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Subject: No More Trash in Italy! rss

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Dede Kurnia Kardiman
Kepulauan Riau
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Play Date: Sat, Oct 28th, 2006, 17.00-19.30 hours
(Report submitted on Mon, Oct 30th, 2006)

Gamers: Aldo, Dede (me), and Vero

Continuing our session in France, we turned-up the map and started another session in Italy using the Yellow, Red, and Purple area.

At first round, after a hard bidding, Vero got the cheapest Plant #03. As I didn’t want to be the last player to build, I bought Plant #04 for $10 (T_T) ... Aldo bought Garbage Plant #06. Vero put her house in Ravenna only. I also only put 1 house only in Modena. Aldo connected the capitol, Roma to Pescara, securing the lower Purple area ... great move!!

At the next two rounds, Aldo bought Plant #05 and #22, I bought #13 and #09, and Vero #10 and #19. Vero connected Rimini and San Marino, while I connected Ferrara and Reggio. Aldo connected Ancona.

At round 4, as warned on the additional Italy’s rule paper, we were now experiencing shorted on cash... Aldo and Vero passed on power plant auction. I bought Plant #23, and still had some cash to connect a city (this was because I saved cash by passing the previous build turn). Aldo expanded to Foggia, Vero to Perugia, and I expanded to Pisa.

Round 5... I passed the auction to save cash to expand network. Aldo bought Plant #08, and Vero #07. Vero downgraded her Plant #19 with #07, as she realized the trash fuel was still too expensive. This was our first time experiencing this downgrade thing. I put 3 more houses, and thus took the game into Step 2. Aldo had 5/5 (city/supply), Vero 6/5, and me 7/5.

In round 6, again we were shorted on cash. Aldo bought Plant #24, Vero #21, and me #28. Now I had 2 nuclear plants. I knew that I would spend a lot on the nuclear fuels, but no choice ... The other available plant on the current market were lower than my smallest plant. Due to no much cash left, we all only connected 1 more city.

Round 7, Aldo upgraded his output with Plant #15 ... eh ... it was actually downgrade, as he replaced his Plant #22 with #15. Another downgrade! Vero bought #16. Again, I couldn’t upgrade my plant, as there’s no good plant to buy. Realizing that nuclear fuel was rare, I passed on my action to build. Aldo put 3 more houses, and Vero 1 house. In the end round, I only supplied 5 cities to save my nuclear fuel.

Round 8, finally Plant #30 (3 trash -> 3 cities) showed up, and I bought it to replace one of my nuclear plant. Vero bought #26, and Aldo #29, which was the last plant on Step 2 as the Step 3 card turned-up. Vero connected 3 more cities, I connected 2 more cities, and Aldo only 1 city. End of Step 2: Aldo 10/11 (city/supply), Vero 11/12, and me 10/11.

Round 9, each of us bought one plant: Aldo #42, Vero #32, and me #31. Aldo and me put 2 more houses on the board, while Vero only put 1 house. I and Aldo were fighting for trash fuel. As I bought first, I bought 6 trashes for supply and stock... ha ha ha...

Round 10... Aldo bought Plant #20 to replace his #29... another downgrade!!! ... I bought the cleanest plant ever made, Plant #50 (^_^)... And Vero, looking that Plant #38 (3 trash -> 7 cities) still available in the market and the trash fuel was only 4 more left and she would be the one to buy fuel, she bought that plant. This caused me a headache as I could no longer use my 3 trash -> 6 cities plant... I was run out of trash, and there's no more trash fuel on the market!!! How come a nation run out of trash?? Wow, this must be the cleanest nation in the world (^_^)d ...

Last round, Aldo bought Plant #46, replacing his #20, which he just bought a round before... He did this to prevent me from winning. If instead of Plant #20, he replaced his old Trash Plant #24, then I could get enough trash fuel from the market to re-activate my Plant #30. But since he kept his Plant #24, I must replaced my Trash Plant #30. Thus, I bought Oil Plant #35, even though this also mean downgrading my output power from 18 to 17 cities only. After buying enough fuel, Aldo put 4 more houses, while Vero and me put 5 more houses. Final score: Aldo 16/17 (city/supply), me 17/17, and the winner, Vero with 18/18.

This was really a hard 2 and a half hour game. Short on cash, downgrade power plant, limited fuel... great great great session!!!
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