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Subject: Blink and Multiple Intelligences rss

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Blink is a real-time card game where players try to work though their individual decks as quickly as possible.

60 cards in a metal tin

Game Play
Game play is simple. Each player gets half the deck and draws 3 cards. They then turn over the top card of their deck to form one of two center piles. There are no turns in the game and players can now play as quickly as they can.
Each card has a number of colored symbols (like 5 red stars). Players may play a card from their hand onto either center pile if the card they play is the same color, shows the same symbol, or shows the same number of symbols. Once a card is played another is drawn from the deck. Play continues as fast as possible until one player has played all his cards and is decared the winner. Playing time is very fast, typically less than 3 minutes and almost certainly less than 5.

This review is part of a series of reviews I’m doing as I evaluate games my wife may use in her classroom or that I’m using with my Boy Scouts. Apart from the normal review, I try to identify the kinds of intelligence that the game will use. For an explanation of multiple intelligences, see: my blog post at:

Being able to quickly count the number of symbols is helpful.

Because the symbols are always arranged in the same pattern, spatial thinkers can recognize the shape formed by that many symbols without bothering to count.

Bodily Kinesthetic
The game has no turns and is played as quickly as possible. This gives those with superior hand-eye coordination an advantage.

Naturalists do well at this game which is really all about grouping and recognizing sets of objects based on one of three criteria.

Age Appropriateness
There is nothing inappropriate in the game. Moving quickly can be hard for younger players. You may need to deliberately slow down in order to help them. You can easily adjust the balance of the game by giving one player a larger section of cards. It can also be adjusted by removing one or more shapes or colors or by removing all cards with certain numbers of symbols to make it easier to play.

This is a very good game for teaching numbers, colors, and shapes. It involves pattern recognition and sets as well, so it works well for children in Kindergarten and First grade.
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