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Subject: 1st 4 player game rss

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Mark Campo
United Kingdom
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1st 4 player game My view so far

Was a great success with a non gamer group but open minded group,

Every one was impressed with the card art work and the board, likening it to manga steam punk style.

It was a very good interesting sci-fi theme for us.

The rules where quickly explained with out much going over it was more just go with the flow see how its goes, for the 1st 3 turns we played wrongly all showing out characters before they acted this made it very hard for the travel agents to get an earlier footing with switched to the reveal in order method after the 3rd turn, though it don’t think it changed any bodies tactics.

We each made some mistakes with the characters most of us lost out on the travel agent some times because of bad timing some times because of secret agents or saboteurs taking reaming ships so that was fun to be foiled , we didn’t use the scientist much but a large scouring landmass was stopped with a mining accident discovery
The explorer was used to great effect to change the area control of the planet,
With the femme fatal and the solders being used on point rounds to cause ties or win majorities, and the pilot and the last turn made some point swinging destination changes, a few times people decisions where swayed by the possible turn order of characters and people watching what characters had already past by no one wanted a ship full of astronaughts blown up by the saboteur so they would use secret agent to assure the ship left before any mishaps

Yellow was the only player to make a visible good start and keep it though with out looking like she was in a position to win, grey was probably the worst start and ended up 2nd by getting lucky landing on areas of mars with had 3 point ore and managing to keep it and spread out his men on the scouring turns. Me and the blue player always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, Blue didn’t get any points till the final turn 10! And I got a few points but always seems to get tied with the last players move, so miss out on larges points.

Though no one was picked on specifcaly Me and blue where also the main targets of each of the killers with me having 6 killed and him having 4 killed and grey only lost one soul while yellow suffered no casualties, I could not argue as the choices where made to maximize the points of the players rather then any spite take that effect.

Thought we all though grey would win being on each of the 3 point land sections, yellow won though by completing mission cards gain +10 more then grey final scores

Grey 30
Yellow 40
Green 15
Blue 9

After the 1st play I cant see any glaring problems with game play, maybe the scouring so close together could be an issue when you don’t know the games sutitles and ending turn ten seems short, no class seems overpowered and I can envisions different routes to victory even though there is a large dollop of luck thrown in.

We ending up using most of the ships tile I think about 8 where left
There a possibilities for the different ores to be different with only 4 not being used, and we didn’t touch much of discoveries or missions this time

Despite the Huge difference in scores but great fun had by all even the losers who resigned to loseing after turn 8 due to the score differences and amount of land claming abilities, I don’t have many large games yet, so this game has not usurped ticket to ride but will be played again despite several more ships tiles losing there cardboard and the card misprints on the events these can be over looked and don’t detract from a fun adult friendly light game.

If I was comparing it to my current collection in style and game play its a cross of citadels with china, it’s a lot less random and lucky then I would of expected, its not boomtown in space thank heavens
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Brian Vogle
United States
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Four of us played it at bgg.con and, and we all really enjoyed it (enough that we picked up a copy on the way out). I love the card art (especially the card with the Pug on it), and think it's a pretty solid game overall.

It obviously reminds us of Citadels, but with more to do so the game doesn't simply feel like a game about choosing roles.

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