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Subject: Chadda Offensive: Always check for whom you hunting ! rss

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Chadda Offensive: Always check for whom you hunting !

Hawker Industries Relthoza

Rocy7 – Relthoza (R)

[spoiler] Relthoza Fleet (Support Fleet) (800pts)

Tier 1 (525pts)
Battleship (240pts)
Nexus (240pts)

+3 Wing Capacity (5pts)

Self Repair, System Network

Bomber Token (25pts)

5x Bomber (25pts)

Drone/Widow Accompaniment (40pts)

2x Drone/Widow (40pts)

Difficult Target, System Network

Heavy Cruiser Squadron (Tier 1) (285pts)
Huntsman Squadron (285pts)
3x Huntsman (285pts)

3x Biohazard Primaries (15pts)

Biohazard, Self Repair, Stealth Systems

Tier 2 (235pts)
Cruiser Squadron (110pts)
Hashvar (110 pts)

Pack Hunters, Retractable Plating (Fore Scatter)

Shunt Cruiser Squadron (125pts)
Araneae Squadron (125pts)
2x Araneae (120pts)

2x Corrosive Primaries (10pts), 2x Shunt Matrix (8)

Shunt Matrix, Stealth Systems

Interceptor Token (5pts)

Interceptor (5pts)

Tier 3 (40pts)
Frigate Squadron (40pts)
Drone Squadron (40pts)

2x Drone (40pts)

Difficult Target, System Network [/spoiler]

Conus (Hawker Industries (H)

[spoiler] Hawken800 (795pts)

Hawker Fleet (Standard Fleet) (795pts)

Tier 1 (430pts)
Battleship (205pts)
Excelsior (205pts)

+1 HP (10pts), 2x +1" Mv (10pts), Nuclear Turrets (15pts)

Nuclear Weapons, Weapon Shielding

Carrier (225pts)
Regent (225pts)

+1 HP (10pts), Cyberwarfare Weapons (20pts), Nuclear Turrets (15pts), Weapon Shielding (10pts)

Cyberwarfare Weapons, Deck Crews, Nuclear Weapons, Weapon Shielding

Bomber Token (30pts)

6x Bomber (30pts)

Interceptor Token (10pts)

2x Interceptor (10pts)

Tier 2 (225pts)
Cruiser Squadron (225pts)
Resolute Squadron (225pts)
3x Resolute (225pts)

3x Nuclear Turrets (15pts), 3x Weapon Shielding (30pts)

Tier 3 (140pts)
Frigate Squadron (140pts)
Endeavour Squadron (140pts)

4x Endeavour (140pts)

Difficult Target, Scout [/spoiler]

Scenario Border Clash

Points Limit Patrol Fleet 800

Flagship Stabilis – Hunters Fleet

- Admirał Atrox Aquan fleet was detected in the system Hadybda.

- Let know BaKash is a job for they Scatter Weapons. Prepare the fleet to jump.

9 hours later Hadybda system.

- Identification? - Atrox admiral demanded.

- Two strong drive source and 7 smaller. Signatures are strange - do not fit Aquan profile. This is probably small fraction of people - Hawken industires.

Well ,prey is the prey to battle stations. – ordered admiral. When we get back to the base I take the head of main scouts - he muttered under his nose

Terrain used (1 nebulas, 2 asteroid Fields, 1 debris field, Valhalia – used only as decoration)

Deployment Due to the high density of the asteroid fields fleet had less room to maneuver.

Hawker has concentrated its fleet, as did Relthoza.

Relthoza fleet with support of Bakash expected Aquan but instead hit the opponent as demanding as a Hawker Industries.

The first attack of Brood (R) was not effective, but the Cybernetic answer from Regent Carrier(H) referred devastating effect. At the beginning of the battle Brood (R) lost both cloak as well as point defense.

Admiral opponent attacks some strange weapons we lost cloaking and point defense network .

- bridge officer reported.

Atrox looked around the bridge, was surprised to notice that in part on the tactical screen appeared a skull with crossbones.

WHAT? Immediately restore control! - Admiral shouted in rage.

We try, but computers do not respond. Enemy is preparing to attack - in the voice of an officer was nervousness. Atrox watched helplessly as the enemy Battleship preparing to strike its suddenly not protected ship.
For this reason, he was an easy target for Excelsior (H), who put him to first critical hit (again destroying the PD network) scale destruction completed the torpedoes.

Relthoza responded with attack of Aranatea shunt cruisers that synchronous jump on a 30" and closed down one of the Resolute cruiser (H).

End of the round Relthoza repair one of two pd network dissable.

Round II

Relthoza use focused repair to make PD back online. Hawker has focused its efforts on Brood (R) while Relthoza focused on eliminating Regent Carrier (H).

In the second round of finally arived reinforcment form Ba Kash (2 Hashvar cruiser proxed by 2 Auditor Gunship). Kash Ba (R) trying to destroy the frigate (H), but missed, at least they have more luck in the case of an Regent carrier (H) givign him 1 damage.


Unfortunately, under the pressure of concentrated fire, frigates, cruisers, carrier (and bombers), and Battleship (H) Brood (R) is destroyed.

Hunssmann heavy cruisers (R) concentrate their fire on the regent carrier(H) – 2 damage + crew loss and Hawker Battleship. (1 damage+crew loss)

Round III

Situation of the beginning of round III

By shunt entry entry squadron of Relthoza frigates enters on Battlefield.

Huntsman (R) destroy another Hawken cruiser, damage the last (1HP) and continues the attack on the Battleship (H) giving him another damage. They also make desperate effort to capture regent by boarding (H), but with lack of success.


Ba’Kash in this case must finish the job with Cartier and even further rehabilitate for last rund by blowing one frigate (H) into the space dust.

Hawker answers with destroying 1 one of heavy cruisers and finish of second.

Shunt cruisers (R) use their corrosive weapons to hit the sweet spot of Battleship (H).

This proves to be profitable, because corrosive works in this round and further damage Excelsior. He got 5 hp on the end of this round.

Four round

All Relthoza efforts are concentrated on Hakwer Battleship giving him 1 HP damage, Ba kash only on the occasion destroy another Hawker frigate.

Hawken try to eliminate Hunstsmann Heavy Cruiser but it still holding.

Unfortunately nearby strong solar flare damaged sensors all ships and prevent the completion of battle.



Relthoza 8

Hawken 5




2 Heavy Cruisers

1 Heavy cruiser (3/6 HP)

Hawken Industries

Battleship (3/8 HP)


2 Cruisers

2 Fregates

After the battle

The younger hunter Cautus looking for the remains of Stabilis and thinking about the fate of the admiral. Most likely, he could not survive. New weapons of oponent turned out to be a dangerous.

What are your orders for the fleet younger hunter?
- In this state, we cannot continuation the chase, rescue survivors and get back to the base. Get in touch with our corporate allies. Time pay them a visit.

Cautus thought it worthwhile to know that weapons, learn how to secure from it, or even how to use it against their prey.
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