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A friend brought this game to my attention and it sounded fun. So we got four people together and decided to give it a go.

The whole idea is to be the one with the Magic Carrot at the end of the game. You do this by buying, stealing or picking carrots. You also need to have one Bunny alive at the end of the game, or your carrots pass to the wealthiest player. See where this is going?

So you can kill each other's Bunnies with weapons, by forcing your opponent to feed a Bunny when he doesn't have enough Cabbage and Water, or by praying he draws a misfortune card that kills his Bunnies for you. You have to be careful though. Some weapons hurt Bunnies standing next to each other. Since all the Bunnies are played in a giant circle in the middle of the table, sometimes your Bunnies are next to your neighbor's Bunnies when an Atomic Bomb, for example, is dropped on them. When hit by a weapon, you roll a 12-sided die and hope you roll higher than the weapon's level.

Of course, there's cards to stop all these things from happening. Clovers make weapons weaker, you can force people to trade weapons, or cause the attack to backfire. Blackholes, abductions, miniliths and a magic halo.

Easy enough?


Of course, you need Bunnies in play to play most of these cards. So you have no Bunnies, you lose the use of your cards. You are forced to lay down at least one card that you have to play NEXT turn. So you can lose that card if your Bunnies die.

We began play and I quickly got two Bunnies on the table. The other players each had one or two, and then the guy on my left had three. Every weapon on the table flew at his Bunnies, wiping them all out. I bought two carrots (I drew money!), but then I was forced to Feed my Bunnies, and they died. So my friend, with two bunnies, picked a couple carrots and bought some cabbage and water. The other guy then drew a misfortune which killed one of his bunnies.

I finally got another Bunny on the table and fired a laser gun to kill my friend's Bunny. The other two seemed to wage war on each other, each getting two carrots in the process. Looking to see there were only 4 carrots left, a frantic bout of killing, maiming and stealing went on. Bets were made on Poker, and carrots changed hands faster than I could follow. Attacks boomerranged back and forth. We all caught the Ebola Virus. Someone stupidly released the CyberBunny in the end
and he proceeded to kill all the Bunnies on the table.

Unfortunately, I drew the last carrot when my Bunny died.

So, no one had any Bunnies. Which meant no one was the winner. Unsatisified with this outcome, the other players left me and my friend sitting there, looking to see who might have won.

Guy on the left had the Magic Carrot.

The game was fun, but way too hectic. I couldn't keep up half the time with my pre-planned moves and dying Bunnies. The unfortunate death of all the Bunnies at the end of the game meant there can be an "everybody loses" outcome. Which is frustrating if the game took awhile and the tension was high. The halo, being on the bottom of the huge deck of cards, was never played.

I liked the game. My friend liked it too. Perhaps with more players the game might actually turn out better. And if the halo comes into play, you might have a surviving Bunny in the carnage. I think the money factor is too random for my taste, and sometimes its just better to kill someone's Bunnies in the hopes that you get their carrots when the game ends.

I rated it a 6. My friend rated it a 7.
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