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Four of us played a competitive game. The chosen Expedition Leaders were Professor Pendergast (Charles), Baroness Alexandra (Victor), Arijit Namesh (me), and Sandbad Al-Basrah. The randomly chosen Consequence was Plundered Stores. The game was set up per the rules, with the City of Brass as the Final Location.

Turn 1: Building the Crews
Professor Pendergast went first, acquiring a Treasurer, a Stalwart Captain, and a Virtuous Lady. The Baroness acquired a Virtuous Lady and Paragon Captain, and purchased a Saboteur Seer, placing her on the Professor's Crew. Arijit acquired a Treasurer, a Cat, and a Paragon Captain. Sandbad acquired a Scientist, a Writer, and a Strange Tincture.

Turn 2: Another Rest at Port City
The Professor acquired an Aetherscope, a Gentleman's Gentleman, and an Graverobber Archaeologist. The Baroness acquired a Cat, a Seer, and a Strange Tincture. Arijit acquired an Automaton, a Treasurer of Kings, and a Hunter. Sandbad acquired a Radio Operator, an Engineer and another Strange Tincture.

Turn 3: The Professor and Arijit Venture Forth
Professor Pendergast navigated the HMS Irrationality into the Volcano of the Angry Goddess, throwing the Saboteur Seer into the fiery volcanic crater to appease the goddess. They were attacked by the Dance of Knives, but after dipping into their supplies for a Strange Tincture, they were able to defeat the Dance and face the Song of the Siren. The Crew was totally exhausted, but they defeated both encounters.

The Baroness remained in the Port City and acquired Fame, a Bodyguard, and more Supplies. Meanwhile Arijit piloted the Squidmersible into the Hanging Jungles. They battled the Arcane Reliquary and defeated it. The Crew should have pressed on, but Arijit uncharacteristically and inexplicably did not do that.

Sandbad, like the Baroness, remained in the Port City and acquired a Hunter, a Kid, and the Curse of Nightmares.

Turn 4: Sandbad Gives Professor Pendergast Nightmares
Professor Pendergast rested his Crew, acquiring a Clergy and Infamy. The Baroness piloted the Arctic Orchid into the Hanging Jungles, facing Favorable Winds.

Arijit faced the Roc on the Hunt, which took the Hunter from the deck - an unfortunate sacrifice, but it saved the ship. Arijit pushed on into the Waters of Temptation, where they were attacked by the Children of the Kraken, which plucked the Automaton right off the Squidmersible's deck. This was defeated, but then Arijit had to deal with Engine Failure, which was also handled.

Sandbad piloted the Armata into the Hanging Jungles and faced Venom Roses. Upon defeating the plants, she placed the Curse of Nightmares on Professor Pendergast's Virtuous Lady, causing him to lose his Heroism, Skullduggery, Money, and Defeated Tokens, setting his Crew back quite a bit.

Turn 5: Stepping Forward or Resting
Professor Pendergast's Crew faced the Black Rains, and tried to return the favor bestowed by Sandbad in the last turn by transferring the Curse of Nightmares to Sandbad's Kid, but her Heroism saved the day there. The Baroness piloted the Arctic Orchid into the City of Dreams. They defeated Methuselah's Requiem, placing the item on her Virtuous Lady.

Arijit rested and acquired a Navigator, Rigger, and Gold Bullion. Sandbad likewise rested and acquired Luck, Maps & Charts, and more Bribery.

Turn 6: Arijit Enters the City of Brass
Professor Pendergast rested and acquired an Endowment, Fame, and Bad Omens. The Baroness faced a Legendary Creature, and Arijit entered the City of Brass. Engine Failure on the Squidmersible reared itself again, followed by the Dance of Knives. Arijit's Crew faced both succssfully.

Sandbad, meanwhile, faced That Which Cannot be Described, which exhausted the Writer because he kept trying to describe it in his journal. The Hunter sacrificed himself to defeat it, and then the Armata moved into the Waters of Temptation. Here the ship faced Impenetrable Mists, which hid the Door of the Living Sacrifice, which took the Scientist. The Engineer figured out a way to reduce the structural integrity of the Door, and the Radio Operator contacted the Clergy on board the HMS Irrationality, who gave some religious advice to weaken the supernatural aspect of the Door. This enabled the Crew to defeat it.

Turn 7: The Penultimate Preparation
Professor Pendergast entered the Waters of Temptation and faced a Horde of Rats, which caused him to discard his Resources - they were ruined by the rats. Immediately after driving the Horde into the surrounding waters, his Graverobber Archaeologist found the Arcane Reliquary, which the Clergy defeated, sacrificing himself to end the supernatural evil.

The Baroness, still in the City of Dreams, battled the Sultan's Marionettes, driving them off to await in the City of Brass. Arijit and Sandbad rested, gathering various Resources and/or Crew. Sandbad acquired a Doctor.

Turn 8: Conquest of the City of Brass
Professor Pendergast's crew had to rest, and he acquired a Treasurer of Kings, which he wanted in order to slow down Arijit's progress. He also acquired some Inauspicious Signs and Supplies. The Baroness's Crew also rested. Arijit, however, battled the Door of the Living Sacrifice at the City of Brass, which killed the Cat. Pendergast and Sandbad both spent ten Money each to make that Door as hard to beat as possible. He beat it, and then the Sultan's Marionettes. Arijit had WON!

This was the Sandbad player's first game, and he did really well, picking up the game fairly quickly.
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