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Subject: Italy: Boost to the top! rss

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Dede Kurnia Kardiman
Kepulauan Riau
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Play Date: Thu, Nov 2nd, 2006, 19.30-21.30 hours
(Report submitted on Tue, Nov 7th, 2006)

Gamers: Aldo (Yellow), me (Black), Ragil (Blue), Vero (Green), Yodhie (Red).

We had another Power Grid session, and finally after few weeks, we successfully got Ragil on this great game. Even though this was his first Power Grid session, he already had enough boardgames experiences, including a quite complex game such as Princes of Florence. Ten minutes was enough to explain the game to him, and we started the game in Italy.

We agreed to exclude the bottom brown area, which later we realized that we should include this area for a better balance game in Italy. Initial player order: Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, and me, Black, as the last player.

First round started, Red got the plant #05 for $8, I got #04 for $10, Yellow #06, Green #08, and Blue #07. As no one took the plant #03, this made me the first to build, worthy for the $10 I spent. I connected Modenna-Ferrara so that I could have many options for cheap connection cost at later rounds. Red connected Pisa-Reggio, blocking me from the north & east. Yellow connected Roma-Pescara to get the south region for him self. Blue put his houses on Ravenna-Bologna, covering me from the south & west. And finally Green put her house on Foggia-Bari to prevent Yellow conquered the south region.

At round 2, I got additional plant #10, Red #16, Yellow took the old plant #03, Blue #13, and Green took the quite efficient hybrid plant #21. None of us put house, as our plants only enough to supply 2 cities.

Round 3, Green already shorted on cash as she bought the #21 plant at round 2, thus she pass the plant auction. Red also pass, saving his cash for network expansion. In 5 players games, the nuclear fuels get cheaper fast, thus Blue took the nuclear plant #11. Yellow took the #15, and I was lucky enough to get nuclear plant #28 which can supply up to 4 cities. Yellow connected Ancona. I put my house on Parma, trying to get out from the blockage of Red and Blue. Blue put his house on Venezia, expanding to east. Red built on Liverno and Picenza, expanding to south and north. Green put her house in Salerno.

At round 4, only Blue bought another plant: #22. The others passed the auction to save on cash. The oil and coal fuel were expensive now, and in contrary, nuclear and trash were much cheaper. Blue put 2 houses in Mestre and Padua, blocking the west area. Yellow connected Rimiri and San Marino. Green connected Napoli, and I built on Verona. Red didn’t put any house. I knew that he was plotting something, and I knew it must be an ‘evil’ plan!

Round 5. Blue took plant #20, Yellow #26, me #25, Green #14, and Red #24. Red conducted his ‘evil’ plan... re-stock his fuel as many as his plants could store. He bought 4 trash, 4 oil, and 4 coal fuels. I still could smile as I only need 1 nuclear fuel to power-up my 4 cities. But, the others were really affected by this. Red put one house on Milano, Green on Brindisi, I put one house on Brescia, and Yellow on Frienze. Blue were really affected by the fuel cost, and had not enough money to put house.

Round 6. Yellow passed on auction. I bought plant #18, the 2 cities clean plant to save my cash on fuels. Red and Blue also passed. Green bought the efficient hybrid plant #29 (1 fuel for 4 cities). Green could not put her house anymore since the south area had been populated by her houses and Yellow’s houses. It’s not yet Step 2 and thus could not build a city’s 2nd house. Due to this, Green could not catch-up with others at the later rounds. We all agreed that we should have used the southern brown area for better balance between the cheap north and the expensive south area. Anyway, the game continued... Blue put 3 houses on Vicenza, Bolanzo, and Bergamo, which brought the game into Step 2. Red connected La Spezia, Genova, and Torino. I connected Udine for $26 to get out from Blue’s blockage on the east. Yellow connected Perugia.

Current position on start of Step 2: (city, output)
Red: 8, 8 (#05, #16, #24)
Blue: 8, 8 (#13, #20, #22)
Yellow: 7, 9 (#06, #15, #26)
Black: 6, 11 (#18, #25, #28)
Green: 5, 10 (#14, #21, #29)

Step 2, round 7. Red bought the trash plant #30 (3 trash -> 3 cities) for $50 after a hard bidding with Green. Blue bought #23, Yellow #17, I passed, and Green took #31. As the only trash plants owner, Red bought 8 trash fuels in one shot, causing the trash price went up from $3 to $6 each. Now in Step 2, Green could put her houses on Pescara and Rimini (2nd houses). I put 4 houses on Treste, Reggio, Bergamo, and Venezia. Yellow built on Pisa, Livorno, and La Spezia. Blue put his houses on Brescia and Milano. Red passed on his turn to build.

After built 4 houses in previous round, now in round 8, I was the first player. I passed on plant auction as I already had enough power output for 11 cities. Yellow bought plant #3, Blue #33, Red #34, and Green #32. The Step 3 card showed up. Green had a bit short in cash, so she passed on building. Red connected Modena, Blue to Ferrara, Yellow to Genova and me to Padua. Now, I and Yellow had connected 11 cities, 4 more cities to end the game.

Round 9, Yellow bought plant #42 to bring his output to 16 cities. Blue bought #38, which also increased his output to 16 cities. I bought #39 bringing my output to 15 cities. Red got #50, increased his output to 17 cities. Actually Red didn’t need to buy this plant as he already had enough output for 15 cities. Green built 4 houses on Ancona, Ravenna, San Marino, and Bologna. Red put houses on Venezia, Mestre, and Parma. I put my houses on Picenza, Bologna, Ravenna, and my 15th house on Milano. Blue built on Verona and Modena. And finally Yellow on Napoli and Salerno. This ending was quite surprising for the others as they didn’t think I would have enough money to connect 4 cities this round.

Final score: (city, output, supply, electro)
Black: 15, 15 (#25, #28, #39), all, $47
Blue: 13, 16 (#20, #33, #38), all, $6
Yellow: 13, 16 (#26, #35, #42), all, $4
Red: 12, 17 (#30, #34, #50), all
Green: 11, 16 (#29, #31, #32), all

We analyzed the game and agreed that Green was lagging behind due to limited cities on the south region. Expanding to the north thru Yellow’s cities would cost lots of cash for the connections, but ‘giving up’ the south area to be solely controlled by Yellow was also not a good idea (^_^). Again, we should have included the brown area to make the game more balance. Red shouldn’t buy that plant #50 at the last round as he already had enough output for 15 cities, and he could use the cash to connect 2 more cities, bringing him to the 2nd place. As for Blue, he spent too much for plant upgrading, replacing his plants 5 times. Not bad though, considering this was his first time game. And Black did a good cash management, which boost him up from 4th position in Step 2 to be the champ... Surprising victory... Made us want to play more and more... Great night, great game...
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