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Subject: Mendez report on the Feynman rss

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John Burt
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We entered the Feynman while it was dark, but in space, it is always dark. Funny how that works, isn’t it? Our mission was to recover the scientists that had disappeared from radio contact aboard the Feynman, none of us knew what was going to happen, but we did know it was going to hurt. That is small comfort when you are the one going to die.

We entered via the shuttle launch door and were immediately assaulted by two aliens, we killed both but Hernandez was lightly wounded in the attack. There was nothing else in the corridor, just the slowly cooling bodies of the bugs.

We all knew time was of the essence so we split up to make our search go faster. In the Engineering hall we found an alien and the recon-bot. It attacked us, while shouting “Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!”. Bresinki disabled the bot while the alien escaped. There was not enough left of the recon-bot to repair, let alone put into a baggie. The shuttle was empty but we did hear the Air Locks in Engineering cycle, we were pretty fortunate that the room was empty. Robertson managed to close the doors to the air lock from the Command Pod where we found an acid sprayer, which was killed by Colovista. Inside we also found evidence of five of the crew, meaning we had already accounted for one third of them. This was turning into a cakewalk.

I spoke too soon, Dubois blew away an alien in Engineering, and Lichter found two more crew in the security tape, meaning we had found almost half of them already! We must have gotten sloppy as the booby trap in the Drive Room seriously injured both Dubois and Bresinksi. Up in the Astrophysics Lab we found a specimen handler which Yee managed to repair and we took with us.

We took a ride down to the supply hallway and found an alien and a bot in the GeoLab, the bot was broken and Yee delivered the final blow on it after the alien was shot. The GeoLab storage room managed to house both a predator and an alien, I don’t know how the managed to stay in there together, the room looked pretty small, but it was dark in there, so maybe they were looking for some private time. I nuked the predator while the specimen handler kept it tied up. Hernandez got the alien.

The Computer Room seemed to have been double booby trapped, as we went in, the Drive turned on and a trap went off, seriously injuring Lichter and lightly injuring Orlov. The walking wounded were starting to outnumber the rest of us, and I was getting a little worried, I had only killed one damn bug. Robertson got the drive turned off for us and we found two more crew from the ships log. That meant we had found 9 so far! We were only down three men and were over half done.

I was attacked by an alien in the Gallery but killed it before it could really hurt me, I was getting lucky, three kills now, I was close to being the kill leader! Osirio showed up in the hallway, meaning we were up to ten crewmen. Then we lost all gravity in the ring.

We searched the State Rooms pretty unsuccessfully until we heard the drives start to overload, so Robertson went back to fix that and he took Colovisto, Osirio and Kyoshi with him, the rest of us continued on.

When Robertson and his group got back, they headed towards a different set of rooms to clear them as we knew we were running out of time. What we forgot was that they had no heavy firepower. In the first room they entered they were jumped by an alien who killed Colovisto and caused Kyoshi and Robertson to panic. Panic firing killed the alien and jammed Kyoshi’s gun. We didn’t know this was going on as we were in our own firefight, I got my fourth of the night and we seemed to be heading home free and clear. Yee found some bodies of crew, bringing our accounting to twelve. The bad part was the other group. Kyoshi was still panicking and the 2 aliens that jumped them did not help matters. Osirio killed one, but the combined forces of the aliens ripped apart all three.

As for the rest of us, Hernandez got knocked out by the knockout gas, and had to be revived. We found two more crew in the security log which meant were close to our goal. Sadly though, Hernandez was killed by an alien in that room, which I then killed, but the alien’s death was cold comfort to me, as I was without my closest friend now.

In the final room, we found McCrary, who was mad. He attacked us but Yee shot him and we were now at our goal. Quickly we bundled the marines and our dead up and headed for safety. We got out just seconds before the ship broke up in atmosphere, with only 4 dead marines.

All in all it was a pretty successful trip, 15 scientists accounted for, 21 aliens killed and only four marines dead. The improvements made to the H+K G71 Assault rifle really helped, as we only had one jam all trip. The low casualty count can be credited to the improved reliability of our weapons.

Sergeant Jamie Mendez
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