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Craig Tenhoff
United States
Simi Valley
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Four Months after the first Battle of Simi, the Klicc’zz returned. With their fleet repaired and reinforced, their intention this time was to cover the landing of over one thousand legions of their soldiers to begin the conquest of the planet. The expected little opposition to their efforts, having previously destroyed all spaced based defenses.

However, the Simis had not been idle during the previous four months. While the Civil War had continued unabated (causing the deaths directly or indirectly of another four Billion beings), the Navy and various Militias continued the work of improving the planetary defenses. Ships were constructed at various shipyards and then moved to hidden locations. Ground Bases were constructed, some hidden to prevent them from being detected before they could fire. Research continued in various weapon fields, hoping to achieve a new weapon before the invaders returned. Everyone prayed that the defenses would be strong enough when the Invaders returned.

And so it was that during Month 3 of Year 6, the Klic’zz fleet returned to challenge the rebuilt defenses of Simi.

Klic’zz OOB

11 * CL 45 Space Hull
[3] S*5 A1*9 Hs Qa Qa Mgs (Ia)(IaIa)(Ia) Qa Mg Rb*6 Yb Rb (IaIa) (4 / 2)

8 * CLf 45 Space Fast Hull
[4] S*4 A1*9 Hs Qa Qa Yb (iaIa)(Ia)(IaIa)(Ia) Qa Le*5 Lca (IaIa) (5 / 2.5)

8 * DDf 30 Space Fast Hull
[4] S*2 A1*5 Hs Qa Ia *5 Le*3 Lca> Ia (6 / 3)

45 Assault Shuttles (ast)

5 * DDf 30 Space Fast Hull
[4] Hs Mgs Mg Mg Mg Bsb x9 Qa Ia Ia Ia Ia Qa Ia Ia (6/3)
(Included for completeness, did not participate in battle)

2 * DDf 30 Space Fast Hull
[4] S A1*2 Ht Qa Ycb Qa Ica *5 (5 / 5)
(Included for completeness, did not participate in battle)

Simis OOB

CL 45 Space Hull (Average) Maneuver
[3] S*2 A*5 H Ya (Icb) (IcbIcb) Qa Eb Tb Eb Qa Eb (Icb) Da Da (IcbIcb) Qa [4/4]

3 * DD 35 Space Basic Hull (1 Average, 2 Green ) Heavy
[3] S*2 A*5 H (Icb) (Icb) Eb Qb Eb Eb (Icb) Da (Icb) Qa [4/4]

Planetary Defense Centers
6 * Bravo Ax9 Mg Rb Rb Da Da
6 * Charlie Ax8 Kb Kb Da
12 * Delta Ax9 Mg Rb Rb Rb Da
6 * Fox (Hidden) Ax12 Pga Eb Da
108 Plasma Torpedo Silos (one shot each)


The Klic’zz fleet advanced confidently toward the planet, with the troop ships following at a safe distance. As they entered the maximum range of the planetary missiles, eighteen Planetary Defense Centers (PDC) opened fire. Their fire was semi-accurate, but the extreme range degraded their fire. They only succeeded in damaging one of the missile armed Light Cruisers.

The Klic’zz continued to close, knowing that they had enough ships to deal with these few bases. Thirty seconds later, they were in range and began to return fire. The range was extreme, and most of their missiles went wide, being intercepted by the Point Defense systems guarding the bases or missing their targets and hitting various population centers. Another three PDCs, these armed with Kinetic Cannons added their fire to that from the Missile Bases. A Klic’zz Missile Light Cruiser was crippled and began to limp away.

The Klic’zz were unconcerned with what they considered minor damage. They had taken much worse damage during the First Battle of Simi, and considered this a minor annoyance. As their missile ships continued to exchange fire with the bases, they scored their first kills, as two of the Delta Class PDCs and a Bravo Class PDC were destroyed. However they didn’t escape unscathed as another Missile Light Cruiser was crippled.

And then the Simi’s unleashed the first surprise they had for the Klic’zz. One Hundred and Eight Plasma Torpedoes were launched from various silos scattered across the globe. While the warring Militia’s had been building these up to use against each other, the arrival of the Klic’zz fleet convinced them, at least temporarily, put aside their infighting. The torpedoes streaked toward the approaching Laser Destroyers and Light Cruisers. Three Destroyers were vaporized instantly, with four more being reduced to crippled hulks, while the remaining one limped along with some damage. One of the Light Cruisers was crippled as well, retaining all of its firepower, but losing all but one of its engine rooms.

While a less warlike race might have attempted to break off the battle after sustaining such losses, the Klic’zz pressed forward. Their remaining Laser Light Cruisers, and Assault Shuttles continued toward the planet, while the Missile Light Cruisers continued their bombardment. Another Missile Light Cruiser was damaged and three Assault Shuttles destroyed, but the Simi’s lost another two PDCs, a Bravo and Charlie Class.

Ignoring the losses, the Klic’zz Assault Shuttles began their bombing runs as the Laser Light Cruisers moved closer. The PDCs shifted their fire from the missile ships to the closer targets, and another Laser Light Cruiser was damaged and a pair of crippled Laser Destroyers were finished off. In addition five Assault Shuttles were destroyed before they could release their bombs, while another ten were destroyed by concentrated defense fire from various missile positions. However, this used up the militias store of ground to air missiles, which they would wish for in the coming hours.

The Klic’zz Laser Light Cruisers joined the Assault Shuttles in the planetary atmosphere and received another pair of surprises. A pair of hidden Simi Destroyers were spotted, one landed in a dormant volcano, the second in the ocean. In addition, the Fox Class PDCs, hidden up to this point, opened fire. With the atmosphere preventing their shields from operating, two Laser Light Cruisers were crippled. However, the Klic’zz return fire quickly overwhelmed the Destroyers Point Defense systems and both were destroyed. In addition, firing at point blank range, the Laser Light Cruisers were able to destroy one Fox Class PDC, and Damage to Delta Class PDCs. The Assault Shuttles continued their bomb runs, with seven more being destroyed by the combined fire from the PDCs and the Militia.

The knife fight continued in the atmosphere, as the Missile Light Cruisers continued their bombardment. Another four PDCs were quickly destroyed, a pair of Fox Class, a Charlie Class, and a Beta Class. However, they didn’t fall alone. Two Laser Light Cruisers and another night Assault Shuttles joined them as debris strewn across the planet.

With one sector of the planet cleared, the Klic’zz ships slowly moved to the next. Another pair of Simi ships greeted them, one a Light Cruiser on the ground, and the second a Destroyer launching from the far side of the planet. However, the Light Cruiser was quickly crippled and a Charlie Class PDC was destroyed. In return one of the few remaining Laser Light Cruisers was damaged and another Assault Shuttle was destroyed.

The Klic’zz Missile Light Cruisers continued their bombardment, destroying another three PDCs, two Delta and another Charlie and the Light Cruiser. The Simi’s accurate short-range fire Crippled another pair of the Laser Light Cruisers and destroyed another seven Assault Shuttles. At this point, the Klic’zz bomber force was nearly destroyed, but they continued to press their attacks on various Industrial targets.

The Simi’s quickly finished off the last of the Assault Shuttles and crippled another Laser Light Cruiser. However, their remaining Destroyer was quickly destroyed by missile fire and the Lasers of the Light Cruisers destroyed a Delta Class PDC.

With the last of the Simi ships destroyed, and the Klic’zz laser armed ships decimated, the final phase of the battle began. The Klic’zz proceeded to fire at the PDCs from over the horizon, reducing their chances of hitting the bases, but preventing the direct fire weapons from the bases from hitting their missile ships. The Simi’s concentrated their fire on the Klic’zz laser ships, reasoning that they had effectively ‘unlimited’ ammunition to support the landings that were sure to come.

It took more than five minutes for the Klic’zz to silence the last of the Simi’s bases, but in that time, they lost almost all their remaining laser ships. In the end only a pair of crippled Destroyers and one crippled Laser Light Cruiser limped away from the planet. The remaining nine Missile Light Cruisers, one of which was crippled, had expended all of their ordnance and would be next to useless over the following hours as the reloaded.

With the PDCs finally silenced, the Klic’zz invasion fleet moved in and their troop ships and freighters began landing. Ground fire from various Militia positions meet them, damaging five ships slightly, and destroying five in the air. But still move than nine-hundred legions of Klic’zz shock troops touched down on the planet. The fighting was fierce, neither side giving any quarter.

The Simis had the advantage of a highly militarized population, experienced by months of civil war. In addition the Simis were of a higher technology leveling, giving their soldiers more advantages. By the end of the month, the Klic’zz had only been able to secure a few isolated landing zones, and had taken heavy casualties. The Simis, heartened by this, would fight even harder over the next few months to repulse these alien invaders and pray that one of their neighbors would come to their aid.

However, the Simis had not been unscathed. Conservative estimates indicate that over Two Billion beings died during the planetary bombardments of the PDCs, most due to ‘misses’ that hit civilian targets. In addition casualty estimates from the Invasion and subsequent combat was in the neighborhood of One Billion. While these numbers seem huge to us, one must consider that a Census of the Simi population before the war showed that the planetary population was close to SIXTY-TWO Billion. Given the size of the population and their determination to repulse the invaders, the Klic’zz would have a hard fight on their hands for the foreseeable future.
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