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Henrik Reschreiter
United Kingdom
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Now the Gods of Fate are really getting into the swing of things. Not only is another storm raging in the East Pacific, but the powers to be in New York chose this precise moment to call for a cease fire.
The PRC, who at present would achieve a substantive victory, could not agree more that further bloodshed is not in anyone’s interest (bar their own of course). This leaves to the frustration of the international community no choice for the US but to veto the resolution. (-5VP).

The storm gives the PRC some nice respite against the strong USN push to contest the Taiwan Straits (no naval control change in storm turns).

PRC SOF teams blow up some more SAM launchers (SAM down to 2). ROC air defence really does not exist anymore for what it is worth. Give the likely soon completed quest for air control for the west, it might still be possible to sneak through with attack aircraft given the absence of effective radar and SAM coverage.

In the air, the PRC are coming to terms with the harsh reality that they are spent. There is little point in sending a handful of air units up, which will result in their almost certain destruction. The PRC airforce stops (at least for now) contesting the air. In reality, the enemy would not have known this, so as a solo player I have to still send plenty of air up there just in case. The PRC only have 7 and a bit reasonable air units left (even two stealth ones are reduced) vs the 13++ good undamaged Western planes of combat strength 4 to 5.
Western Air supremacy it is.

Allied SOF target again SAM launchers, but the missions are a complete failure, and two SOF teams don’t even make it home (2 teams left).

US Wild Weasels continue their campaign against the land based air defences with success (2 hits, down to 5).
As the main act however, the strategic bombers are used en mass against the two harbours held by the PRC as only influx opportunity for fresh mot and mech units. B52 and B-1 wreck havoc, and score a strike2 in each!

On the ground, the PRC are trying to advance. Attacks on the Kaohsiung main harbor however are getting increasingly difficult now that the defenders also benefit from air support (and hence the drms are far from ideal on top of bad odds to start with). We will need to see if this can be sustained at all, or if the ROC pockets simply just needs to be kept surrounded.
At the coast, the 45th AB launches another little attack pushing back the ROC a few more kilometres to the north (-/1R). But largely here also, the PRC are pretty spent, and there won’t be much of an advance without further troops (which are sitting ready on the mainland, but cannot get across so far!).

Some elements enter the last ROC enclave in the south, the city on Hengchun, and start clearing operations.

ROC forces readdress their defences, but await further reinforcements before stating to think of a strategic counterattack.

B-2A and B-52 try to follow up on their comrades’ success at the harbours. The small Kaohsiung harbor gets entirely destroyed as a result, the Hunei harbor however avoids further damage.

The 45th AB again jumps up, but gets rebuffed with losses, and no further gains are made (1/1). The PRC ground force in the north is formally spent, and has to suspend any further attacks for now!

Four more reserve regiments are ready to steady the ROC lines, for no reinforcements for the PRC. At sea, hordes of US Marines are only waiting and hoping to be unleashed in case the PRC is bold enough to target Guam or Japan.

Overall, little was achieved by the PRC, and the US have taken a big step forward in ensuring that the PRC high tide is over.

PRC 166(+2)
Allies 77 (+2)

Only a contested turn next; the juggernaut is formally slowing down I think.

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