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Hi ! I adquired the Zombies!! core set and also the 6: Six Feet Under expansion, and i added this variant rules that found on the web reviews (except the vehicules rules, but my friend told me that it is used like that on other games) and worked very good! please take a note that it adds a lot of strategy to your game if you add the sewers tokens, guts and dodge rules too.

I am very sorry for my english is not very good.

Players can collect Gas Tokens on the Gas Station tile and they are unlimited to pick up there, but you can only carry three Gas tokens with you, you can use these in order to use cars movement and operate the Helicopter to escape and win the game.

In the Fire Station, Police Station, Hospital and the first subway tiles (with the sixth under the feet expansion) you can found a car that can be used to attack with or to avoid zombies encounters, but in order to use a car you need to collect a Gas tokens that can be found in the Gas Station tile.
Car movement is decided with a roll of a 12 Sided Dice and cars can only move on roads, every time you use movement you have to discard a Gas Token, but watch out! Because you need to keep at least one Gas token in order to operate Helicopter to escape and win the game.
You can leave your car behind on any legal space and is available to use by any other player that decide to spend Gas tokens.,LuXw1YW,8rndAeM

Zombie encounters can be avoided while driving a car if you a roll of 2 and up, you dodge the zombie and can continue moving (without collecting the zombie). If you roll a 2 and also kills the zombie (or dodge, it's up to you), and you collect him as usual but you can only kill 5 zombies this way with that car (it is like the car has life tokens and you can keep the count of kills with that car in the game) and that car will be lost to use to all players for the rest of the game.
If you roll a 1 while the zombie encounter you lose a heart and the car will be lost to all players for the rest of the game.

In the Police Station tile you can find the Keys to use the Helicopter to escape and win the game.
This rule can be applied to pick multiple keys for all players that enter by this building or just one key for all players, this way the keys can be stolen from another player that encounters with you in the same space by both roll a 6 sided dice, the player with the higher roll get the keys (in case of a tie, player with the keys keeps them)

Every time a player place a tile with no building on it, need to roll a dice and if you roll a 6 you put a Government Enhanced zombie in one of the legal spaces in that tile (keeping the same rules to put zombies in those tiles)
The Government Enhanced zombies are super zombies !! and require a roll of a 5 or 6 to be put down. They can also be moved 2 spaces instead of the normal 1 during the zombie movement phase.

For any movement roll, each player adds to their movement +1 to their roll if that player has 5 heart tokens, any cards that effect the amount of spaces a player can move, affect the roll after the life tokens are added.
Ex. A player rolls a 4 for movement, and has 5 life tokens. His movement total is 5. Another player plays the “Your Shoelaces are Untied” event card on this player. His movement is now only 3.
If you have only 1 heart token your movement roll will be affected -1.

A tile with no building on it can have a Heart or Bullet token it depends on the tile art, you decide what to put on those tiles, but you can only put one token.

Thank you and please comment your experiences with this rules!
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