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Subject: A Warden's Failure, A Celestial Triumph rss

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Kahari Mickens
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A Theatrical Companion and Retelling
Go here for the original report:

The stomps and rustles through the forest would have worried some. They would be spurred into a panic, fervently trying to arrange a battle plan, a final stand, some kind of defensive measure, something to scare away the trespassers, something to protect the hallowed land.

Not the Warden though. I would not be that easily swayed.

With an almost uncaring flick of the wrist, I sent a Giant Eagle, with wings as long as my own body, soaring over the landscape of the crossroads, to scope out the situation. It seemed as if the opposition had their own reservations about going into battle blind as well, for all the eagle found was a lone Catfolk, bow in hands, nervous expression showing.

Of course, this was where the trouble began.

Out of seemingly nowhere, a gargantuan stag appeared, humming with energy, exoskeleton glowing with the light of the heavens. The Celestial Giant Stag Beetle leaped into the air, dragging the Eagle down to the ground, and pinning it with its many legs. A Snake Swarm slithered out as well, planning to aid the Beetle in its quest. From the ground sprouted a mighty Spider of Lolth, one under my own command, trying to wrest control of the pin from the Beetle. It failed.

A Fiendish Dire Weasel, eager to help out his Eagle comrade, darted to and fro by a rock outcropping nearby, and a Lizardfolk Rogue, a recruit of my own, peered out, ready to fire on anyone who dared harm my kingdom.

There was seemingly no movement from the other side, so I cautiously stepped out to meet this threat, staff at the ready.

The snakes surged forward, sinking their fangs deep into the Eagle's body. Poison no doubt pulsed within its veins now. Feebly, it tried to lash out, but it was still pinned down by the giant bug from the heavens.

I felt his pain. The pain of being helpless while your home was under threat of being ravaged, of being in searing pain while your enemies laughed and planned to slaughter you. He wanted his misery to end. I would as well. As my own assault against this Beetle would no doubt be ineffective, I instead reached for the sky, magic pulsing, thoughts and emotions racing.

And fire rained.

From the sky bloomed holy flames, bashing into the body of the battered Eagle, slamming the Beetle, eradicating the snakes. The Weasel and Lizardfolk watched in awe, the Spider basked in the warmth. The embers cleared, and all was silent. Stillness reigned for a few scant seconds.

It was then broken by the twang of a bow, an arrow from the Catfolk grazing the Dire Weasel, spurring it into a fury. The Beetle surged forward, seizing the Spider in a vice grip, and squeezing with its pincers. A Sahuagin burst from a destroyed hut to the north and charged the paralyzed Spider.

Reacting quickly and calmly, the Lizardfolk shot a blowdart, piercing the aquatic flesh. Similarly, reacting with rage and reckless abandon, the Weasel charged at the feline scout, wanting revenge for its superficial wound. And slowly, without care, a Warpriest came from the hut to the north as well.

With a jump, I realized that another from my Forest had been claimed by death, as the Spider had been torn in half by the Beetle's mighty pincers, after having been stabbed by the Sahuagin. I stepped forward, attempting to deal with this issue, when I felt blood hit the ground of the forest. Blood of my enemy. Blood of the Catfolk who dared scout my woods. Flexing my powers once again, roots and vines grew wildly from the blood spilled, stabbing and strangling the feline. The Weasel dashed over to engage at the throng of battle.

Moving sluggishly, the Sahuagin was barely able to dodge a sneak attack from the Lizardfolk, and underhandedly shoved him toward the Beetle with a hip check. The Stag pounced, and there was nothing left of the Rogue Recruit, save a spot of blood. I had no time to mourn this, for I felt a holy presence in the vicinity. I nearly had my head taken off by a glowing, white blade, and with a shout and two thrusted fingers, lightning struck the perpetrator, the same Warpriest from the north.

I noticed the closeness in proximity the Priest had with the Beetle, and the Beetle with the Sahuagin. The Stag may have been able to insulate itself from my thunderous wrath, but that said nothing for its allies, nor my ability to spread the shock. With a thrust, lightning impacted the Celestial's hard shell, and immediately bounced off and struck its companions. The Sahuagin was shaking as it moved away from the blast zone, and was unaware of the nip my valiant Weasel took from his ankle. I did notice the blood as it hit the forest floor, and commanded the vines to take root within its wound.

I reasoned that the sea creature would make a nice oak. These musings cost me my concentration, and a Greatsword dug a line of flesh into my chest. The swing blasted me backwards, and I lay prone, face turned towards the sky. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the Beetle devour the Weasel in one gulp. Then it turned, skittering towards me. I tried to raise my arm to do something, anything, but the cold metal boot of the Warpriest prevented that. As I saw the glowing pincers and heard the humming exoskeleton, I closed my eyes, and let my consciousness flow into the Wood.

May the Forest take them both.
"That was fun, we should do it again."
"Yeah, sure. Let me know when, Konstantin."
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