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Subject: Borgia's Banquet - Assassinate your way to the top! rss

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T Jesper Edmark
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Would YOU be interested in joining a game of Borgia's Banquet? Then just answer this thread and when there are enough names on the list (9-13) the game will start!

Borgia’s Banquet

The game Borgia’s Banquet takes place in Italy during the renascence. The noblemen yearns for power, riches and a place in history and the intrigue is so thick you could slice it with a knife. Through assassination and makeshift alliances YOU, as head of your family, have to get to the top – the throne of the prince.

The yearly banquet is the culmination of a year worth of plotting and the weapon of choice is the gentleman’s best friend, poison.

What do you need to be able to participate?

1. An active BGG account and an e-mail address.
2. A minimum of 5 minutes a week to spend on the game (feel free to spend more).
3. A suitable family name (remember, you are a noble in Italy).
4. A surname to go with the family name.
5. The surname of your successor.

So, how is the game played?

Each week you send in your move to the mediator (me). You can do one (1) of the following each move (at the end of the rules there is a more thorough explanation):

Poison a plate of food with arsenic.
Poison a plate of food with cyanide.
Poison (well) a plate of food with crushed glass.
Take antidote for arsenic.
Take antidote for cyanide.
Trade plates with another player at the table.

From time to time, one or more of the following moves needs to be done as well:

Vote for a new prince.
Send in the surname of the next successor in your family line.
As the new prince appoint two advisors, one of which must have been seated at seat four, five or six the round the old prince were assassinated. The other advisor can be of any family.

Every round you also have the opportunity to make statements and post rumors. Statements are to be made in the appointed thread (to be named at the start of the game) and must always be signed with your family name, rumors are sent to me who will then post them as an anonimous rumor for all to see. Also, feel free to contact each other outside the forum, for example by using the GeekMail system.

At the end of each banquet the families are given influence points (IP’s) for their deeds:

Survived 2 IP
as advisor +1 IP
as prince +3 IP
Successful assassination 1 IP
Only 3 attackers +1 IP
only 2 attackers +2 IP
sole attacker +3 IP
Getting killed -2 IP

IP’s are presented every other round. The first family to gather 30 IP’s is declared the most influential family in all of Italy and has won the game.

So how does it work?

The families are seated at the banquet table with the prince sitting at seat no. 1, the first and second advisor at seat no. 2 and 3 and then the following families in the order of the oldest surviving member at seat no. 4, the next oldest surviving member at seat no. 5 and so on and so forth.

The moderator (me) take all the moves for the round and act them out in order with the family seated furthest away from the prince (the youngest member) making their move first. Thus the prince makes his/her move last which is important to remember if you plan on switch plates.

Arsenic and cyanide kills the victim if s/he hasn’t taken the right antidote. There is no antidote against crushed glass in the food, but if two (or more) doses of glass is put in the food on one plate the victim will discover it before it can do any damage and a new plate is brought from the kitchen.

The prince has the privilege of a personal poison taster which will taste the first plate served the prince with less than two doses of glass. If the food is ‘pure’ the prince survives to rule another year. If the poison taster dies the prince will be brought a new plate from the kitchen.

If you want to, you can choose to poison the second (or third) plate designated for the intended victim. This is particularly important to do with the prince’s plate if you intend to kill him/her. Of course, if the first plate is ‘pure’ of poison then the second (or third) plate is never brought in. Also remember that a new plate is brought in if the first plate contains two (or more) doses of glass.

Any nobleman killed during the banquet is replaced by their successor. The successor is placed at the far end of the table after all the surviving noblemen have been moved up in rank. If more than one noble has been killed during a round (which will happen… a lot) the successors is placed at the far end in opposite order from what they had last round. In other words, the higher ranked your predecessor were, the lower you will be placed at the table for the next round.

If the prince is assassinated, he is temporarily replaced by the highest ranking advisor or if all advisors are dead as well, the highest ranking family (i.e. the family seated closest to the king). The next round a vote for new prince will take place.

In the vote for new prince each family has one vote. You cannot vote for yourself, but you can abstain if you wish. The family with the most number of votes becomes the new prince. Ties are broken by rank.

The game starts with a vote for which family will begin in power. The family with the most votes becomes the prince the first round, all other families are randomly ranked and placed at the table. The prince may appoint new advisors in the move for round one.

Good luck and may the sneakiest player win!
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