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It was a difficult and very dangerous mission, but it was well worth it, as we would be paid handsomely when we were through. We have been researching the treasures for months, and learned that all four were located on the same island, Forbidden Island, probably named that way by the old society that lived there to keep intruders away.

The Boss was very adamant, he needed all four treasures. Supposedly they had they power to control the elements, as long as all four of them were in the same vicinity. There was the Earth Stone, the Ocean's Chalice, the Crystal of Fire, and the Statue of the Wind. Why he wanted them and what he was going to do with them afterwards, I had no idea. I didn't care. Once I was paid, I would never have to see him or his well armed goons ever again. I was going to head up to another island, one where I could spend the rest of my life laying on the sand, being served fruity cocktails with little umbrellas.

The Boss was apparently a big fan of the film Reservoir Dogs, because he didn't want anyone on the team to know each others personal details. We simply called him the Boss, and he had a codename for each of us. I was Mr. Red, brought onto the team because of my engineering and intellectual skills. Mr. Blue was our helicopter pilot, who would take us to the island, help us search for the treasures, and fly us out when we were done. Mr. Green was our explorer and expert in island geography. This was an elite level mission, and the Boss felt we were the best ones for the job.

We flew to the island, where I was dropped off at the north entrance at the giant Bronze Gate. The helicopter then flew to the west end where Mr. Green would enter through the Copper Gate. Then Mr. Blue headed to the only open spot where he could land the helicopter, a place we dubbed Fool's Landing. Within moments of looking around, we found some of the keys needed to open the different locations that housed the treasure. Our research showed that we needed four specific keys for each one. One thing we weren't counting on was the island being booby trapped (or possibly even cursed). Within moments, the whole place started trembling. It looked as if the ocean's waters were rising, but I knew the truth, we were sinking! I immediately put my expertise to work and started shoring up my surroundings to slow down the pace at which they sunk. I knew my comrades would be able to do the same, but not as quickly as I could. We needed to find these treasures quickly or it would be a watery grave for all of us.

I traveled southwards towards the middle of the island, shoring up all that I could when I met up with Mr. Blue in the Dunes of Deception. He had made some good progress in finding a couple of the keys that would open the way to the Ocean's Chalice, and so I gave him one that I had found. He traded it for a key that would enable me to reach the Crystal of Fire. We stuck together for a while, shoring things up, and just trying to find the keys we needed. I held on to some keys for the Earth Stone, since I was having no luck finding anything else for the Crystal of Fire.

We climbed up to the Cliffs of Abandon to get a lay of the land. We saw that most of the island was covered in water, and then we spotted Mr. Green. We waved him down and met up with him. He had made great progress in getting the keys for the Statue of the Wind, and also had a key for Mr. Blue. Mr. Blue now had the full set and before setting off to grab the Chalice, he gave Mr. Green the final key he needed for the Statue. So they both split off to grab their treasures, while I made a beeline to Fool's Landing. Helicopters don't fly so well when they're underwater.

Just as I shored up Fool's Landing, there was a massive rumble coming from the east. From what I could tell, that hole side started sinking. That was only going to cause a chain reaction and hit us in the west very quickly, so we had move. Now. I got the last key I needed and grabbed the Earth Stone right before the Temple of the Sun plunged into the depths. I met back up with Mr. Blue and Mr. Green at Fool's Landing doing all we could to keep it afloat along with it's neighboring location the Cave of Shadows where we would find the final treasure, the Crystal of Fire. We just needed the last key!

The water was swallowing up everything. We used all the sandbags we had to stay above the surface, and as we looked around, the entire island was gone. Only the Landing and the Cave was left. At last, I found it! The final key we needed. I started to run towards the Cave, when I was held back. Mr. Green and Mr. Blue pointed towards it, and within a seconds the waves had take it over. The Cave of Shadows was gone, and with it the Crystal of Fire.

We ran to the helicopter, and Mr. Blue fired it up just as the water had reached our feet. We barely made it into the air as a massive wave crashed over the last we could see of Fool's Landing. Fool's Landing... the name seemed very appropriate now. We were fools for getting mixed up in this scheme, and perhaps it would have been better to go down with the ship, as they say. It could very well be a better fate than what the Boss has in store for us once he hears we failed. He's not going to be happy...
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