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Subject: My shaper deck: How would you go up against it? rss

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Charles Allen
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A standard RP deck with nasty multi sub sentries will wreck you.
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Weilong Seow
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Novacat wrote:
Danwarr wrote:
OP, can you tell us what kind of Corp decks your group has been playing?

One guy has a Blue Sun deck that reportedly does alright, and he also frequently experiments with various Jinteki combinations. Another guy has what you might call an NBN Fast Advance deck, which is alright. I don't get to play with him very often. Most people around here are playing various Weyland decks, since Order and Chaos is new. I think there's one guy playing an HB glacier.

Our playgroup is small and inexperienced. We're pretty much pioneering the Netrunner scene in our city, as there's no preexisting community around here. I may not be a great player, and I may not have a great deck, but I'm still miles ahead of someone who's just starting out, and that's why I made this thread, to see what advice I should offer new players that I may be teaching. So far, the advice I've gotten is largely, "This deck shouldn't be winning. Your opponents must just suck."

You can see how unhelpful that it.

There are really two parts to your thread, what are the strengths and weaknesses of your deck and what advice to give to new players. Let's address them separately.

First bit, your deck is slow. And runs are expensive because of Creeper and Zu. Just an example that a Komainu alone when you have 5 cards in hand costs you 10 credits (9 if you use Net Shield). That's for every time you run through the Komainu. You're paying twice what the Corp paid to rez the ice *each time* you run through it whereas the Corp need only rez the ice once. It takes you 5 clicks of Opus to have enough credits to break through Komainu. That's more than one whole turn. So the Corp needs to play more aggressively to take advantage of how much it costs your deck to break sentries. Another example is Ichi 1.0, 9 credits to break for a 5 rez ice. 7 if you let the trace fire. 7 credits still requires one whole turn on the Opus.

My guess is the Corps are playing too conservatively and being afraid to score. Many times two End the Run ice of different types will allow you to score an agenda early. They might also be relying too much on asset economy rather than operations economy. Operation economy aka burst econ gives Corps the credits immediately so they can later rez their ice to defend their servers. Asset economy in comparison are usually much too slow, especially against an Opus deck.

An article which might help the playgroup for building Corp decks is
It may be an old article but the classifications are still very much relevant. Ice selection and placement is very important for Corps.
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Yi Sheng Siow
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In my usual direct manner, these are the dubious cards in your deck and a one-line explanation why the card is generally dubious:

1. 2 Code siphon - Clone chip on self modifying code is cheaper as a searcher for breakers and is more flexible
2. 3 Scavenge - Scavenge is not useful enough without programs like parasite, femme fatale, lady(the fracter), david.
3. 3 Dyson mem chip - Expensive($2 more than akamatsu) and not impactful on the game.
4. Second copy of synthetic blood - The first one is already often a dead card, and drawing the second one is terrible.
5. 3 Underworld contact - The return on investment is slow(especially if you count the dyson into the investment) and the rest of the deck is already not fast.
6. 2 Creeper - generally inefficient as a killer compared to the alternatives(mimic, atman, sharpshooter, femme, parasite).
7. 2 Net shield - only really useful against specifically jinteki pe and more often is a dead card.

Here are some generally good shaper/neutral cards for kate which you have omitted:
r&d interface - more accesses is good.
the maker's eye - more accesses is good.
atman(1 copy) - breaks anything as long as you have cash, and also is great vs bioroids at str 4.
clone chip - more use out of SMC and reuse of parasite/femme/atman/sharpshooter
sharpshooter - safety against destroyers, especially at paid-ability speed with smc and clone chip
prepaid voicepad - cheaper investment and faster return on investment than underworld contacts
dirty laundry - efficient
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