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Subject: Blackbeard Playtest Report #2 rss

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Michael Lawson
United States
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This report was first posted by Richard Berg on the Consimworld Forum on Aug 14, 2006 10:27 AM.

Here's some of The Grimnsley Report, recent playtest . . . for you non-testers out there, including the "mistakes" . . . RHB

Four players gathered for the test; one of who has never played a wargame.

To help the test we agreed we would all start with one sloop and one schooner. Unlike the first test, anti-pirate actions were going to be used from the start. We did agree to go easy on the novice.

First Round

Wynne after two events finds a merchant – ouch a three-master! Avery heads for the US coast and De Lusan finds a Brigantine Bonnet takes two attempts but finds a schooner Taylor moves to Mocha and successfully attacks the port

Second Round

Governor card wipes out merchants and adds a pro-pirate governor in the Caribbean Wynne having lost the three-master searches the Caribbean De Lusan finds a sloop off the Gold Coast Bonnet finds a merchant and has a warship played with it. He then searches for the other merchant in coastal Caribbean and finds a brigantine also with a warship played by the same player! Taylor with 1200 in the hold heads back out to Sea

Third Round

Wynne, dodging the two warships in the Caribbean, heads out into the Atlantic and finds a schooner with a warship! De Lusan captures the sloop takes 375 and tortures his hostage to no effect Taylor goes into Isle Ste Marie to refit and cash in his booty

Fourth Round

Wynne continues his meanderings and has now followed Avery to the USA Avery captures a schooner but fails to get anything from the hostage Kidd finds a schooner off the Gold Coast

Fifth Round

Wynne off America and De Lusan off the Gold Coast both take a schooner and a hostage. De Lusan now has a full hold. Taylor heads for Kilwa There are now only four merchants left on the board and three have warships with them

Sixth Round

Roberts heads for Mocha following Taylkor’s ecample Bonnet attacks the brigantine and warship(6) and wins by 1 taking a hostage for ransom. Using his second action he converts the ship for his use Kidd captures a schooner, just !

Seventh Round

The first “storms” card is played and Wynne is sunk in the Atlantic. Condent replaces him – retribution is sworn! The first KC, Hurdman, arrives in the African coastal area Bonnet uses his new ship to capture another brigantine and then heads for safety in New Providence Taylor flees into the deep Indian Ocean trying to avoid the KC

Eight Round

During the first player’s turn, Hurdman is activated and finds Taylor. A three round battl follows and despite Taylor’s attempts to break off, he is sunk and joins Davy Jones (later Taylor becomes a backing singer with the Monkees) Roberts raids Mocha and then hides in the coastal area – rumours of Hurdman abound Bonnet cashes in and then has a little D&R before rounding up his crew to head back out on the briny

Ninth Round

Off New England Avery catches a sloop and during the torture gets information on the English ports

Subsequent round highlights

Roberts decides to head for the Gold Coast and avoid the KC. En route is lost in a storm. This was the same player who lost Wynne in the same way! He activates Lowther and swears vengeance on all De Lusan is caught by Hurdman but fights him off. The combat difference was 4 and the KC throws a 4 to just stay in the game Hurdman continues to chase and eventually traps De Lusan off the African coast and sinks him in three rounds. There are no pirates left in the Indian Ocean so Hurdman heads for the Gold Coast Vane has scurvy placed on him but is in area with three merchants. He captures two and takes a hostage who gives information under torture. However, he is unable to survive a mutiny and becomes the fifth pirate to bit the dust On the Gold Coast, Kidd desperate to achieve anything finds a three-masted merchant and through very lucky dice captures it and takes a 6 hostage. Whether this will save him from Hurdman remains to be seen Lowther attacks Campeche and throws an outrageous 16 on 3D. Lowther now over 10 NP. In the following eventful round, two KCs arrive and Condent’s crew mutiny. Kidd gets into Isle Ste Marie to unload his ill-gotten gains but is then flushed out by Hurdman Bonnet begins to feel that others are ganging up and in the presence of KCs is heading for a Pro-Pirate port to retire. Horngold traps the newly arrived Tew and sinks him in one round (dice of 1 and 6) Avery captures a three-master and converts it and is now ready to raid down the US coast. Going into port to convert into net worthy, he gets a D&R card played on him, fails the leadership throw and then gets a 6 to lose 60% of his net worth! Kidd tired of being chased retires with a Letter of Marque. A Doube-Cross is played on him and he has to lose 60% of his worth to bribe the trial. Rhett(KC) catches Lowther and damages him twice before he can flee to the Caribbean Lowther heads into Santiago to retire with his letter of marque, he is betrayed by the same player as Kidd only suffers worse having his neck stretched. More bad news for the pirate gang as Rackham is lost in a storm in the Caribbean (we have had throws of 4,6,5 and 6 on storms so far) Rhett follows up his earlier success by sending Kennedy to the bottom off the Virginia Capes Low is the latest pirate to take to the seas and he finds a three-master in the seas of the Gold Coast but he is sunk in a storm before he can do anything(another 6!) Avery captures a three-master worth 5000 and heads for home Spriggs makes his first capture, a brigantine, converts and then heads for deep water to avoid a nearby KC. While doing this, he hits a storm and takes 3 damage (DR=5 what is it with these storms throws) Davis seeing a KC lurking and the game ending soon retires in Port Royal Edward Teach’s crew mutiny and is made to the walk the plank In the same round mutiny takes Spriggs Avery retires using a bribe and his owner activates the last pirate, La Buze L’Olonais takes a three-master and converts for his own use European War – curses from several players that this hadn’t happened earlier Blood and La Buze both capture and convert merchants in the Atlantic Blood is forced into port with scurvy La Buze captures a three-master and heads for port L’Olonais takes 1300 from an attack on Port O’Spain while Portugues does similar in Mocha Cards have run out with just seven pirates left on the board; the rest are dead or retired
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