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Subject: Sherwood Syndrome - Questions rss

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dan milano
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Been playing this a few times now and have a few questions. Some I've answered and am looking for opinions on the judgement. Others I'm still lost about.

1. When tables say to roll and add the value of another character in your space to your particular test, (Persuasion, for example) I presume it means ONLY ONE OF THE CHARACTERS WHOSE SPECIAL ABILITIES APPLY.

Example: Kirk wants to use persuasion to recruit someone. He has Chekov in his space. Kirk's persuade skill is 4. He rolls a die and adds 4 to the result. He does not add Chekov's persuasion skill as well.

But if Kirk had Spock in the space too, he could add Spock's persuasion value of 2, since Spock's special ability (outlined in his paragraph description) that when someone attempts to persuade they may add Spock's value.

If Kirk had any of the other two characters with similar abilities to Spock's, they could combine their values as well.


2. King's Men Squads -

When there are multiple King's Men Squads in the same location as characters you control - do they resolve individually or as one squad?

For example Kirk wants take an action such as Raid, Flee or Recruit. The tables say to modify his roll by -3 if a King's Men Squad is present.

But if 4 King's Men Tokens are in his location does he subtract -3 or -12?

I would think it's just -3 - Otherwise it would say "-3 for EACH squad" on the table?

Another example --

When more than one King's Men Squad is in a space with your rebels and they are SEARCHING, do they each make an individual roll to find the rebels or does one roll cover all the squads?

It's an important point - when you look at it from a role-play perspective the difficulty should indeed be harder for our heroes the more king's men are present. But since this situation occurs often (my my experience anyway) it really does affect the overall game difficulty to an extreme.


Has been to conduct multiple searches when more than one squad is present, but if any one finds the rebels I stop the search.

And when rolling on tables I modify the die roll for the presence of a King's Men Squad but do not multiply that value by every squad in the space. It just seems a bit too harsh for gameplay.

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I've only attempted this game once, many moons ago, so quickly glanced at the rulebook just to offer an opinion.

1. I read the + modifiers as applying to one person in the space only, unless one of the characters listed in the appropriate parenthetical is there as well (in which case, one of those could be added too). So in your example, Kirk would use his alone.

2. My own persuasiveness modifier on this second question would be -5, owing to my lack of experience with the game, but just going by the raid modifier description alone, I would agree with you that it's -3 no matter how many squads are in the same space. And your house rule, re the second point, sounds good.

Enjoy The Kobayashi Maru when you get to that one.
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