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Subject: Played 2 games: LotR #1 and Tournament Skirmish rss

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Scott Randolph
United States
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The Tully/Stark forces were victorious yesterday in an interesting battle, the first of the LotR expansion. It seems that the balance was tipped by the Tully Keyword: Riverborn allowing Tully cavalry to find hidden fords in the otherwise impassable river. This allowed Tully cavalry, led by Brynden, to put the Lannister forces in a highly problematic two-pronged pincer, forcing them to run back and forth trying to hold different victory spaces. There were several minor, and ultimately indecisive (as far as the outcome of the battle was concerned) small fights around the center ford victory space, which Lannister held. In the end though, it was Tully/Stark 3 victory spaces with Lannister morale in green, to Lannister's 2 victory spaces.

The second battle of the day was Tournament Skirmish fought between House Baratheon and House Lannister. The first three game rounds consisted of nothing but maneuvering for position with no fighting at all. Each player was waiting for the other to make an ill-advised commitment. Finally in GR 4 the Lannister red cavalry, led by Addam Marbrand, came up against Baratheon Knight-trait, red Infantry, with Andrew Estermont adjacent to all. They were no match. The Keyword: Toughness 1, the counter-attacks, followed by follow-on attacks with Keyword: Pursue 1 by the Baratheon red infantry decimated the Lannister mounted units. At the end of GR 5 House Lannister conceded the field of battle as Baratheon Keyword: Heavy Armor cavalry began encircling from the left flank of the battle to move into the Lannister rear and take victory spaces, while Estermont's red Knight-trait infantry steadily advanced and mowed down Lannister units. The unit imbalance of the Baratheon Skirmish cards was more than outweighed by the superior Baratheon units, and especially by the superiority of the Baratheon base-10 leadership cards. Turn after turn in game rounds 4 & 5, the Baratheon units moved/attacked, rallied, and used Order tokens to attack again. House Lannister had no answer for this. Baratheon had 11 units; 2 commander units, and 9 from skirmish cards - Lannister had 14 units, 12 from skirmish cards & 2 from commander made no difference. Baratheon's units, commander abilities, and especially the superior Baratheon base-10 deck of leadership cards made them victorious. Another interesting point: Baratheon's 2 commanders were only 4 in commander value, while Lannister had the maximum of 5. Lannister was led by Jaime Lannister and Addam Marbrand; while Baratheon was led by Bryce Caron and Andrew Estermont. In spite of this, once combat began in earnest, Lannister was no match. To emphasize the inherent superiority of Baratheon consider that between the 2 sets of leadership cards for Baratheon commanders + the base-10 deck, Baratheon doesn't have a single "Order 3 units" leadership card. While Baratheon could never move more than 2 units at a time; the traits and keywords carried the day, along with the constant rallying ability contained in the Baratheon deck of base-10 leadership cards.
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