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My son came over, so we decided to play. He prefers co-operative games, so that's what we played. He chose his favorite character, Baroness Alexandra, the Huntress, and I chose Sandbad Al-Basrah, Restless Queen. Usually I pick Arijit, but I wanted to try Sandbad out in a co-op. We set up according the rules, and used three Rest tokens. Our Consequence was Lives Were Lost. We picked City of Brass as our Destination.

Turns 1 & 2: Getting Ready at Port City
We started off with a Rest turn. Sandbad acquired a Treasurer, an Automaton (purchased for me by the Baroness), an Endowment, a Kid, and an Aetherscope. The Baroness acquired a Shady Captain, a Cat, and a Strange Tincture. We put our temporary scores back down, and drew new cards. On the second Rest turn, Sandbad acquired a Strange Tincture, a Stalwart Captain, a Hunter, and a Treasurer of Kings. The Baroness rounded out her crew with a Shipwright (which was immediately exhausted to gain Gold Bullion), a Scientist, a Navigator, and another Strange Tincture.

Turn 3: Separate Paths
The two ships split up. Sandbad took the upper route, and the Baroness took the lower route. Sandbad entered the Factory of a Forgotten Age and the Baroness entered the Ice Caves. We drew Mother Nature's Wrath for a Peril, moving the Peril track to 3.

In the Factory, Sandbad faced the Phantoms of the Lost. Fortunately, we had no Lost crew, so this wasn't too bad to defeat. The Baroness, in the Ice Caves, used Heroism to defeat the Curse of the Frozen Heart, and then was struck by the Storm of the Century! This not only exhausted the Navigator, but the whole darn Crew. There was no Key here, the Baroness didn't bother with a second encounter.

Turn 4: Rejoined Paths
For the next Explore turn, the Baroness moved into the Factory of the Forgotten Age, letting Sandbad be the lead ship against Methuselah's Device, which was defeated and placed on the Treasurer of Kings. The Baroness used a Strange Tincture to refresh the Shipwright, and then exhausted her to gain Auspicious Signs. No key was present.

Turn 5: The Temple of the Sightless Gods
Both ships traveled to the Temple of the Sightless Gods. This was a Deadly Path to take, raising the Peril track to 6. Both ships worked together to Claw Their Way Back, reducing the Peril track to 5. Sandbad sacrificed a Bribery Resource to remove the Peril. They Faced Unstable Explosives, with Sandbad as the Lead Ship. Since the Unstable Explosives were an environment, the Crews met the conditions to remove Mother Nature's Wrath. Again, there was no Key here. The next three would have Keys. We'd have to explore all the Locations.

Turn 6: Smuggler's Cove
Both ships traveled to Smuggler's Cove and Ruination found them, raising the Peril track to 7. The two Crews Claws Their Way Back again, and reduced the Peril track to 6. In Smuggler's Cove they Faced an Arcane Reliquary. Both ships played all of their Skullduggery tokens, which not only helped defeat the Supernatural Encounter, but also removed the Peril! A Key was here, but both Crews were too exhausted to continue.

Turn 7: Resting in the Cove
The third Rest turn was taken. The Crews Clawed Their Way back again, and reduced the Peril track to 5. Sandbad sacrificed her Treasurer and bought an Engineer and a Strange Tincture. The Baroness' Shipwright managed to grab Maps & Charts, and then Sandbad bought Bullion and Curse of the Titans.

Turn 8: The First Key
The two Crews Faced the Great Shard Reef, defeating it. They gained the Key!

Turn 9: Separate Paths Again
The Baroness piloted her ship into the Volcano of the Angry Goddess, but the Baroness used her Maps & Charts to ignore the Angry Goddess' demands. Despite the Maps & Charts, The Navigator's Error was the next Peril, resulting in the sacrifice of the Navigator. The Peril track moved up to 7. Because of Auspicious Signs, Foul Play was avoided, but the Baroness had to Face the Doom Clock! It was defeated, but at a cost. Meanwhile, Sandbad had piloted her craft into the Isle of Giants. The Stalwart Captain gained the Curse of the Titans. The Crew Faced a Horde of Rats, and the Kid gained the Curse of the Frozen Heart. The rats were defeated.

Turn 10: Joined Again
The Baroness needed help, so Sandbad piloted her ship to the Volcano and became the Lead Ship in Facing a Wayward Automaton. Sandbad sacrificed her Hunter and gained the second Key. However, she also gained a second Automaton for her crew. The Crews clawed their way back and reduced their Peril to 6.

Turn 11: Back to the Giants
Both Crews went to the Isle of Giants and each took a Curse of the Titans. Sandbad gave it to one of the Automatons because giant robots are cool. She also needed to be sure both Automatons were gone before entering the City of Brass. They Faced Ballast Slime. Although unnecessary, Sandbad exhausted both Automatons and the Treasurer of Kings. That destroyed one Automaton. Sandbad then sacrificed the other Automaton, gaining six money tokens.

Turn 12: Entering the City of Brass
Both Crews turned toward the City of Brass and had to pay the Price of Heroism, moving the Peril track to 9. They worked together to get rid of the Curse on the Kid, then they titaned her Captain and defeated it, but the Kid was lost (the Stalwart Captain could not be Lost). They then immediately Faced the Unstable Explosives again. Sandbad had to use all of her money tokens and exhausted the whole remaining Crew, but defeated it again.

Turn 13: The City of Brass is Ours
On the next turn, Sandbad played a Bullion card while the Baroness took the Lead. They battled a Horde of Rats and then, immediately afterward, a Doom Clock, but both were defeated (this time using the Curse of Titans on one of the Baroness' Crew), more money tokens because of the Bullion, and other tokens. Sandbad and the Baroness WON!

Although we won, it took us a lot longer than usual because of the way the Keys fell out (part of the excitement of the game). We had to visit every Location, which was exhausting (but fun). We both had fun figuring out how to defeat everything while having enough resources to keep going. My son didn't think we could do it with three Rests, but we pulled it off. We both did a pretty good job of resource management, and we both helped each other when needed. The fact that we had to go through six Locations and the City of Brass meant that a lot of Perils had to be drawn. We worked hard to make sure the Peril track remained as low as possible to pull that off. All in all, though, it was a fun game. The final blows were exciting, and the high-fives at the end were heartfelt.
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