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Subject: Two New Factions/Dynamics rss

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Jayden James
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Hey everyone,

I have been tinkering with some different factions and these are the ones when tested have worked the best. The cards originally were based on in jokes from our friendship group so I have tried to match them with a different flavour that works. Also note I am not the comic genius PP and crew are at the naming of cards.

Faction 1 - The Samurai
When a Samurai is destroyed, it dishes out the hurt. Each minion in this faction is geared to the teeth with lethal effects when it is destroyed. Your opponents want to keep them on the board to avoid their vicious abilities and your actions assist you in destroying them to trigger their these effects.

Minion – Yojimbo (1)
Power 4
Special: Before this base scores, you may destroy one of your minions. Add their power to Yojimbo’s until the end of the turn.

Minion – Bushi (2)
Power 3
If this minion is destroyed, choose another minion. That minions power is reduced to 0 until your next turn. If that minion would gain more power from other abilities or actions, it is still reduced to 0.

Minion – Shogunate (3)
Power 3
If this minion is destroyed, reveal the top two cards of your deck. You may play a minion revealed of power three or less on a base that is not currently scoring. Put any remaining cards into your hand.

Minion – Fallen Warrior (4)
Power 2
When this minion is destroyed, replace it with a minion of power 3 or less from your discard pile.

Action – For The Greater Cause (1)
Play on a base. All of your minions get +1 until your next turn. At the start of your next turn, destroy all your minions of power 3 or less.

Action – Seppuku (2)
Destroy one of your minions, draw a card.

Action – Ancestral Spirits (1)
Play on a minion. If this minion is destroyed, attach it to another minion. That minion gains power equal to this minions power.

Action – Yoroi (1)
Play on a minion. When this minion goes to a discard pile from play, destroy a minion of power 3 or less.

Action – Yin and Yang (1)
In turn order, each player destroys one of their own minions of power 4 or less then draws a card. You decide the order.

Action – Foreign Aid (1)
Choose a player. That player must choose one of your minions of power 3 or less and another players minion of power 3 or less. Destroy both of those minions.

Action – Treacherous Path (1)
Play on a base. If a minion has 0 power on this base it is destroyed. Each minion on this base gains the following ability – Talent: give target minion on this base -1 until the end of the turn.

Action – Final Battle (2)
Play on a base. When this base scores, minions are considered to be destroyed.

Base – The Bloodgultch
Breakpoint – 23
VP 4 -1 2
Before this base scores, you may destroy one of your minions.

Base – Ancient Battlefield
Breakpoint – 19
VP 3 2 1
Before this base scores, each player may play a minion from their discard pile here of power 3 or less.

Faction 2 - The Other Siders
Definitely not a rip off of a Lewis Carroll book, The Other Siders are all about draw and churning through that deck at least once a game. This group of quirky misfits gives you the ability to get those heavy hitters out on a more regular basis, and get to them quicker. Although they can move through their deck at a rapid pace and find those cards they want, getting to that point can also come at the cost of those cards.

Minion – Allison Wonderful
Power 5
When this base scores, choose on of the following options. Each player returns their minions to their hands OR each player draws cards equal to their number of minions on the base OR each player moves a minion instead of it going to the discard.

Minion – The Mad Batter
Power 4
Talent: Draw a card OR draw two cards and discard two cards.

Minion – The Cheshire Rat
Power 3
When this minion goes to the discard pile, you may draw a card OR draw three cards and discard three cards.

Minion – The Hare
Power 2
Each time you draw a card or cards, this minion gets +1 until the end of the turn.

Action – Back To Wonderplace (1)
If you have 4 or more cards in your hand, you may play a minion of power 2 or less from your hand and/or discard the rest of your hand to draw 5 new cards. Special: If this card is in your starting hand, you may play it before the game begins.

Action – I’m Late (1)
Draw two cards. Put this card and one other card from your hand on the bottom of your deck.

Action – Smoking With Insects (2)
Draw a card. Each other player may draw a card. You may draw an additional card for each other player that draws a card.

Action – The Tea Party (1)
Play on a base. Play with the top card of your deck revealed. You may play that card as if it were in your hand.

Action – Tweedle-Don’t (2)
Play on a base. Each players maximum hand size is reduced by 2. Whenever another player has to discard a card due to going over their hand size, they must reveal two options. You pick which they discard.

Action – I’m Mad, You’re Mad (1)
Each other player may either draw or discard a card. You must draw for each player that drew then discard for each player that discarded.

Action – Off With Their Heads (1)
Each player names a card in your deck. Discard all copies of that card. Search your deck for a card, reveal it to all players and put it into your hand.

Action – It Was All A Dream (1)
Special: Play this action at the end of your turn, after you draw. You don’t have to discard until your next discard step.

Base – The Hare Hole
Breakpoint – 20
VP 3 2 1
If you play a minion here during your turn, before a base scores, draw a card.

Base – The Chess Board
Breakpoint – 24
VP 4 2 2
When this base scores, the winner chooses one of the following - draw a card, move a minion to another base or return a minion to their hand. Second place then decides from the remaining options. Third place takes the remaining option.

Let me know your thoughts and if you like and can figure out a way to play with them, enjoy.
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Kent Hurley
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Some wording issues aside, I'll give it a thumb up or two

A couple of issues though:

A) There's already a Geek card named Mulligan. Sure this is a fan set but rename it anyway.

B) There is no "check to see if a base scores" phase. The Hare Hole base ability needs to be reworked (maybe "Before a base scores, if you played a minion here this turn you may draw a card").

C) The chess board could use rewording. Squeeze in a few "may"s (or remove the first), and remember that third place may have more than one option to choose from.
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Johnathon Stanford-Carey
United States
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The Samurai actually scare me with how strong they seem. I really like the idea of strength by destruction (akin to the vampires), what scares me about it though is that the Samurai have some many ways to cut themselves for strength (6), while the vampires only have 4 unique cards to do so. Plus they tend to get the strength of their destroyed target, instead a simple +1 power. Even all that would be fine if once destroyed the minions stayed down, but I think the Fallen Warriors are too strong to be the most common minion, if you switch their ability with the Bushi's you can still have both affects but better balance. Still though really awesome faction, you can see them just recking everyone if paired with another destroy deck, or zombies, hell even Trickers would lead to some fearful plays.
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