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Subject: Finally got to play rss

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Matt Froemling
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Tried playing two 4-player games of Crisis 2 mixed with Heroes Unite with my brothers last night and both ended in scoops. The first game we were a little over a quarter into the main deck without ever having the right circumstances to beat Immortal Villain so we started over with the plan of ignoring card drawing and focusing on kicks.

The second game went a little better, but I don't see how everyone essentially discarding their hands to have 5 power that early is in any way equivalent to discarding the 1 card to Arkham Breakout. Yes, done secretly it might take a couple tries, but still not taking four turns off.

Between trying to not clutter our decks before beating Immortal Villain and the 4 more cards in the line-up after we had 10 cards in the line-up when somebody beat Vandal Savage. Three of those were villains with attacks we were saving until Savage left the table. They were Black Lantern Blue Beetle, Black Lantern Corps, and I forget the 3rd if you want to know.

Then for the second crisis we flip Corrupted Companion which gave the player going next Helspont. His first appearance-attack is "each player discards the two cards with the highest cost in his hand." After discarding 2 cards to his power then destroying 2 more cards to Black Adam, the actual Super-Villain, then trying to discard 2 more to Helspont again we looked at the board state.

We were going to have to pass 4 times in a row for the second time this game adding who knows how many more villains to the line up. Then with most of the players playing with 3-card hands missing their best 2 cards we were facing multiple 6+ cost villains in the line-up plus Helspont at an 11. We quit, put the game away, and I will probably never get my brothers to play Crisis 2 again.

I enjoy a challenge, but this seemed ridiculous. Especially in terms of a just passing and having no fun. I have not noticed anyone complain much about the game so my questions are thus.

Did we do something wrong that made the game more difficult than it needed to be?

If not, is everyone else really enjoying this game? Specifically when playing with 4-5 players?

I think I can get one of my brothers to play 2-player with me since he really enjoyed Crisis 1 and I will probably try solo. However the other two were already on the fence after the first one and Crises 2 just probably turned them off altogether.

I expect some token comments about how You are way better at this game than Me, blah, blah, blah. But some helpful comments on increasing the fun level would be nice too.

Thank you.
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Craig Groff-Folsom
United States
Grand Rapids
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I'm not quite sure how to respond to this post, but I'm going to give it a try.

First, are you all stocking up on cards that provide +2 Power or more? Virtually everything in Heroes Unite (or the other base sets, for that matter) provides that level of bonus. If it doesn't, don't buy it. If you have enough, don't buy it. Your comments indicate that you've played Crisis 1 so I'm guessing you figured out this strategy already, but it's incredibly important to only buy cards when necessary.

That said, there can be tough draws. I feel like Crisis Mode is won or lost in the early rounds, but it's hard to tell how well you're doing until the game gets closer to the end. You're taking the very weak starter cards and revving them up to a powerful deck that can throw about 10 Power each turn. Once you defeat a Super-Villain with an average draw, your deck is firing on all cylinders. The Crisis cards try to shut down that efficiency, but they tend to be minor setbacks.

I'm not sure what you mean about "secretly" discarding to Immortal Villain. My group plays with limited table talk. That can mean something vague like "should we try to defeat this crisis right now?". If the current player is forcing this to happen and everyone else has to go along, I think that's making it unnecessarily difficult.

Were there no defense cards to prevent Hellspont's attacks in the second game? There tend to be a lot in HU and wasting turns means a lot of main deck cards will come out.

All in all, I'd say don't get discouraged by the first three Crisis cards. The losing condition is essentially a timer (unless you end up with a Crisis that requires cards that you cannot obtain) but the time to defeat the later Crises is mic shorter.
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