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Subject: Machi Koro reviewed by Daisy Doodle Dice rss

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Mfg. age: 7+

Our age rec: 8+

Players: 2-4

Length: 30 min

In this game, each player is the mayor of a new city. As the new mayor you decide how to expand it, and what to add to it to make it better. The most important thing, and the way you win the game, is to build 4 landmarks. But before you can build the landmarks, you need a way to make enough profit to build them. Decide what businesses and factories and such will bring in the most money the quickest, and you just might win the game.

Everyone starts with their un-built landmarks, a wheat field, and a bakery. Oh, and 3 money. On your turn, you roll a die. Each card has a number(s) on the top of it, if it matches the number rolled you get to do what the card says. They usually give you money. For instance if you roll a 1, you get 1 coin. Some cards also give you money when that number is rolled. You learn quickly what the colors of the cards mean, and which numbers you want to roll, or you want your neighbors to roll.

At the end of your turn you may or may not have collected money. Either way you can buy one card at this point. The cost of the cards, or establishments are printed in the yellow circle on the bottom left side of each card. You buy the card, put it in front of you and now you have another way of earning money, or stealing it, depending on which card you buy.

In the base game, you lay out all the cards so you have access to everything in the game. In the expansion you shuffle all the cards and lay out 10 different cards to choose from. The repeats go on top of their same cards, but you continue to deal out cards until there’s 10 to choose from. With or without the expansion you can play it that way. It’s how we play it all the time now.

You have to earn money to win the game. Remember, you win by building all four of your landmarks, and it costs money to build them. They do cool stuff for you too, so you may choose to work on a more expensive landmark first so you can enjoy the benefits. The trick is to figure out the best time to switch from buying establishments to building landmarks. It can be a fine line. Or someone could be on a rolling streak and there’s nothing you can do to stop them.

My Thoughts

My first impression of this game was, I LOVE IT! I thought it was amazing from the start. It was different and fresh and we all had a lot of fun playing it.

There is definite luck involved so if you don’t like games of luck, you might not like this one. The biggest thing thought, is that after a while it starts to feel a little old. You learn which cards seem to be best and then it turns into a game of who’s having the best rolling luck.

At this point, I highly recommend the Harbor expansion. I’m not sure if you get bored of it after that because I haven’t got to that point yet. If you like Dominion I think you’ll really like this game. It’s similar with a fun little twist. Great game!
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Sky Zero
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Played this with the expansion on my lunch it!
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