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Subject: Wherein I lose rss

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Here we go with another session report.

I tend to go out on Fridays (to game), and there's a little time before then to play with some family members. Last week, my bother joined Wendy and I for a game of TtR:E while my parents watched the rugmonkeys. (My dad hates all games, and even refuses to play Candyland with his granddaughter!)

I'm under pressure when I play with my family. Despite only minor genetic differences, I am regarded as "the smart one", "the professor", etc. (I'm an Engineer; my brother sells guitars.) They expect me to win every game. That's stupid and impossible, but nevertheless, the perception exists. It may be because I've always liked games, and the more rules, the better. (At least, that was true when I was a kid. Now, time is a large factor.)

What often ends up happening is that non-coop games aren't "Everyone for themselves", but tend to be "Everyone gank themagni". I've even had Britain refuse to help me (Russia) in Axis and Allies.

Yes, I know.

I said: Yes. I. Know.

Anyway, I play red, as I always do. I'm glad there's a red in TtR, because otherwise I'd have to consider painting the pieces, and that's a lot of trains. (And yes, I want to give those gloomy A&A Soviets a Red Russian makeover! Faaabulous!)

But I digress.

It didn't take long to explain the rules. They're pretty simple and have been beaten to death in other reviews and reports. Ian played yellow, I was red, and Wendy grabbed blue. (She is less obsessive about getting her favourite colour, but she will always pick blue when it's available.)

I drew routes from all over the map. My long route didn't intersect with anything I had for short routes, and there was no way to discard enough to get a good hand. Actually, NOTHING intersected. It didn't look good. At least, not for me.

It went downhill from there. I was blocked mercilessly. I got behind on the first placement, and never caught up. Ian handily completed his routes, and started the endgame sequence.

Even with two stations, I couldn't complete one of my routes so I lagged out there. Ian snagged the European Express by just a few trains (It took about five recounts because he kept insisting my route was longer.) I lost by about 15 points.

"Ha," he said, "I can't believe I beat you."

We own Settlers as well, and TtR is liked more. It might be because it's newer and fresher, or it might be because we've played a hell of a lot of SoC over the last several years, or it might be because my stupid SoC tiles came bent. Some might say it's a mass-market bubblegum appeal, but it's still appeal.

Another fun session. Money well spent.

I think I'll have to play a game with That Friend* before I sound like a shill.

*That Friend teaches classes on Analysis Paralysis, and can easily double or triple the length of time it takes to play a game.

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