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Subject: DEATH LIZARD rss

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Warren Loewen
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Length: 120m head to tip of tail
Primary Role: Front line assault kaiju
Secondary Role: Chemical attack

Description: The Death Lizard has a greenish-brow hide. It has the ability to spit a toxic acid substance in spray or stream. It also exudes a deadly green gas around itself as a defense mechanism. The sides of the Death Lizard have flaps that open allow the gas to escape. The gas hangs around the Death Lizard for several minutes, and it takes about another 30 minutes at least before it can do the same. Much like an Earth skunk, but more deadly.

When it was captured by the Sazzarrans, they attached four huge metal barbed rods, two to each side of the end of its tail. This allowed the creature to not only just whip its tail at an enemy but to also impale them if the angle was right. It was proven effective to some extent against the mecha.

Background: The Meika Kuno is native to the world of Horash. Horash is a highly volcanic world, with many island chains, and some larger land masses, surrounded by acidic seas. There are no intelligent life forms on Horash except for those races that choose to mine the world for valuable minerals.

The Sazzzarran were one such race that encountered the Meika Kuno when setting up mining rights on one of the larger land masses. It was only weeks into the mining operation that they had problems with the crews getting ill and dying from a deadly gas coming from the caverns below.

Upon careful investigation, they came across a Meika Kuno and its lair of eggs. They did not make it out alive. But there was video footage of the event, that showed the beast was the one exuding toxic fumes from about its body and breath. This time a better armed and armoured team went down to kill the thing.

After many casualties, the Sazzarran soldiers were able to apprehend the beast by constantly spraying it down with crash foam solution that would encapsulate the creature while solidifying around it. They allowed for some tiny holes to the creature for breathing, but not enough to kill anyone if they did not get too close.

The Sazzarran now had another deadly creature in their arsenal. Over time, they were able to genetically engineer the creatures's toxic substance into a bio agent that will change humans into a human-Sazzarran hybrid, and forces them to controlled by the Sazzarran. When the Death Lizard is killed in battle it explodes into a bio-bomb, thereby causing anyone to entering near it to possibly succumb to the effects of its gas.

By the way, they also took the eggs. After all, they needed to breed more of these creatures for warfare.
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