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Subject: XenoShyft Solo Series Challenge MKI- Session Report rss

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Eric Sawler
United States
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Here is my session report from my Solo Series Challenge, found here:
XenoShyft Solo Series Challenge MKI.

This is just the way I approached it. If you are looking to try this mission without spoilers, stop here.


Setup: Weapons Research
Items: Spark Jumper Assault Rifle, HPS Rescue Armor, Void Mine, Plasma Arc Shotgun, Hellblaster Rocket Launcher, Pulsar Shield, Bio-Enchancer, Med Pack, Medical Shuttle

Round 1
Hand- 3 Militia, 3 Xeno (1), 1 Rifle.
Buy- Shotgun*, Rescue Armor.
Deploy- Militia (A) w/ Rifle; Militia (B) w/ Shotgun; Militia (C).

First- Gatherer: Play Rescue Armor on Militia (A) and take two damage. Militia (A) kills Gatherer.
Second- Charger: Discard Rifle, Militia (A) kills Charger.
Third- Leech: Deals 2 damage, Militia (A) dies. Leech gains +2 power. Milita (B) and Leech kill each other.
Final- Corpse Eater: Kills Militia (c), damages base 1 (14 Left).

Round 2.
Hand- 1 Militia, 5 Xeno (1), 1 Rifle.
Buy- Ranger, Void Mine, Bio-Enhancer.
Deploy- Ranger w/ Rifle; Militia; Void Mine.

First- Drone: Ranger takes 2, kills Drone
Second- Swarmer: Discard Rifle. Ranger and Swarmer kill each other.
Third- Leech: Play Bio-Enhancer on Militia. Both die.
Final- Corpse Eater: Killed by Void Mine. Regens to 1, damages base 1 (13 Left).

Round 3
Hand- 3 Militia, Void Mine, Rifle, 2 Xeno (1).
Buy- Rifle*.
Deploy- Militia (A) w/ Rifle; Militia (B) w/ Rifle; Militia; Void Mine.

First- Shieldswarm: Moves to end.
Second- Leech: Kills Militia (A), takes 3 damage. Militia (B) discards Rifle, kills Leech.
Third- Worm Host: Militia (B) and Worm Host kill each other. Militia (B) becomes enemy at the end.
Final- Shieldswarm: Moves to end. Militia (c) fights first Shieldswarm. Deals 2 damage and dies. Void Mine kills Shieldswarm. Base takes 3 damage from Militia and Shieldswarm (10 left).

Round 4
Hand- Militia, Shotgun, Rescue Armor, Bio-Enhancer, 2 Xeno (1) 1 Xeno (3).
Buy- Storm Trooper (burned Militia), Ranger, Shotgun retrieved.
Deploy- Ranger w/ Shotgun; ST w/ Shotgun.

First- Panic Spider: Discard Shotgun on ST. Play Bio-Enhancer on Ranger. Kills Panic Spider, takes 3 damage.
Second- Prowler: Discard Shotgun on Ranger. Kill each other.
Third- Flayer Centipede: Tap ST for 2 damage, killing Centipede. Centipede revives, play Rescue Armor on ST. Centipede dies to ST, ST takes 4 damage.
Final- Plague Fly: Kills ST. Deals 1 damage plus 3 to base (6 Left).
Burn 3 Xeno (1) for 1 Xeno (3).

Round 5
Hand- 5 Xeno (1), 1 Xeno (3), Rifle.
Buy- Storm Trooper, Storm Trooper, Rescue Armor. Retrieve Rifle.
Deploy- ST (A) w/ Rifle, ST (B) w/ Rifle.

First- Quill Beast: Damages ST (A) 3 and ST (B) 1. Tap first ST and attack to kill it for 6 damage
Second- Havoc: Discard Rifle on ST (A) which kills Havoc.
Third- Brain Mantis: Finds Ranger from discard. Kills ST (A), but takes 3 damage. Tap ST (B) killing Ranger.
Final- Flayer Centipede- Play Armor on ST (B), ST (B) takes 4 damage. Kills Centipede once, discards Rifle and kills it a second time.

Burn 6 Xeno (1) for 2 Xeno (3)

Round 6
Hand- 2 Ranger, Militia, Shotgun, Mine, ST, 1 Xeno (3).
Buy- Field Medic (Burned Rangers and Militia). Rifle*, Bio Enchancer. Retrieve Rifle.
Deploy- ST (A, 4 damage) w/ Rifle and Armor; ST (B) w/ Shotgun; FM; VM.

First- Flayer Centipede: Tap ST (A) to kill it. Regens. Discard rifle to kill it again.
Second- Prowler: Discard Shotgun. ST (A) and Prowler kill each other.
Third- Plague Fly: Play Bio Enchancer on ST (B). ST (B) takes 3, kills Fly.
Final- Brain Mantis: ST turns. Takes 3, kills ST (B). Fights FM. Tap FM to prevent 2, FM takes 3, but kills ST.

Round 7
Hand- Militia, Rescue Armor, Rifle, 3 Xeno (3), 1 Xeno (6).
Buy- Hyperion (burned Militia), Rifle*, Pulsar Shield, Med Pack, FM, retrieve Shotgun.
Deploy- Hyperion w/ Rifle; FM (A) w/ Rifle; FM (B, 3 damage) w/ Shotgun, Mine.

First- Brood Mother: Discard Shotgun off FM (B). Hyp takes 4 damage, kills Brood.
Second- Berserker: Tap Hyp for 4 damage. Discard Rifle. Hyp kills Berserker.
Third- Neurostinger Scorpion: Goes to end.
Fourth- Spore Launcher: Kills Mine, takes 4 damage. Med Pack FM (B). Tap FM, Pulsar and Armor on Hyp. Hyp and Scorpion kill each other.
Hyp kills FM (A), takes 5 damage. Hyp and FM (B) kill each other.

Burn 4 Xeno (3) for 2 Xeno (6)
New Item- Drop Ship

Round 8
Hand- 2 Rifle, Militia, Bio Enhancer, Shotgun, 1 Xeno (3), 1 Xeno (6).
Buy- Drop Ship, Bio Enhancer, Storm Trooper, Field Medic (burn Militia).
Deploy- Use Drop Ship to deploy Hyperion w/ Rifle; ST w/ Rifle, FM w/ Shotgun.

First- Bomber: Tap Hyp. Boom.
second- Bomber: Discard Rifle. Second Boom.
Third- Shocker: Play Bio on Hyp, tap FM to prevent 2. Hyp takes 2 damage, but kills Shocker.
Final- Deathspur: Attack FM. Kill each other (Shotgun + damage bonus from Weapons research).

Round 9
Hand- Med Pack, Storm Trooper, Field Medic, Bio Enchancer, 1 Xeno (3), 2 Xeno (6).
Buy- Hyperion, Shotgun*, Shotgun, Pulsar Shield, Bio Enchancer.
Deploy- Hyp (A, 2 damage)w/ Rifle; Hyp (B) w/ Shotgun, FM, ST w/ Shotgun.

First- Shocker: Discard Shotgun on Hyp (B). Tap both Hyp to kill it.
Second- Bile Slug: Pulsar Shield on Hyp (A). Kill it with Hyp (A).
Third- Shocker: Discard Shotgun. Med Pack and FM tapped to prevent all damage. 1 Bio Enhancer on Hyp (A). Kill it.
Final- Swarm Caller: Tap ST for 2 damage. Attack with Hyp (A). Hyp takes 2 (4). Kills it in 1. Victory.

A close victory, the beginning made me think I had no chance. Even after I got to the second wave, letting any Enemy through could have meant doom. Tough, but fair setup.
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Michael Shinall
United States
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A nice play-through, but in Wave 3 you made some mistakes.

Round 8
First- Bomber: Tap Hyp. Boom. Hyperion needs a damage source to use it's effect. It doesn't just deal 4 damage, has to trigger off another damage source. Also note that, even if you could do such, using the Hyperion effect on the Bomber causes the base damage from the Bomber's effect.

Round 9

First- Shocker: Discard Shotgun on Hyp (B). Tap both Hyp to kill it. Same issue as before, Hyperions need a trigger, so in this case you'd need to use the rifle or your Hyperion and Shocker would have traded.
Second- Bile Slug: Pulsar Shield on Hyp (A). Kill it with Hyp (A).
Third- Shocker: Discard Shotgun. Med Pack and FM tapped to prevent all damage. 1 Bio Enhancer on Hyp (A). Kill it.
Final- Swarm Caller: Tap ST for 2 damage. Attack with Hyp (A). Hyp takes 2 (4). Kills it in 1. Victory.

Otherwise seemed to go well.

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