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Have we identified the kids' games that we'll have in the library? Are we going to organize the library separately so that, say, under 10s can find games they would like more easily? Shelves at eye height, say 3', and lower only. Will there be any mechanism for us to bring games to loan to that part of the library, with the disclaimer that we shouldn't bring anything precious, because who knows what will happen? There are definitely some games we would bring to loan to the library, and it might be good to have more than one copy of things like Rhino Hero and Monster Factory. I personally would not care if they got special BGG.CON inventory stickers - it would be a weird honor to be a temporary part of the library.

Will younger kids be able to check games out on their own badges?
(This seems like a fantastic way to teach them responsibility and for many, it would be a thrill, like getting to check out library books). I don't care if under-10s have a "HABA Stripe" yellow-edged badge that keeps them to a separate part of the library with a matching big yellow stripe (and games other than HABA too, of course). I DON'T want Felix to be able to check out Dawn: Rise of the Occulites because it looks cool, only to have him play with and maybe lose a miniature, thereby crashing the game for others. Maybe this is a logistical nightmare beyond shelving, unless we just use yellow stickies next to the normal barcode, or a highlighter stripe on the label, or something.

Will we have an extra library volunteer to inventory the kids' games back into the library at check-in? Despite my son's best intentions, and even impressing upon him the honor it is that he gets to borrow games from the massive library, little kids are likely to put things away badly, leaving baggies open and cards unbanded, and to lose stuff. It would be great to remedy this BEFORE games are reshelved. Also, we may need to reshelve for them. Who knows how good their alphabet grasp will be? Some of these kids will be pre-reading or poor readers, and they are all going to be in various stages of excitement and exhaustion.

As the responsible adults in charge of Felix, we'll work hard to make sure he does it right, but systematically. I'd be glad to see us have a volunteer that helps check-in games that have been borrowed by kids in time to identify lost parts at that moment, instead of later when someone else is disappointed. Some parents aren't conscientious about their kids, and we shouldn't let them blow it for everyone.

I guess I just don't want the kids - mine or anyone else's - messing up the library. At the same time, I really hope they will be extended the privilege and learning opportunity of checking games out in their own name.

Sorry if I'm over-thinking this. Ever since November when I booked our BGG♥FAM suite, I've been watching how Felix handles games, and honestly, I'd be mad if I got a game after him once in a while. LOL I don't want him to spoil the fun for anyone, and I know that is going to take extra effort on our part, but it's also part of teaching our young folks what the acceptable norms of our community are, so that in 15 years, they can attend BGG.CON on their own and not be "that guy/gal" but instead will be model citizens.

As a Team Geeker for this Con who will likely spend a lot of my shifts in the library (as usual), I'm willing to organically make this part of my job there.

I'd love to see us do a poster for kids about putting games away.
caravan Are all the pieces in the box?
caravan Are all the pieces in baggies, and are the bags shut?
caravan Are all the cards banded neatly so they stay together without getting bent?
caravan Are the rules in the box?
caravan Is the board in the box?
caravan Does the box close correctly?

We all know that checking these things takes less than two minutes, but it's great to teach our kids to take it seriously.
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