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Christopher Richter
United States
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Zeus has found out that one of the many gods on Mount Olympus has stolen his sacred lightning bolt. He is furious & wants to find out who stole it. It is now up to you to find the clues & find the thief.

On February 24th, 2015 Gameworthy Labs will be launching their Kickstarter project "Oh My Gods!" A card game of divine mystery.

Oh My Gods! is for 3-5 players & can take anywhere from 15-20 minutes to play. This game is quick, fun, & easy to learn. I recommend the game with 4-5 players.

At the start of the game each player will be handed a clue sheet& a player screen so they can hide their clue sheet. The clue sheet will be used to cross off the gods that are already in hand or have left the game.

The center of the table is considered Mount Olympus. To begin play Zues will be excluded from the first shuffle. Zeus will be placed off to the side. The main deck gets shuffled. Four to five gods will be placed face-down into Mount Olympus. Another card will be placed off to the side of game play face-down underneath Zeus' lightning bolt. This card is the thief. Place Zeus back into the deck & reshuffle. Deal out three to five cards to each player depending on how many players are in the game. This is the same for the gods in Mount Olympus.

The player who is dealt Zeus immediately places him out in front of them. Then they take a god from Mount Olympus. That player will start the game by take one or more of three actions.

The only action that is not optional is the first action. The active player will always ask another player to see a god with a special trait symbol (fire, earth, water, lightning, beauty, or spirit)located on their card. That player will secretly reveal to the active player a god with that particular trait if they have one. If they do not then they just have to say they don't. Revealing a god secretly to another player will help give detrimental clues out.

The second action, which is optional, is to guess who the thief might be. That player will proclaim, "Oh my Gods! the thief is" & will make a guess. The player then secretly looks at the thief. If he guesses wrong then he will discard his hand face-up into the discard pile & is taken out of the game. If the player guesses correctly, then he is the winner of the game.

The third action, also optional, is to use the power of one of the gods in their hand. Some of these divine powers can be played on another players turn. Once these powers are played then the god is discarded face-up into the discard pile. Cards that are played on another players turn usually have a lightning bolt trait which means that are played as a reaction.

Zeus, father of the gods, is a special card that can be passed around from player to player. Zeus can have a negative impact on the player that he sits in front of. He can never be given to an eliminated player but he can sit in front of an eliminated player until he is moved by another gods power. Zeus can also never be put into a players hand.

At any time during the day a player may have no cards in hand. This does not eliminate a player. They can still use the first action of play.

This is a really fun & fast paced guessing game. I like that is comes with a clue sheet that will help keep track of what is going on. I have played many guessing games that do not come with clue sheets to help out. But this one allows a player to keep track of every god that has made an appearance.

This is also a good family game since it can be played from ages 10 years of age to adult. The rules are straight forward & very easy to learn. It took my group of experienced players no more than two minutes to get into the swing of things.

I like that each of the god powers are perfectly balanced for game play & that they are optional to use. However it is a must that you will have to use them at some point during the game. Some of the powers let you use a god then draw another god from Olympus helping you further along with trying to figure out who the thief is.

I believe that Zeus & the rest of the gods on Mount Olympus would have fun sitting around playing this game. This is definitely a game of mythological fun.

Can you help Zeus find the thief & get his lightning bolt back? I did & I had a great time doing it.

Five out of Five stars. A great filler game for any small group of gamers.

Game on!

-Christopher Richter
Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW

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