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Subject: Rough illusion deck rss

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I wasn't really expecting any replies from my first post, but i guess people still pay attention to this forum, so might as well give people a reason to hang out here more. More posts=less chance of people getting bored and moving on. yeah.

This is a d'resh deck I just kinda slapped together. It's main focus is on illusions, and so uses two fancy new tools from traitor's reach: Korremar (partly for style) and Salara (because huge illusions are cool)

1 Harresh
1 Salara
1 Korremar, Avatar

1 Drahkar
2 Swirling Orshaa
1 Sandstorm Orshaa (AR)
2 Shimmering Orshaa
2 Xala
3 Uban
2 Skullek
1 Spined Hyren
3 Izmer
2 Venger
2 Sandstone Hyren

1 Avatar's Staff
2 Aubra's Canteen
1 Bottled City
1 Ythra's Mantle
2 Dreamcatcher

3 Crushing Sands
2 Daydreams
2 Forgotten Songs
3 Mirage
1 Redream
2 Crystal Vision

41 cards

Alright, I haven't put as much thought into this as my arderial deck, so please help critique this.


Harresh is in the front position, because she's the only d'resh magi with draw power. Daydream gets back the cards harresh puts down at the bottom.

Salara gives your opponent the option of either not using spells or giving you huge illusions, on top of having pretty useful starting cards. Try to hold onto your Xala for either her or Korremar.

Korremar is where you can really go out on offense, especially with drahkar. the downside of double attacking (hitting the second enemy like a pillow and dying) doesn't really matter with drahkar because of its ability+11 starting energy. Skullek lets you retrieve the illusions you smash on people.

you can't actually attack magi with your illusions, which is what shimmering orshaa+sandstone hyren is for. 4(ish) energy for a 9 energy behemoth with super invulnerability+monolith is brutal.

Avatar's staff keeps you from getting caught out with too many illusions and not enough regulars. And it's in korremar's starting cards, sooo... that's about it.

Dreamcatcher is just really good. really good.

spined hyren is in salara's starting cards, doesn't take up excessive space, and helps give you warning about what your opponent has in mind for you.

Mirage supports your illusions, and hurts your opponent.

The rest is mostly just standard d'resh stuff. uban/venger/izmer

Anyway, tell me what ya think.
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mar hawkman
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For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory
heh, I never managed to find enough to make a real deck for them. Well I have enough cards to sorta pretend I have a deck but it'd probably stink.
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Magus Ness
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I have a bunch of d'Resh cards, but not many rares, so I can't do much yet (except on Lackey).

My first thought against an illusion deck is the magi's survivability. Illusions don't count as in play; you want at least one real creature in play at all times in case they have a spell to hammer your magi into oblivion (like Impact). You also don't want your real creatures to be too large in case you can't summon them, or too small in case they're stepped on.

I don't know d'Resh well enough to really critique your deck; the best way to see if a deck is good is to test it out! There are many kinds of general decks you'll see in many regions--like swarm, huge creature, and defense. Then there are a few specialized decks, like burrow, illusion, and hyren. These are the harder decks to judge. Test them against some general decks to see how they are.
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yeah, i know! with the avatar's staff in play, illusions are considered in play when checking for magi defeat, so the main problem i have is with actually attacking the magi. Really, the idea is to use big illusions for offense then when they've been weakened dream twist them into something like a sandstone hyren using shimmering orshaa.

I've only gotten to test this once against a bograth swarm deck, and it seemed to work pretty well. crushing sands is brutal against swarm, combined with dreamcatcher, izmer, and other d'resh staples. not automatically having direct magi attacks isn't great, but being able to play 6-11 energy monstrosities for half price is the main benefit.

i can see burrow having an impact on the damage output of this deck though. uban suddenly becomes useless, and izmer is only good for a quick burst once you get relics out. i DO think that d'resh is probably the best region for getting around burrow with effects though. venger and dreamcatcher make it hard to get any offense going when you manage to play anything.
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