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Dan Bosley
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Meanwhile, Andrew, Ryan, Jo and I were playing Tyros. Andrew, Ryan and I had played the 3-player version a couple of weeks ago, and were looking forward to trying it out with 4 players.
It didn’t disappoint us.

The game felt considerably different than the earlier 3-player version. We used the “official” random setup at the beginning of the game, and found that the yellow and orange empires both started out at the far left edge of the board, about as far away from Tyre as they could get.

After the 2nd round, there was a vertical green empire “wall” extending north-south across the entire middle of the board.

Andrew was the start player, followed by Ryan, Jo, and then me.

The game was close throughout. At the end, I had one card left, which would have allowed me to move one of my galleys from a city space in the smallest empire to a vacant space next door (and thus would have been worth 3 points to me). But Andrew, Ryan and Jo had all passed. If I passed, that would end the game (and NOT earn me the 3 points).

But I chose to end it there. I knew Andrew still had a few cards in his hand, and I suspected that he had passed in order to see what I would do with my last card - and that he would then play some cards to build a city, earning himself 10 points (for a city in the 2nd largest empire). But by passing, (the 4th consecutive pass), I ended the game.

After the game, Andrew told me he didn’t have the right cards to build a city.....but I don’t know about that - that Andrew is a pretty crafty guy. He just might have been bluffing, setting me up for a future game..... If he DID have the cards, and HAD built the city, he would have won the game 73 to my (what would have been) 72.

But I did win (by 6 points). I was the player who scored the 7-point during-game bonus (first player to have a city in each of the 4 empires). And without that 7 points, Andrew would have beat me.

Tyros is a game where all the points are visible on the board (if you want to take the time to add things up and figure it all out). I tend to fly by the seat of my pants, though. All that mental math hurts my head. I just get a general idea and “feel” for where I am (pointwise) in relation to the others, and play accordingly. That may not be the best way to play it, but it works for me. And it did in this game, anyhow.

The empires, in size order were Purple, Green, Yellow and Orange.

There were NO most-cities in an empire bonuses given out at all at the end of the game - there were always ties!

The scores were:
Dan (winner)
7 point bonus for being 1st player to build a city in each empire
12 points for a city in Purple
12 points for 2 galleys in Purple
10 points for a city in Green
9 points for a city in Yellow
8 points for 2 galleys in Yellow
8 points for a city in Orange
3 points for a galley in Orange
Total = 69

24 points for 2 cities in Purple
10 points for a city in Green
20 points for 4 galleys in Green
9 points for a city in Yellow
Total = 63

24 points for 2 cities in Purple
20 points for 2 cities in Green
9 points for a city in Yellow
Total = 53

6 points for a galley in Purple
20 points for 2 cities in Green
9 points for a city in Yellow
8 points for a city in Orange
Total = 43

We all enjoyed the game quite a bit. There’s a lot of choices each turn, and making the most of your cards is extremely important.

Dan - 8
Ryan - 8
Jo - 8 (yes, Jo actually liked a game....)
Andrew - 7
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