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Subject: Ribbit: Fast fun for all rss

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Peter Perla
United States
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Truth in advertising requires that I state tht I'm a friend and long time follower of the mostly Wargame design work of designer Mark Herman. This is not really a Wargame (except, of course, when payed by wargamers). It's something of a race game but invites players to get in each other's ways with mineields, I mean, blockers. The rules are simple and easy to explain. The play is deceptively so, as well, but there seems to be more depth lurking below the surface.

Players move their pieces (meeples) from point to point along a set of on centric rings toward a scoring zone of two columns of points intersecting at a scoring node. Each turn you have two actions to perform from a list of five: move a piece to a connected space; enter a piece on one of your two start spaces; place a blocker (flat disc) on an empty space; score a piece by entering the scoring space and the immediately move it to the first open scoring space numbering 1, 2, 3, 3, and 2; (it takes at least 6 points to win). the final action is the most complicated. If two of your pieces are adjacent along the same line, and one of them is adjacent to an opposing piece or blocker, the non-adjacent piece may jump over its fellow and the opposing piece into an empty space, removing the opposing piece. That's it. And from such simple rules and played on a clever game board, this game creates a fun few minutes (certainly no longer than 15 minutes--unless played by over analyzing wargamers)of intellectual tussle. And not infrequently a few unpleasant surprises as you realize your calculations were just a bit off.

My wife is not a gamer. She has played a few games to humor me in the past. But even she liked this game. And I don't think that was because she beat me in our match! My daughter is more of a game player, and she too liked the game, despite my better luck agent her. Oh yes, and I liked the game as well! This is a fun game for gamers and non-gamers alike. Well worth your investment of a little money and lots of repeat plays. You can get it from Amazon for a pittance and almost overnight. Even if I didn't know Mark, I would recommend you pick up a copy. A great opener or ender for a longer gaming session or just or a quick mental pick me up.
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