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Subject: Easy to learn, fast to play, fun for all ages. rss

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James Campanella
United States
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Prize Property: a review

Executive Summary:
Fun game. Old time Parker Brothers so it's good quality. 1-4 players (Works best with 4 players. Not enough "Legal Action" with 2 players). 30-60 minutes. A lot of luck is involved (die throws, card draw, building challenges). Some strategy that can compensate for some of the luck. The 3d buildings and gavel make for novelty items. Age 8 and up - children can compete with adults.

Personal thoughts:
Once again, a fun game for a quick hour to play. It's easy to learn, quick to play, with fast moving turns. We pull it out about once every couple of months. But it's not enough to satisfy our game-playing craving. We know we're going to play something else once we finish.

Build all 9 buildings.

Board, 36 buildings, 12 "Undeveloped land" board tiles, Money(in $1million and up), Income die, Challenge Gavel, 5 red & 5 green marbles, Legal Action deck, opportunity deck.

5 Minutes. Shuffle decks. Each player gets money and 9 buildings of one color.

Turn Sequence:
Roll die for income
Pick Opportunity card
Spend money on the following (Optional)
-- Buy Legal Action Card
-- Clear land or buy one building

Roll Income Die: Die has a 2, a 3, a red dot, and three 1's. This is the main way to get money. The players roll the die and can either stop or roll again. Player can roll as many times as they want. When they stop they get money for the total. But rolling a red dot means you get nothing that turn.

Opportunity card: Some good, some bad. Say things like "Double your income" or "Get $5mil if you have built the dude ranch" or "Lose your Marina." The 3 inner buildings have more cards to get money but also are easier to lose. The outer 3 buildings have no cards for anything so they are impossible to lose but you will never get money for them.

Buy Legal Action Cards: $3 mil. Only two cards "Defense" and "Legal Action." No limit to the number you can have. Used in next section of turn.

Clear land or build building:
Clear land: $5mil. Inner buildings: $5mil.
Middle Buildings: $10 Mil Outer buildings: $15mil.

When you build a building, other players may play "Legal Action" cards to try and stop you. You can play "Defense" cards to help you build. It works like this, for every "Legal Action" card played (opponents may gang up on you), you place 1 red marble in the plastic gavel. You get a free green marble plus one for every "Defense" card you play. You shake the gavel and turn it over so one marble falls into the window. Green you get the building, red you lose the building and your money. Of course all cards played are lost.

Game ends when someone gets all nine buildings built

Again, luck plays a big role in this game. If you do lousy on the income die, you don't get any extra money. Then you have to build the cheap buildings with the money you have, remember they have a better chance on being lost by an Opportunity card. Which brings us to the next point of luck. The opportunity cards may be against you, or you may keep picking ones that give you money for the buildings you've already built. Finally, the gavel may help or hurt you. Each marble cost you $3mil (except for the free one). So luck is a main factor in the game. "Luck Be a Lady Tonight."

The only strategy has to do with which buildings to start with. One rule not mentioned before is for getting a "set" of buildings. If you build all three of the buildings in a set (inner, middle, outer), you can double the income die. Two sets triple the income die. So do you build the cheap buildings because you can afford them in hopes of making enough income to build the outer ones? Or do you start with the more expensive buildings, taking your time, but knowing that you can't lose these buildings?
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