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Hi everyone! I hosted my first dc deckbuilding tournament the other day and wanted to post the results.

The tournament consisted of 16 players and all three base sets and the rivals set. I set up four groups of four to begin. Each group played DC Comics Deck-Building Game set with 7 Super Villains and Ras Al Ghul. No promo cards were used. Once all four groups finished I advanced the top two players of each group. I have to say the scores for each table were every where. At one table I had two players only make 18 and 19 points while the winner at that table scored 38. Then at one table the leader scored 58. Just goes to show how knowing the game can really change the outcome.

After I advanced the top two of each group they formed two groups of four. These two groups played DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Heroes Unite set. Also with 8 super villains. Once again no promos included. Also we did add in the errata cards for Kyle ryner and plastic man. These two games where much closer in scores to each other. Everyone scored in the 40s. So there was no huge break away leaders.

From those two groups I also advanced the top two players to form one final group of four. This last group of four played DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Forever Evil set. Also played with only 8 Super Heros. For one player it was his first time playing this set. For this set up I did include the bane promo since it was only ine group played now. This final game did take the longest due to more thinking and planning in this set.

For the four in this group they were all rewarded a Martian Manhunter promo.

So how did it turn out for these four? Well here are the scores for the final four.

Danille - 20
Martin - 62
Clayton - 47 (first time with this set)
Mikie - 43

Now instead of giving the top player the win for everything I had one final match. The top two scores went head to head using the DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Rivals – Batman vs The Joker set. Only Martin had played the set before. Yet after a very intense match Clayton came out as the victor. He was able to start his confrontations early and do some big damage to martin.

Martin was rewared the Gotham city docks promo and Clayton received Gotham city docks promo and Felix Faust promo.

I want to congratulate the winner especially since he came into the last two sets never played them before.

Here are a few rules I had players follow.
• shuffling must be seen and accepted by another player
• cards must be played in order you want effects to be played not all cards out on table and then decide.
• if you forget to use effect of a card after it has been played it is no longer valid to use.

Want to give a big thanks to cryptozoic and Matt Hyra for making such fun amazing games.

(Edit: spelling corrections)
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