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Matthew Sanchez
United States
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As is the case with kickstarters you always have to worry about the component quality.

I got my copy yesterday and got to play a game already. The game was with my 10 year old and my mom (we won't list her age). The Components are really great. I was a bit nervous the last couple of days because some of the posts make it look like the components are a bit thin and kickstarters can be cheaply made. Well. There was nothing to worry about.

Board: I haven't compared it to the thickness of other boards but it seems just fine. Nice and sturdy. I am however worried about folding it backwards. I almost did it putting it away the first time. I'm not sure why (maybe it's the round shape that confuses me).
Best Game I own: Original Roborally. A standard all games should strive for.
Worst Game I own: Castle Panic and Avalon hill roborally (an example of how Hasbro ruins games. Yes I own both versions.).
AfT: Somewhere inbetween

I'll give it a B for over all quality

Cards: The pictures really don't do this one justice. The cards were very nice. Not quite the crazy quality of let's say Euphoria but no where near the quality of Legendary (seriously? Upper deck has made cards for a living for more than 25 years and that's what they can do?). Very nice job here Christian.
Best Game I own: Easily Euphoria and it's not fair.
Worst Game I own: Legendary: A Marvel Deckbuilding game.
AfT: Somewhere in between but closer to Euphoria.

Grade - A

Stand ups: Very thick. Great Color. Nothing else to say here but Grade A+
Best Game I own: Probably Asking for trobils. These things are great.
Worst Game I won: Castle Panic. Not terrible but small and thinner.

Carrots: As the only wooden cutout in the game this deserves it's own section. Very detailed. Very Sturdy. Great size. A+

Wooden Discs: Stickers Stickers Stickers. I wish the slugs would have been cutouts. It's really my only upgrade wish (I may go find something) but really to stop nitpicking the disks are nice and thick for both the slugs and Mega Traps. And the Stickers? nice and easy to put on. The Double sided was a nice touch. A (still nitpicking)

Traps (cubes): I want to complain here about the cubes. I just don't know what to say. No stickers? The cubes are an awesome size if a little abstract.

Crystals: Ok this is an easy win. Any of us can go buy a bag of crystals from amazon for next to nothing. The colors are great. No complaints at all. I am so happy that these are not cubes. It really adds to the feel of the game. Grade - A+

Ships: This is what we area all here for. The kickstarters success is completely driven off of the quality of the ships (I had played a PnP copy of the game so I knew the game was great.) These ships are fantastic (did I use that word already, never mind I don't care). Just amazing. Very clear and sturdy. Grade A+

Rules: Admittedly I have not read them (keep reading I do have something valuable to say). I knew the rules from reading them last summer and they were fine then. When My mom and two sons started the game I wasn't there. They set up the game and read the rules without me. When I got there they were playing with all the correct rules by my memory. I was able to step in for my youngest as he was a little tired. Grade - A+

Box insert: I love it. a little organization to keep the cards and board from flying around but plenty of open space to store the other items. Great but simple insert. Grade A+.

As I mentioned. Yesterday I saw the pictures and they came through a little flat. The real game is not that way. The Color really pops on everything. My Mom loved the Blue and Orange color scheme and got the O-Renj system joke.

Overall Grade is easily an A.

I feel I'm being fair despite my absolute love for the game. I was a little tough on the board. I will look again today and make a comment as compared to other games but first impressions are important and I don't get the feel from other games like I'm going to break it at the seams (except castle panic).

Finding games that I own with bad components is tough because I do find the look of a game is important. I have traded away good games because the components were blah. I own plenty of great games with very good to great components. Christian did a great job on this one.
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Christian Strain
United States
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I can't tell you how much your and other Backer's enthusiasm and enjoyment makes all the hard work worth it. Thank you do much for your comments and encouragement throughout.

We hope you have years of enjoyment from Trobils
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