1 of enemy units with commander abilities SA, and cost of 20pts or less.
This unit is now under your control, your objective is to get it to safety (to your deployment zone).

King of the hill
keep control of largest hill on the map, hill is considered single top level, (with two or more big hills it's your choice)

pick a 3x3hex field on your half of the map containing any of the following:
-2 hill hexes
-3 forest hexes
-2 town hexes
Your objective is to make sure at least 20% worth of current enemy units point value enters the ambush zone when you show this card to enemy.
If the trap is used but less than 20 % of enemy units is present in ambush zone all those units are removed and you have two FULL turns to get rid of another 20% of enemy units with all your attacks getting +1 attack die.

Kill all enemy units by beginning of 7th turn.
State your game objective at any point of the game to get +1 attack die for all units till the end of the game.

Take the city
Get control of all city hexes on the map
(or make sure no enemy unit is in range of 2 hexes form city hex by 7 turn)

Take him alive!
Eliminate enemy unit with commander abilities by engaging in hand to hand combat.

Clear the way for bombers
destroy all enemy artillery, fighter planes and AA guns

Aim for their leaders!
eliminate all enemy units with commander abilities SA

Special delivery
get any unit to the other side of the map, unit must be spawned in your spawn zone

Behind enemy lines
in the beginning of your 3rd turn movement place any 3 soldier units in enemy spawn zone (they can move)
make sure at least one comes back alive or survives till end of turn 7

5'o clock (UK only)
At your 5th turn you can't move any of your units. But you still can shoot.
(if they all survive they probably win)

Interruptive fire is middle range defensive fire, however it can only be used initiative + 2d2 times per turn. (number of interruptions can change for some scenarios)
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