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Dalivus Morgan
United States
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Firefly House Rules


On the Raggedy Edge – During Setup Supply cards are not revealed until the first player who lands on the planet begins a discard pile. Also players are not dealt any starting Jobs until they meet a Contact.

A World Without Sin – Each Player will designate a Haven and start from there. Shore Leave is free at Haven and Players may clear all Disgruntled Tokens. They may also store unlimited goods and up to 3 crew at their Haven. If the Story card uses Havens all additional rules apply and/or supersede this rule.

See Past What She Is, and Onto What She Can Be – Bonus abilities for the 4 standard Fireflies: Serenity: Serenity Never Generates Alliance Alert Tokens, Bonnie Mae: During Alliance Contact the Alliance Will Never Find Any Contraband/Fugitives Hidden in the Stash, Bonanza: For Any After-Job Negotiate that Results in a Possible Payout Add +1 to the Roll, and Yun Qi: For Movement if the Yun Qi Rolls a 6 Move 1 Extra Sector.


How Come It Never Goes Smooth? – Before a Full Burn the Player rolls 1 die; if they get a 6 they may move the maximum distance of their Drive Core without drawing a Nav Card, however, if they roll a 1 they must draw a Nav card for each Sector they enter.

It Gets Awful Lonely in the Black – A Nav Card is drawn one time after a ship moves but another must be drawn if they enter a different area of space. For example: a Player rolls the dice and draws one Nav Card for Alliance Space, but if they enter Border Space they must draw another.

Curse Your Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal! – The Dinosaur token is gained (or taken) whenever a player rolls a ‘Firefly’ (6) on the dice for player movement. Upon receipt of the token remove 1 Disgruntled token from any Crew or your Ship. The Dinosaur token may be discarded to: 1) Add +2 to any Skill Check, or 2) Elude the effects of any Reaver /Alliance Contact or Alert Tokens.

Take Me Out to the Black - If you are at Full Stop in the Black (a sector with no planets) and you have an Action remaining you may ‘Socialize’ to remove a Disgruntled token from 1 Crew or from the Ship itself.


I Do the Job, I Get Paid – Crew Members cost Double the price listed on their card when you first hire them. (Nandi’s ability means you may hire them at the listed price.) If a Player forgets to give the Crew members their cut of a Job they must pay them immediately and then add a Disgruntled token to the Ship and every Crew member.

Roots in the Community – As part of a Buy Action Pilots may purchase Fuel and Mechanics may purchase Parts from Non-Supply Planets. Fuel and Parts bought from Non-Supply Planets cost 100 credits more than their list price.

Seems There’s a Thief About - Grifters may Gamble on any planet as part of a Buy Action; Roll 1 die and multiply the result by 100 to earn 100-500 Credits but on a roll of 6 the Grifter is caught, receives 1 Warrant, and must leave that Sector on their next Action. (This Warrant does not count towards a Job and has no negative effect on it.)

You Move On Over to This Side – Any Merc Crew Member may be tempted to Jump Ship by another Player in the same Sector by paying Double the cost listed on their card.

We Applied the Cortical Electrodes – A Crew with a Medic onboard can perform Make Work for 300 Credits instead of 200, rendering medical services.

Balls and Bayonets Brigade – Soldiers are immune to the Bribe option and will not Jump Ship, even if Disgruntled, although they will leave as per normal rules if they reach 3.

Bound By Law – Disgruntled Lawmen that Jump Ship or leave will report their former compatriot’s crimes at the nearest Alliance checkpoint. Add 1 Warrant to the ship.

The Ambassador – If a Ship has a Companion onboard a Player may sell Cargo without a Solid Contact at any Border or Rim planet for 200 Credits or at an Alliance Planet for 300. Hiring a Companion removes all Disgruntled tokens from the Ship and crew one time.

Imprinted Goods – If a Ship has no Warrant or Wanted Crew (too much heat) they may sell Contraband without a Solid Contact at any non-Supply/non-Contact Border or Rim planet for 300 Credits or at a non-Supply/non-Contact Alliance Planet for 200 Credits. Selling Contraband in Alliance Space requires a Dice Roll; on a roll of 1-3 the deal goes down smooth, 4-5 results in a Warrant issued for the Ship, but a roll of 6 results in Alliance Contact.

Family Ties – Special Rule: The Tams will both become immediately Disgruntled if the other enters play on another Player’s ship. If either one dies the other leaves the game immediately. Also if two Players each have one and enter the same Sector the highest Negotiator (-2 per Disgruntled token) gets both for free and the pair is inseparable from then on. If one or both of the Tams is captured by Bounty Hunters and turned over to the Alliance any Player they have sailed with may attempt Time for Some Thrilling Heroics at the Command Cruiser after a successful Boarding action (Alliance Encounter doesn’t apply.) It will require 3 Misbehave Cards for each Tam held, however, and their Wanted status will be reinstated.

Alliance Entanglements

Where There Ain’t Sensors There’s Feds – Both Sihnon and Londinium Sectors have permanent Alliance Alert Tokens.

Crime and Politics – Illegal Jobs have an X-in-6 Chance of resulting in a Warrant once the Job has been completed where X = 1 for every 2000 Credits the Job pays rounded up. Warrants received in this manner do not affect Rep with any Contact except Harken.

Flag it on the Cortex – If a Player’s Ship gets a Warrant Issued for any reason place an Alliance Alert Token in the sector when the Player leaves, representing the investigation the Alliance is conducting.

Couldn’t Let Us Profit, Wouldn’t Be Civilized – If a Player has Alliance Contact they do not automatically find Fugitives and Contraband hidden in the Stash. The Player may opt to hide these items from the Alliance or allow them to take it per the rules on the card. If hidden follow the rules for Wanted Crew; On a 1 the items are discovered and the Alliance seizes all Credits and captures all Wanted Crew. Also if the Player does not have enough money to pay off all Warrants he is transported back to the Londinium Sector in addition to having all cash seized.

Time for Some Thrilling Heroics – All Wanted Crew captured by the Alliance are removed from the game and are considered held at Londinium. A Captured Crew member may be rescued by any Player by completing 2 Misbehave cards at Londinium (+1 for each additional Crew.) A Warrant will be issued for the ship. This rule may also be used if Crew is captured by Niska but no Warrant will be issued.

Reaver Contact

Guess They’re Not Hungry – During Reaver Contact if the Player rolls a 10+ the Reavers do not interact with them at all and will allow them to Keep Flying.

Public Relations

Love Keeps Her in the Air – The Ship itself gains a Disgruntled token whenever a Crew member is killed or captured or when a Solid Contact is lost. 1 Token may be removed upon gaining a Solid Contact. If the Ship gains 3 Disgruntled tokens remove all of them and add 1 token to every crew member.

This is Your Port of Call – A Player may kick any Crew member, Passenger, or Fugitive off the ship at any sector containing a planet. If it is a Supply Planet the Crew member goes into that planet’s discard pile, otherwise the Crew is removed from game until another player entered that Sector where they may Hire the Crew normally directly from that planet. Any Passenger or Fugitive kicked out in this manner causes all Moral Crew to become Disgruntled but if the Crew cost is paid Crew may be released without any further penalty. Crew that are paid will find their way back to their respective Discard Pile.

Did You Think I was a Princess? – Crew left at Haven may be tempted to Jump Ship by paying double the cost listed on the card. Mercenaries, however, will Jump Ship at face value. Soldiers and Lawmen will not Jump Ship regardless of price. If Crew left at Haven defect the Haven may not be raided until after the would-be raiders have performed at least one Job with the new Crew member.

By the Sweat of His Slave-Trading Brow – If a Player has no Moral Crew or any Lawmen he may sell Passengers or Fugitives as Slaves to Niska, Patience, or Badger if he is Solid for the Contraband price listed. This activates Crime and Politics where X = the number of Slaves sold. Warrants earned in this manner will cause the Player to lose 1 Rep with Amon Duul and Lord Harrow and all Rep with Harken.

You Know What is Reputation? – Reputation stacks. As you complete Jobs for a contact stack the cards near your Ship up to 2 Cards. The Player is not Solid until Rep has reached 2. Once a Player has at least a Rep of 1 the Contact will buy Cargo but they will not buy Contraband until they are Solid.

Things Not So Solid - If you Botch a Job you will lose 1 Rep with a Contact. If your Rep with a Contact falls to 1 you are no longer Solid. If you Botch a Job more than once for a Rep 0 you fail the Job.

Best Thing for Everyone, I’m Right There With You – Jobs may be discarded at any time at a loss of 1 Rep with the Contact. If the Player does not have a Rep with the Contact the Ship gains 1 Disgruntled token. Discarding a Job of Niska’s will activate his Pound of Flesh special.

Might’ve Made Me a Few Enemies Thereabouts – Make Work in Alliance space requires at least one Crew that has no Warrants and a Ship with a Warrant cannot perform Make Work in Alliance space at all.

Certain Words Were Exchanged, Also Certain Bullets – If, for whatever reason, a Player decides to ‘betray’ his contract and steal Goods that they were supposed to transport all Rep with the Contact is immediately lost as well as 1 point of Rep from all other Contacts. From that point the Player may not take a Job from the offended Contact again unless they reimburse the full pay cost of the Job. In addition all Moral Crew are Disgruntled and any additional Jobs held for that Contact are Failed. There are also specific consequences for each Contact:

- Amnon Duul – Betraying Amnon results in a Warrant if the Goods taken were Cargo or Passengers but it is cleared as soon as he is reimbursed.

- Badger – Badger will turn informant for the Alliance against the Player so place an Alliance Alert Token on the Player’s Haven as well as in every location that the Player completes a Job.

- Niska – Needless to say this activates his Pound of Flesh Special.

- Harken – You may not reimburse Harken. All Crew aboard the ship at the time the Job was accepted are immediately considered Wanted and have a permanent Warrant that cannot be cleared.

- Lord Harrow – Lord Harrow demands both the Pay Cost of the Job as well as $200 for each Cargo or Passenger stolen and $300 for each Contraband or Fugitive. A Player may not gain Rep with Harken or Amnon Duul until Lord Harrow is repaid.

- Mr. Universe – Since he does not traffic in Goods Mr. Universe is unaffected by Theft of Goods. The Player will not lose any Rep with Mr. Universe no matter whom he betrays.

- Patience – Even entering Athens Sector results in a 2 in 6 chance (1 or 2 rolled on a d6) that a Crew member is killed (They’ve been shot but a Medic may attempt to save them.) Even after Patience is reimbursed there is still a 1 in 6 chance that accepting a Job from her will result in a Crew member being shot.

Dealing With Niska

A Very Unlovely Rep – Niska’s Pound of Flesh rule changes: Instead of automatically killing 1 Crew after a failed job Niska sends a Hit Squad after you. This happens in 1 of 2 ways: If there is a spare ship available it will be placed on the board at Niska’s Skyplex in Georgia System. This ship will single-mindedly pursue the offending player (It can only move 1 sector a round) and may be moved by another player. Once the Hit Squad enters the same sector as the Player they will attempt a Boarding Action (if the Player is planet side this is not necessary.) If the Action fails the Hit Squad will resume pursuit. If the Hit Squad is successful or if they catch the Player in Port there is a Showdown. The Hit Squad will use a Fight of 6. If the Player is successful the Hit Squad is defeated but the Player may never take a Job from Niska again. If the Player Loses the Showdown 1 crew member is held at his Skyplex and the player must deduct the Pay Cost of the Failed Job. If the Player cannot pay the full cost then Niska takes all the money the Player has and captures a second crew member. Captured Crew must be recovered at Niska’s Skyplex in Georgia System via the Time For Some Thrilling Heroics rule within 3 turns or they will be killed. If the player has no Crew to capture the next 500 Credits he receives goes directly to the Bank. If there are no other ships available or at any other Player’s discretion that Player may take on the role of Hit Squad; tracking the offending Player down, Boarding them, and then engaging in a Showdown. If this Player is successful they may keep the Pay Cost of the Failed Job and become Solid with Niska, however if this would-be bounty hunter fails they have 1 of their crew Killed and activate Niska’s Pound of Flesh for themselves! (Note: the former Offending Player may then take Niska’s bounty and become the Hit Squad; if successful all is forgiven and they become Solid with Niska!)


Player Versus Player – If two Players enter the same Sector there are 4 new Actions that may happen; Trade, Bribe, Steal, or Raid. Trade and Bribe are considered Free Actions but Steal and Raid count as full Actions. These actions may occur in the Black or in a sector with a planet. In all of these actions if a die roll is required the Defender wins ties.

Trade – If two players decide on an exchange of Goods or Crew and reach an agreement then each Player must declare whether or not they were Honest or were trying to Swindle the other player. If both Players were Honest then the deal goes ahead as planned. If one Player declares that they were Swindling the other both players must make a Negotiate Skill Check. The winner takes 100 Credits for each point they won the roll by from the losing player. If both declare they were Swindling then they must roll a Fight Skill Check with the winner taking all the goods in the deal.

Bribe – A Player may Bribe a Disgruntled Crew member of another Player’s ship (Except Soldiers) to Jump Ship by paying double the price listed on their card. That Player then takes the Crew member but leaves the Disgruntled token on the other Player’s ship. Mercenaries can be Bribed without being Disgruntled and do not cause the Ship to gain a Disgruntled token.

Steal – (Immoral) A Player may attempt to steal a Ship Upgrade with a successful Tech Skill Check of 6 or greater after a successful Boarding Action. 1-5 means they could only steal 1 Parts token instead. Regardless the thief must spend 1 Fuel token to escape and make an immediate Full Burn to any location. If the victim is Solid with Harken the thief receives a Warrant. If the Drive Core is stolen the victim’s ship is Adrift (lose a turn) and is towed next turn to the nearest supply planet and restarts with the base model. If you have a Lawman you may not steal from another Player. Any Player who Steals from a crew that has a Lawman gains a Warrant.

Raid – (Immoral) A Player may choose to Raid another player in the same sector with a successful Boarding Action followed by a Showdown. The loser of the Showdown may steal up to 5 of his rival’s Cargo, Contraband, Fuel, and Parts not hidden in the Stash that they have room for. They may not just dump the cargo into space. They also may take 100 Credits for each point they won the roll by from the losing Player. In addition the loser of the Showdown has 1 crew member killed and must use 1 Parts token to repair or be Adrift for 1 turn. A Raid may be combined with a Bounty Apprehension if the Bounty is active at the time but it is still regarded as Immoral. If the Bounty itself is rated as Immoral then a combined Apprehension/Raid action adds 2 Disgruntled tokens to all Moral crew. If you have a crew member that is a Lawman you may not Raid another ship.

Leave No Ground to Go To – (Immoral) A Player may Raid another Player’s Haven directly but they must pass either a Tech check of 6 or a Fight Check of 7 in order to steal Goods. Any Crew left at the Haven may participate in defense. Lawmen will not participate in a raid. Failed Raids result in a Warrant.

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Dalivus Morgan
United States
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Re: House Rules for Firefly
Oh, these rules include both Pirates and Bounty Hunters and the Blue Sun Expansions. You can trim whichever rules that do not apply to how you are playing.
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