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Subject: Test of first scenario using random bits... rss

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Jiff Jaffa
United Kingdom
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I have tested first mission using some Castle Ravenloft/Drizzt and other random bits, went quite well, although the dice gods where certainly not on the heroes side, the Skeleton warriors are so weak the heroes managed to power through with just Orlaf taking 3 hits.

Set up:

Ready to go!
(yes old Warhammer Skeleton is missing an arm. he never needed it as he got splatted on first turn)

Need to reach the end of the hall:

The barbarian charges down the hall, but the Dice Gods are against him (red dice are Necromancers):

His dwarf buddy come to help, 2 hits mean the skeleton is reduced to pile of bones. - I think I got this one right. Both skel and dwarf are out numbered so -1 dice, BUT skel cant go below 2 dice so his armour is reduced by 1 to minimum of 1. the 6 blocks the 4, but the three gets past the 1 and the 2 is not blocked by armour as this has been reduced to 1 - this gives two hits which means a pile of bones appears.

Smashing through the skeleton guards with his whirlwind attack but the necromancer summons a new skel behind them, clearly Orlaf is distracted as this surprise attack wounds him:

Rordin makes a dash for the door, the skeletons free attack bouncing off his armour, but the door puts up a better defence then the weakling skeletons and stands firm.

Orlaf standing amidst a huge pile of bones (all the item tokens are bone piles) continues his duel with the remaining skeleton, I think he was drunk as he couldn't hit it and it was hitting every time:

Finally Rordin manages to smash through the door as Orlaf lands a massive strike scatering the skeleton all over the dungeon floor, the heroes are Victorious!

Thoughts during play:

Those tiles with little alcoves are a bit of a weird shape, but make some nice hidey holes to ambush people from.

Arcs and facing are important! Heroes need to cover one anothers backs.

The necromancers raise dead, I wasn't how this worked, can he only cast when he gets the card, or anytime using a command point? If its just card he could run out of minions to play with really easily. I played he could use a command point to raise a pile.

Also Raise dead was pretty pointless with bone piles in a heroes front arc, if the turned away from one though. Well …... [Maniacal laughter.]...

Does turning in place initiate a free attack against you? I played not.

Does the necromancer have a max hand size? I played not.

Doors are tougher than skeletons.


A very simple tutorial of a scenario where the heroes almost guaranteed a win, but a fun way to learn the rules. Most of the rules are very simple and easy to learn, just had to remember the min dice and min armour thing. Rolling and matching dice can be done very quickly after a few goes and is pretty fluid. The combat can be pretty random and although you can stack things in your favor bad dice will still get you.

All in all I enjoy the play style, its more tactical combat than something like Ravenloft as things like positioning and facing much more important. Will get better when the heroes have differnt attcks stc to choose from, and with different monsters.
I'm going to try the other missions tomorrow, I will report back how this goes.

Thanks for reading!
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Jiff Jaffa
United Kingdom
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Mission 1B

Set up

The beta rules I have are incorrect for the scenario, they say the mission is for the Barbarian and Dwarf again (bit of copy pasting there guys?) rather than the wizard and elf. This causes a bit of a problem as I didn't know what spells and items (if any) the heroes start with. I guessed the wizard would start with Break War, Burn, Feet of Stone and Flamebolt. I didn't give them any items as I figured it would be as easy as before.
I actually ended up doing this one twice as I got it wrong the first time, using the necromancer command cards to activate the same model twice, each model can only act once, you can't use command cards on models that have already moved, it made it really hard on the two ranged heroes as the skeletons closed the distance too quickly.

With a bit of tile juggling and using bits of paper to block off again I had the setup:

Not too pretty but functional.

The corridors look quiet so Danor moves to the door and reduces the magic ward placed on it. Madriga moves up to cover her ally.

The necromancer springs into action and raises 2 skeletons at the far end of the hall, moving one down towards the heroes but it is not close enough to attack.

Danor breaks the ward locking the door and casting flamestrike on the closest skeleton, it scores one hit but this is not enough to undo the dark magic animating it.
Madriga unleashes an arrow at the same monster and destroys it, shattering the bones so it cannot return.

The necromancer moves his 3 remaining skeletons up, none are close enough to attack, but hopefully the two in the 2nd long corridor can block the heroes in.

Danor moves through the opened door to the second corridor and spies the two skeletons advancing towards him, he unleashes burn on one, reducing it to a pile of bones. The elf moves next to him and does the same to the other advancing skel with her bow. With their backs to the door the heroes are doing pretty well at keeping the undead minions at range.

The skeleton left in the first corridor moves to attack the elf in the flank, a hit! One of the bone piles is raised up and advances to attack the elf as well, but it fumbles and she fends off this attack.

The wizard launches a flamebolt but it misses (not sure if I got this right, you cant shoot in close combat but you can use spells?), so he gets to work breaking the ward – the feeble wards are no match for his skills and it easily opens. The elf is out numbered and in close combat but she still manages a 6&6 to reduce the flank attacker to a pile of bones.

The necromancer raises two more minions and piles in to attack the wizard, who is truly weak in close combat – both hit! He takes 2 wounds.

Madriga retaliates and strikes her opponent, but it shrugs off the single hit. Determined to escape Danor makes a dash for the last door, both skeletons take a free swipe at him, one wounds him as he flees.

He makes the last door and breaks the first ward, he tries to blast the skeletons with flamebolt but it fizzles before reaching range.

Sensing the heroes may escape the necromancer raises more minions and tries to force their way past the elf to finish off the wounded wizard. But Madriga stands firm, smashing down the piles of bones as they resurrect and taking a hit from one.

The necromancer has failed to stop the heroes as Danor breaks the final ward and the heroes are free!


The wizard and elf handle very differently from the others, the obviously struggle close up and are much better at range. The wizard in particular is so weak he can't have his stats reduced further by being attack in the rear etc, in general I felt he is the weakest character as both his spells are short ranged, which is about 4 squares which is the same move as a skeleton, so if he misses he could be in trouble. He really needs to be protected by the others. Elf is pretty good all round but could get in trouble if ganged up on.
The break ward thing is a little weak as its just a timer, you are guaranteed to break through in a certain number of turns, where as the mundane doors could last much longer with bad dice rolls.

Also the ending when the door is opened rather than both heroes escaping though it was a little weird, as the elf was surrounded by skelletons at the end of the game.

In general shooting and spells work well, and are nice and simple like the close combat. The necromancer needs to use his cards well and try and isolate one hero and attack the weakest.

I am looking forwards to this game, it seems simple enough but with some tactical depth even in the 'basic' rules, it should fit well with our group as a easy to learn and fun to play dungeon crawl. With the addition of advanced rules, AI for the overlord and character advancement may be my perfect dungeon crawl game.

Thanks for reading.
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