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Vincent Darlage
United States
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I had so much fun with the solo game to find the City of Brass, I decided to play a solo game to discover R'lyeh. I began play with Dr. Psyrri, Heir to a Twisted Legacy. I was not sure how much help he would be on a solo game. His Invoking the Ritual power is interesting, but has a severe drawback. I also began play with the Minds Were Broken consequence.

On my first Rest turn, I acquired the Graverobber Archaeologist, the Kid, a member of the Clergy, and a Virtuous Lady. On my second Rest turn I picked up a Musician, a Hunter, an Aetheroscope, and Infamy. I felt it better to have a strong crew than a good Resource deck, since it is likely my hand size will dwindle as the game goes on. I had a chance to get a Cat this turn, and was tempted as it would protect my virtuous lady from getting cursed, but I really thought the Hunter would serve me better.

On my Explore turn, I ventured out into the Temple of the Sightless Gods (appropriate given the theme, but it was chosen randomly). I drew Dramatic Ending as my Peril, and the peril counter moved up to 3. I encountered the Descendants of Profane Gods (again random but appropriate). I exhausted the Kid to double the heroism of the Clergy, who already had reduced the difficulty of the encounter by two. I exhausted the virtuous lady and defeated the descendants. I used the Virtuous Lady to restore the Clergy and a strange tincture to bring back the Kid. I sacrificed a Mark of Credit from my hand, and drew back up to five cards. There was no key here, so I moved on.

Next, I explored the Waters of Temptation. I drew the Burden of Leadership peril (raising the Peril counter to 4) and had to discard a money token. At the Waters of Temptation, I had to defeat both encounters at once. I drew Dreams of Discovery and Flying Abominations! Both are fairly difficult. However, my Clergy and my Hunter reduce the difficulty of each (the Clergy reduced the Dreams, and the Hunter the Flying Abominations). I used my last two Heroism tokens to remove the peril, then I exhausted the Kid, the Clergy, the Hunter and the Graverobber Archaeologist (and used a Bribery resource) to defeat the encounters. Because I defeated the Dreams of Discovery, I was able to look at the next two encounters and discard them (Hounds of Time and Friends in Strange Places). I used the Virtuous Lady to restore my Clergy. I sacrificed a Mark of Credit from my hand, and discarded another Mark of Credit, and drew back up to five cards.

My crew is almost entirely exhausted, but I pressed on regardless, not really willing to use up my last rest yet. I moved into the Mirror Dimension. The Hunter was the only Crew I had that would have been exhausted by the location, but he was already exhausted. I drew Mother Nature's Wrath as a Peril, and the peril counter moved up to 7. I drew Revenge of the Undead for my encounter. Fortunately, I hadn't Lost any crew, so that didn't add anything to the encounter. However, instead of skullduggery, I had to come up with 14 heroism (because it was supernatural and my clergy reduced it from 16 to 14). I sacrificed my Clergy to defeat it. I gained tokens for it, but it was a rough blow. My Virtuous Lady restored my Hunter. I sacrificed a Mark of Credit, and discarded two more, and then drew my hand back to four (my hand size is now reduced because of the Sacrifice).

I pondered using my last rest, but I was loathe to waste it before going into R'lyeh, so I pressed on, tired as we were. I did spend one of each token to reduce the Peril track by one, setting it down to 6. I was concerned another 3 peril would show up. The ship moved into the Desolate Plateau, and my graverobber archaeologist was cursed with nightmares (random effect from the location; I felt lucky my virtuous lady didn't get cursed). I drew The Steady Hand Falters as a Peril, moving the peril counter to 8. I paid two Heroism tokens to end this one, as I might need my expedition leader's abilities. I used the Virtuous Lady to restore the Kid. I now had the Kid, the Hunter, and the Musician ready to go. I drew my first encounter in this desolation - and drew Dreams of the Depraved Pharoah. An unlucky card, as the desolate location adds 3 to its difficulty, and my Clergy is gone (supernatural). I exhausted my Musician to avoid the "Upon facing" curse that could have devastated me if it had landed on my Virtuous Lady. I chose to beat it with skullduggery. I played my Aetherscope and Notoriety from hand to gain four skullduggery tokens. I exhausted my kid and my hunter, and played three skullduggery tokens to defeat the encounter! At this point, I knew we needed rest. The encounter remains in play, making getting rid of the curse on my graverobber even more difficult (it would have to be gotten rid of before entering R'lyeh. I sacrificed a mark of credit out of my hand, discarded another, and drew back up to four cards.

A key was present, but I needed a second defeated stamp to collect it. But first, I needed to rest. Or did I? I pondered my options. I now had a Supplies resource, which meant I could dig out the Strange Tincture, and I could restore another with my Lady. I had piles of tokens. Maybe I could push on... I decided to push on. Crazy, am I? We'll see who's crazy... As I suggested, I managed to restore the Kid and the Hunter. We were attacked by a Roc on the Hunt (1,001 Tales of Betrayal! Argh!), but the Hunter reduced its difficulty by 2. I exhausted the kid and the Hunter, and used two skullduggery tokens to defeat it. I sacrificed another Mark of Credit and discarded another and drew back up to four cards. I gained the final key to unlock R'lyeh! Ahahahaa!

Must rest first, however. Because of the Pharoah's dreams, getting rid of the nightmares from the graverobber would cost me 8 heroism tokens. I only had four, so I Sacrificed her. I paid one of each kind of token to reduce the peril track down to 7. I could only hope I didn't get a three-value peril on my move into R'lyeh. I acquired a Writer and a Treasurer, as well as another Strange Tincture and Auspicious Signs. I discarded my hand and drew three new cards (hand size is now 3). I was ready to find R'lyeh!

I moved into R'lyeh... and drew Ruination as my Peril! Argh! It was only two value, moving the Peril Track to 9, but... my huge, huge stack of skullduggery tokens now adds to the difficulty of skullduggery encounters! This could be a problem... and my encounter was a Hull Breach! I knew I could not pay the number of required tokens, so I exhausted my Writer to redraw. I drew a Wayward Automaton - and with Ruination upon me, my only recourse was to sacrifice my Hunter to defeat it. I was already maxed out on Skullduggery tokens, so this didn't hurt too bad, plus I was able to replace the Crew with an Automaton because I defeated the Wayward one.

I refreshed the writer with my Virtuous Lady. I discarded two cards from my hand and drew back up to two (my new hand size). On the next turn, the ship was invaded by a Horde of Rats! I had to exhaust my Musician and discard my hand. Now I had to defeat a 19 skullduggery Horde of Rats (because my ten tokens added to the difficulty). I spent all ten of my tokens (which will also end the Ruination), used my Treasurer to draw my last Resource card (it was a Mark of Credit, so I sacrificed it for a money token), exhausted the Kid, the Treasurer, and the Automaton to defeat the Horde of Rats.

Two defeated stamps on R'lyeh, but the nightmare doesn't end here because of that Dramatic Ending Peril I drew way back at the beginning. I had to face on more encounter before I could emerge victorious in this game. I redrew my hand of two cards. and moved onto my final turn.

The Automaton refreshed itself, and I used the Virtuous Lady to refresh the Treasurer. I encountered Black Rains. I used my Supplies resource to dig out a Strange Tincture and refreshed my Kid. I had to exhaust all my crew (except the Virtuous Lady) to defeat the Black Rains... and I won!

The Lovecraftian mini-expansion is a fun little set, and I enjoyed this solo game.

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