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I hope that is the right section of forum to post this.
I did a seach and i found just this :

Darren Nakamura
Fortunately, Encounter 2 doesn't seem quite so far in the Overlord's favor. With a Wildlander and a Geomancer, you should be able to get four attacks on Alric Farrow on Turn 1, plus another from your Thief, or perhaps even two from the Thief if he has Bushwhack and the Overlord sets up the open group in the Ettin's Lair poorly. After the alpha strike on Turn 1, it should mostly be a slog to get through the monsters and keep Alric downed, but with only one Shadow Dragon reinforcing per turn (at most), the quest seems totally doable for the heroes.

If you don't defeat Alric on Turn 1, however, he'll be able to get to the Wardstone by Turn 3 (Turn 2 with both Dashes), so you're pretty screwed in that case.

Considering that, I'd recommend Dirty Tricks from the Thief. If you don't defeat Alric, at least it would be good to give him only a single action on his activation. Caltrops could also be used to decent effect if you can get in front of him to keep him from advancing too far.

Then i lurked in PBf forum and saw a not finished game descent campaign IV in which probably OL shoud win.
Then I saw campaign IX whn the Ol win too.
I like a lot read overall Darren 's strategic and tactical plans: usually not less than 3 and sometimes 6 ! surprise
It really gives some deep to the choiches that this game offers.

Now in short.
If Alric has the dawnblade if you not cripple him(as Heroes did there ) or defeat him making him drop the token :you loose. Also if you succeed in do this, next turn if Alric succeed to pass the heros defeat the other monsters did a wall to protect him to go to destroy the red objective.

If Heroes have the dawnblade. Best tactical option ( i believe) it is to defeat all the monsters that not spawn;
Then while 2 heroes made a wall for a dragon not escape , one or two heros (the most wises )run to save the red objective(the most wise )
I am not very good to count spaces and actions(and this depends from where the dragon start and the heroe(s) start.
(one trick that surprise me in another game was to throw themself in a pit like a shortway to avoid blocks on bridge)
Alric could be near the exit to help dragon escape, or near the red objective(to steal the token).

Please heroes, that hade win this quest share the way you did
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Peter Van den Broeck
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Does anybody have any tips for encounter 2?

I lost encounter 1. So Alric has the blade.
I have Grisban the berserker, Avric Allbright, the spiritspeaker and widow tarha, the runemaster.

My plan is as follows:
1. 2 fatique move with Avric, two shots at Alric. With blue, yellow, yellow. Avg damage would be 4.
2. 4 fatique move with Grisban, 1 move adjacent, blocking the way, attack. Use special feature, attack again. Blue, red, red; avg dam would be 6.
3. 3 fatique move with Widow Tarha, shoot. Blue, yellow, so avg dam would be 2.8.

So at this point I have one action left with widow tarha. According to statitistics I have given him 13 damage. He has 2 damage left.

If I got lucky and Alric is knocked out, I'd rest with widow tarha. If I am not lucky, I'd summon my familiar and block the way.

What do you guys think?

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United States
New York
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Blocking Alric is very difficult because of his Overpower ability. I do not recommend it as a strategy against him. I have found this quest to be very winnable by the proper group of heroes. My strategy as an OL not to lose it is not to choose it.
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