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Subject: GT4 Tactical Surprise Scenario slightly modified rss

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Dan Stueber
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Game Turn 4: Clear Weather.

“Yes Sir. The last few days have seen a bit of a stalemate along the front and also in the air. We took some damage but dished out a good amount too. I will discuss everything during the briefing Sir” says Jack.

As everyone settles in their chairs computerized briefing maps are displayed showing unit locations and current losses.

“If everyone will settle down please... Alright, the last three days have seen some serious fighting along the front. On the ground we have pretty much held our forward locations. In the air the ROK Air Force took some serious damage.

“Our Electronic Detection assets located the 820 and 815 HQ groupings north west of Seoul. PRC detection assets located the V Corps HQ.

“In the air to air battles we sent up thirteen flights of aircraft against twenty- eight from the North Koreans and DPRK. This was again pretty one sided with two PRC flights destroyed, three DPRK flights destroyed, and another seven forced to abort. We had two air units aborted but one was our F-22 stealth fighter that was damaged tangling with the PRC J-31 stealth fighters. In the end we still have contested the air space over Korea. Also, five more PRC fighter wings have arrived in the DPRK and another seven are awaiting deployment. With these assets we believe the North Koreans and PRC will probably gain some form of air superiority over Korea unless we get some additional air assets in country” states Jack.

“The Japanese Air Force will only assist if they are attacked correct?” asks the General.

“Yes Sir that is correct. They have several wings of air superiority aircraft awaiting commitment but will only do so if they are attacked” replies Jack.

“Very well…continue” says the General.

“Our three remaining Special Operations groups target the 815 and 820 HQ’s for follow up strikes. DPRK Special Operations groups caused damage to three airfields and helicopter FARP areas. A F-15DJ, a ROK A-50 were eliminated. The ROK also lost a step of AH-64’s.

“We have gained control of all but the Yellow Sea In Shore areas. However that area is now pretty much infested with PRC and DPRK surface warships. The PRC did launch a cruise missile attack against the CVN group in the East Sea but they were destroyed by CWIS air defenses. PRC cruise missiles hit the ROK air defense grid again causing some losses. We conducted cruise missile strikes against the PRC amphibious group in the Yellow Sea and the DPRK air defense grid. The DPRK grid was reduced by 10% and the PRC ships received some damage (strike 1). They continued to move toward the west coast of Korea though.

“The DPRK sent in four strike packages made up of old H-5, Su-7, and Q-5 bombers all escorted by Mig-21 and F-6 fighters. None were detected by the ROK air defenses. They caused damage to both mechanized divisions of the VII Corps and also hit the 6th Infantry Division/V Corps. They were prepping the area along the west of Seoul for assaults by their forward corps. B-52’s, B-1B’s, and B-2A’s struck the large groupings of troops north and west of Seoul. The KDG and 815 HQ’s were wiped out, and the PYG HQ reduced. The bombers sent to hit the 820 HQ were driven off by SAM and AAA fire. Along the east coast we sent in three strike packages to hit the 815 Mechanized Corps. We are still trying to figure out what happened but it appears the PRC stealth fighter was able to locate one of the packages and wiped it out while another was destroyed by SAM fire. The ROK lost two F-15K’s and a KF-16 air wing. Another F-15K was aborted. The USN was able to cause some minor damage to one of the enemy armor brigades.

“On the ground we moved the 11MEU to the area south of Seoul to be used as needed. We were able to shift around a few of the units that were hit by the DPRK air attacks so that they were out of the front lines. Along the east coast units from the ROK III and VIII Corps destroyed another Light Infantry unit in the mountains northwest of Ganghyeon.

“The PRC landed two marine battalions southwest of Seoul while the 43rd ABD was sent in to the area south of Anyang. The airborne division didn’t land unscathed; they lost an entire brigade to SAM’s and another brigade was forced to abort. The HQ and 127th brigade moved into Anyang and started clearing operations. The forward DPRK Corps all moved up to the Seoul suburbs. Three major attacks were conducted. The XII, 815, 820, and PYG Corps attacked the city of Namynangju defended by the 8 Infantry and 1 Armor Brigade of the ROK V Corps. The South Koreans took some losses but were able to hold their positions. South of Yang-gu the DPRK V and part of the 806 Corps tried to force the river line against the dug in 7 Infantry/II Corps and 2/82 Brigade. The attack was stopped but the airborne troopers took some losses. Finally along the east coast the 806 and I Corps tried to take the airfield northwest of Ganghyeon. The attack was driven off after both sides took losses.

“We were able to reinforce the 2/82 Brigade and two ROK divisions received replacements. The DPRK seems to be using their replacement strictly for their motorized and leg infantry units, however they have not lost many mechanized units so that may change.

“Finally the Chinese 39 Group Army made up of one armor and three mechanized divisions arrived in Hamhung. The North Koreans and PRC have three Corps not committed to the battle at this time, not including the IV Corps which is still in the port areas of Haeju. We believe with the losses sustained by the North Koreans in the air and ground battles, and also their inability to gain any ground during the last three days we hold the initiative again for the coming half week or so Sir” finishes Jack.

“Alright, first we have to neutralize those PRC troops in Anyang, and then take care of that beachhead….again. Finally I want a max air effort placed on those mechanized corps north of Seoul. Send in the gorilla” says the General.

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