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Ike Clanton painted by me for Wild West Exodus
Monday Oct. 30th

I was hoping to get some Halloween themed games in tonight, since we were on the eve of Halloween.

Charlie from the cities was the first to arrive. He is a Heroscaper, and was fortunate to get all the new flagbearers, so we started with a couple of games of Scape to try out the new goodness that the flagbearers brought to the table.

Our first game pitted his Hatamoto Taro led army vs. my army led by Acolarh on the field of the Meat Grinder.

The rest of his army was composed of:
1x Tagawa
1x Izumi
1x Krav
1x Raelin

The rest of my army was:
1x Syvarris
2x Warriors of Ashra
2x Aubrien Archers
1x Theracus

This game went very poorly for me. The Krav backed by Raelin were on fire with 2 or 3 skulls on almost every attack, and with the raelin backing it took a long time and a good share of my army to whittle them down. Acolarh's power only worked twice during the whole game, so that was pretty sad too. I know it is kind of a long shot deal, but I was hoping for it a few more times. Once the hand to hand started, the Warriors did a great job defending themselves, but they generally died while attacking the samurai with counterstrike.

This game ended up being a fairly devestating loss for the elves.

The second game was also waged on the Meatgrinder with his Orcish Horde led by Ornack, and my league of good led by Sir Gilbert.

The rest of the Orcish Horde was composed of:

2x Blade Gruts
1x Tornak
1x Nerak
1x Mimring

The rest of the Band of Good was:

2x Knights
2x Minute Men
1x Johnny Shotgun Sullivan
1x Theracus

This game was a pretty good gore fest. I wanted to try and get Johnny in on some shotgun blasts into the clump of guys early on, but Charlie being a cunning general moved Mimring and Tornak into postitions to block me more easily, so my first marker being on Theracus still, I decided to move him in with a knight and check out a glyph while making an attack. The glyph ended up being Erland, so I summoned Ornack in hopes of killing him quick. That didn't occur though, so I mostly just helped the Orc Horde with that move.

His orcs advanced upon Johnny's perch, so I activated my Knights and Gilbert and had them charge. Gilbert's ability to move the squad members was very handy, and when it wouldn't help my knight get in range, it helped to improve my mass' position, so that they could wait and fire when I activated them. From that point on, the blood was pretty much on the blades of my knights and musketballs of my minute men.

The forces of good did triumph on the forces of evil on this day.
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